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The crack of doom.

24 Aug
Thales subs

Thank you Secretariat.   The folk in the back room do a great job, the video is always available and although Hansard takes a little longer, it is always worth the short wait.  First read through is always fast, just to get the flavour of the session.  First impressions from the video can be deceptive, […]

Dick Smith – just the facts Ma’am.

23 Aug

PL – @ Aunty Pru “There, got that off my chest. Listen to mainstream media and its nothing but over-paid pundits engaging in mental masturbation about gay marriage, Royal Commission heads, possible losing seats in SA etc etc etc. They can’t go beyond the simplistic political manoeuvrings of those we elect to govern because that […]

Patience exhausted; forbearance negated. Enough.

12 Aug

Perspective gents; perspective.  Seems the IOS declared open season on vermin, varmints and deviants.  Jolly good. We have I believe been patient long enough with the new boy; the dismal lack of progress in any direction is justification for war drums; although he does seem to have mastered  writing endless exemptions. Let’s start with the […]

Who’s doing what, to whom and who is paying?

11 Aug

Well, no wonder the RRAT committee are asking awkward questions.  The document provided –HERE – although unsubstantiated and anonymous, begs so many questions; but, if it is ever proven, it provides answers a lot of the nagging, background questions. One of our associates, who is qualified to speak, has studied the document. Quote:A program to replace […]

Full steam now: GD; keep it coming.

10 Aug

Seven short days remain before the Senate have a look under the ASA rug; to see what lurks between the cashmere and floor boards.  Couple of ways this could pan out; a forensic examination of the dust particles and a clean up; or will it be a curt directive to quietly sweep up the fluff […]

AP six months old. 

07 Aug

Vexillology a scientific study of flags; what a lovely word; Vexillology.  As a younger “K” sailing ocean racing boats and having a natural interest in matters maritime, flags, much like stamps were welcome a rainy day diversion; books permitting.  Part of the fun being a ‘Mod’ for AP is monitoring the statistics; time permitting.  ‘We’ […]