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First this week’s #SBG: Say what?  “(mandatory non-acceptance contrasted with avoidance)”.

Recommendation 1.

“Given the contradiction this presents (mandatory non-acceptance contrasted with avoidance), it is recommended CASA’s Hospitality and Gifts Policy be amended to remove reference to avoiding lobbyist gifts to ensure the intent of never accepting gifts from lobbyists is captured.” ICC.

Should you have the time, patience and intestinal robustness the rest of this may be read -HERE – . I ‘d say WTD! This whole fiasco in Estimates is like watching the Ladies first XV playing two men down against the All Blacks; no matter how well mounted the attack; the relentless, massive defence prevails against the light weight attack on the try line. Year after year, estimates after estimates we see the same impenetrable defences mounted. Positions change, players shuffle about the paddock; tactics are cunningly designed to fool the referee, exquisite, exotic interpretations of ‘the rules’ are argued and the referee is mostly looking at something else, despite the howls of protest from the grandstand.

“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.

Yet, ‘genuine change’ is the answer; indeed it is the only answer. IMO it should begin with government responsibility at ministerial level for the ‘departments they are purported to ‘oversight’. Shuffling the deck chairs and hanging up the odd departmental scalp is meaningless when a ‘Dolan’ is replaced by a ‘Popinjay’ or a Spence or another Halfwit. Any impartial examination of real performance and ‘value’ added to the aviation industry would arrive at the inescapable conclusion of gross incompetence; and, an abject failure to perform design function. Would you ask a Plumber to wire a building; or an electrician to drain a swamp; of course not; so why is there a parade of ‘departmental heads’ who could not hit the side of the shed, with a shovelful of shit – wind assisted? Watch the estimates videos – HERE – you will learn how to change a nine dollar note into three’s; how to slide around the ‘facts’ and be given an object lesson in who, exactly, is running a once thriving industry out of existence, at the grass roots; and, perhaps an inkling of why.

I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times.

Examples are not too difficult find; some ‘simple as’ other slightly more esoteric, but nevertheless valid for that. On the simple end of the plank – CVD pilots; a no-brainer in the USA, the UK, NZ and most of the grown up aviation world – but in Australia the brangle has gone on and on for many long years now and they still can’t just follow the leaders; the cost of this prevarication should scare any budget conscious parliamentarian. ATSB ‘investigations’ – such as they are – have a long think about the latest load of ‘cobbler’s’ – HERE – 867 days to complete a ‘short report’. A report which completely failed to get anywhere near the ‘radical’ causes. Yet those ’causes’ (not learnings) have been completely lost even after a diligent 867 day ‘investigation’. How many here have had the cross-feed open for fuel transfer (or whatever). How many here have failed to note the little blue light telling it’s tale; why was this not noticed? Or even missed during subsequent checks? There is really only one answer; and ATSB have gone a long time and a long way to avoid that answer. Enough said.

We’ve had enough.” He took back the report and jammed it under his arm. “We’ve had a bellyful, in fact.” “And like everyone who’s had enough,” said Control as Alleline noisily left the room, “he wants more.

Item last – CASA and the Crock o’ Shite debacle. Caution, against stepping on some very large toes here prevents further ‘speculation’ but the BRB has formed some pretty firm notions and are content to let the grown ups fossick away and unbutton the true nature of this event. However, in this week’s press blurbs, much has been made of the destruction (not disappearance) of a mobile telephone. “to protect the widow” (paraphrased) – Bollocks. Seriously? – I rest my case M’lud…

“Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash and I’m delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.”

That’s it; I am uncertain of who is shagging whom, but it is beyond reasonable doubt that the tax payer paid for the party. One could be forgiven for thinking that given the facts and the history and the bull-shit; that there may have been some sort of changes made to bring matters aeronautical back; on if not an even keel, then at least into wind and making forward progress. Alas……………

But, no matter, it is a glorious late summers evening; warn, balmy with just enough seas breeze to take the ‘heat’ away – long evening ramble a racing certainty. It should give me enough time to work out what to do and how to proceed with a load of lumber delivered by a builder mate. They were – since circa 1870 – ceiling joists in an old home; tap ’em with a hammer and they ‘ring’ – rock hard, incredibly close grain and resistant to the (power) saw blade; yet, responsive to a sharp steel handsaw. No one seems to be able to identify this wood; smart money on a ‘gum’ variety. We shall see; I took all the ‘lath’ nails out of a piece and planed a face – pink-ish/ tan colour and quite lovely under a century and a half of soot, muck and whatever. There’s enough there to make a piece of furniture; gods willing, weather permitting, it’s secrets will be revealed. Come; away dogs; the orchard at sunset is the place to begin our ramble, then we shall see where fancy and the breeze leads us.


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