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First this week’s #SBG: But: where to begin?

Ever get a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas? Always the last thing explored, often kept back for a cold, rainy day. Take the cellophane wrapper off, tip it all out and start the hunt for the corners – then ‘where’ to begin? Your clues (of course) come from the picture on the box; imagine trying to solve it without a clear picture to reference. Yet that, boys and girls is exactly where we are in ‘aviation’ world. No target, no finite picture and NDI of what its all supposed to look like at the end – none. What is a humble story teller to do with the disconnected bits and pieces? Eh – what? All very well for Alice and the King – for a simple one off tale, his advice was probably quite sage:-

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

Part 08 of the ‘Green paper’ for example;  HERE – there is no beginning and certainly no end to the continued ‘make work’ of endless ‘tweaking’ and re-working the unique, not quite ICAO compliant rules. Ever flexible and manipulatable, permanently shifting position and nuance. A feast for top flight legal eagles; if there was ever a case to mount; alas, no one can afford to take on the whole shebang and consecutive governments have been quite content to avoid entanglement with the ‘myth’ of ‘safety – through complex regulation. They love it… Any amount of money and power happily allocated to perpetuate the ‘mystique’, credible deniability and self protection – hat trick for ministers; hopeless task for aviation. Nice work – if you can get it.

“Them as can do has to do for them as can’t. And someone has to speak up for them as has no voices.”

Item next may be a little previous and possibly a step too far – however. “PAIN’ (full crew) aka the BRB have followed every step as carefully as may be of the Andy Pascoe, Shannon Baker and (of course) the Buckley matter. Before these matters, we have tracked for a few years the Lockhart, Rhodes, Angel Flight and many other (there’s lots of) ‘cases’ which are of ‘passing interest’. There is little point in reiteration or even commenting on resultant changes, where they matter. Butson (Polar Aviation) is one of several who have blown a cool million to establish a simple fact; CASA can and will do exactly as pleases and fully expect to walk way a winner. Senators, the good Reverent Forsyth, even as far back as Lockhart River fatal 1 have tried to break through the walls of Teflon coated concrete surrounding the regulator and associated agencies to see ‘integrity, ‘justice’ and the ‘rule of law’ prevail. We have not, as yet seen the end of the Pascoe case – but soon (Nov – written submissions). Been wrong before (1956) – BUT when it is all revealed, no matter the verdict; there will be a case for not only the minister to answer, but the entire spectrum of aviation governance. The only missing piece is the final verdict; after that, the ‘facts’ may be examined and it will (or bloody well should ) shame whoever is in government to take firm, positive corrective action – disgraceful don’t even get close to the CASA antics so far. There is a great need for an ‘inquiry’ into the way CASA conduct their ‘core’ business’. A serious one and a positive, publicly visible action enforcing the corrections which are essential to credibility and the ability of the organisation to perform design function.  I rest my case M’lud – with more (lots of) to follow – a.s.a.p.

”It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”

Meanwhile; back in the control tower, there are dedicated men and women doing what they physically and mentally can to keep the aircraft used by travelling (tax paying, voting) public from bumping into each other. Yet the media and the ministerial knickers are all in a knot and bunched up because Qatar want to operate 20 extra flights. Minister; the infrastructure which separates these aircraft is in tatters. Bereft of qualified staff, financially and operationally buggered. Up to its collective rear end in failed – (not stalled or deferred) big dollars projects, in poor maintenance, piss poor management, bad work environments, and a shortage of essential infrastructure – all governed by a megalomaniac and his bean counting off-side partner. There exists a very real, major failure within an essential safety system, held together with spit, spin, bull-shit and the dedication of a fine bunch of Australians, who actually care.. Forget Qantas and Qatar – get weaving before  the unthinkable happens – Qatar collide with Qantas over a waypoint one night. What price rhetoric and spin then? It will bring down a government – . Sort it out; or, sod off and get in someone who can – please (with ‘respect’). (P2, where’s that flaming bucket).

“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”

Aye well; no doubt the green waffle will lead to the great white paper event; just in time for an election; all duties performed as per the (black letter) book; zero responsibility and no change – except for more built out commonwealth aerodromes; more charges; more complex regulation which allows Embuggerance; all to play for. The industry awaits the ministerial wisdom with bated breath, and the other boot landing of course. Oh happy days; I just can’t wait….

“Crimes determined to take place engender all they need: victims, circumstances, pretexts, opportunities.”

Item last – ‘the Voice’. Not given to politics – or politicians; but Sen. Price say’s it all very neatly. My ‘take’ was provided by Monty Python – a long time ago. Verbatim I will quote it..

Funny old world though (that’s peculiar – not ha ha). A neighbour rang up early this week; he is a ‘hobby’ carpenter, makes bits and pieces and has ‘internet’ guidance and projects from experts. All well and good, except his ‘dovetail’ joints never seem to work out properly. “Could I assist?” he asked; “No bother” Say’s I. “Good – can a bring a mate or two?” – “OK” Say’s I. And so, Thursday night four fellahin arrive, bringing their dovetail boxes with. Four out of every ten ‘joints’ correct – the rest left a little to be desired. They all had much newer tools and ‘aids’ than I, in fact I could not begin to justify the cost of one blokes #4 smoothing plane (it was a cracker). Took about twenty minutes to sort out their troubles, well, that and a set square. On every board, where the billet was not ‘fair and square’ the joints were ‘untidy’. The boards to be joined must (absolutely) must be flat, square, parallel and even thickness; even then, almost microscopic distortions can create havoc. My 1910 (4½) smooth plane took about five minutes to ‘true’ up each board. I showed ’em how to cut ‘square’ and Bingo – beers all around. Basics beat bull – shit any day. No point; just a lesson for me not to seek a complicated solution to a simple problem. Different, sad and poignant ‘away’ call tonight for the dogs. Little dog died and the new ‘pup’ must be on a leash (lest he hurts himself) the cat has taken a propriety interest in his well being; and, I suppose I will adapt to the loss; the big dog seems to understand and has taken to staying a lot closer to me than is his usual wont. So here I sit – Ale, cat, big dog and a bloody annoying puppy trying to tear my socks off. Life eh?


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