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First the #SBG: 01/10/23

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October; long weekend to celebrate Labour day in NSW; a time to remember what a great country we live in, or, it used to be. Not so much these days though, seems both a fair and a reasonable comment. I find it quite problematic to balance the ‘state’ (mess) this nation has drifted down into, reflected in the abject disappointment and outraged fury encountered when thoughts turn to matters aeronautical.

“It is a world of disappointment: often to the hopes we most cherish, and hopes that do our nature the greatest honour.”

As one small element of the trust placed in the hands of the Senate and Parliament meets the fire and brimstone of public outrage; one has to wonder if, perhaps, the spotlight will continue to be shone into some other dark, cobweb clouded corners of the aviation world. Sen. McKenzie (legend) joins the ranks of respected, honest, clear minded ‘statesmen’, like D. Fawcett (MIA) Heffernan, and a longish list of others who did actually move some small mountains in an attempt to peel back the layer of detritus smothering what should be a thriving, world leading industry – Alas….

“For some, life may be a playground to undermine the brainwaves of others or simply a vainglorious game with an armoury of theatrics, illustrating only bleak self-deception, haughty narcissism and dim deficiency in empathy.”

We have seen plenty of that during ‘the inquiry’ and much more to boot. The soft, wide focus of the feeble candle light barely reaching the far corners of the room; so it is with Senate ‘inquiry’ – as witnessed by Hansard and history, many times over. That stand alone is, or should be, cause for concern; however, when the purblind and the biased and the simple minded ‘one agenda’ crew use ‘an inquiry’ to foster and promote their own ‘world view’ and (more to the point) try to drag in ‘other’ matters best kept for their ‘platform’ for re-election – one has to wonder about their motives and morals. Platitude and policy designed to render them more ‘appealing’ to their voting stock; pandering to those who will turn out to vote ’em back in, by parroting the voters ‘feelings’ and espousing any ‘crack-pot’ new notion? This, for some, since the cave has been an easy road to the parliamentary land of milk and honey, easy money, soft landings and little in the way accountability..

“The more Plato thinks of it, the more astounded he is at the folly of leaving to mob caprice and gullibility the selection of political officials – not to speak of leaving it to those shady and wealth-serving strategists who pull the oligarchic wires behind the democratic stage.”

And, Plato was no man’s fool – I wonder what he’d have made of, Oh, say the wittering of Sen. White? The ‘Chesty Bond’ look alike competition winner asking questions sure to gain many ‘good shot’ Oooh’s and many supportive ‘Ahh’s – from the ‘that’s telling ’em’ cohort. Bollocks; this is serious inquiry which affects this nation, deeply. Not some pathway to self aggrandisement; or currying favour with a minority group. More people travel than vote for this waste of public money – and yet, there it sits. Smug, arrogant, agenda driven – does it give a monkey’s about Mums and Dads who work all year; scrimp, save and do overtime, so the kids can go to Disney Land – on a Qantas clapped out – at an exorbitant price. No – try being in ‘the pit’ at LA – at 0100. With two tired kids, nowhere to sit, herded together for over an hour until the busses eventually arrive to begin the 15 minute ride to the aircraft; only three busses for 400 passengers (first class already seated, fed and fast asleep). Where’s the
humanity in that; and what has that got to do with minority agenda pushing. Disgusting..

“Plato complains that whereas in simpler matters – like shoe-making – we think only a specially-trained person will serve our purpose, in politics we presume that every one who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state.”

I sincerely applaud McKenzie’s efforts; Bravo; & etc… The echo’s of that sound and fury will signify for nought in the executive ‘suite’ dunny. Not unless the whole opposition and any right minded, popularly appointed members get serious. Want it fixed? Dead simple – employ the Hon. John Shape (have to resign from??) – give him some clout and stand back; watch the magical changes – after he sorts out a backbone of some description for the public service.

“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people under the pretence of taking care of them.”

Aye well, my scribbles of even less import than that of some crusading political hack; probably no better than some of the journalistic twaddle being swilled about the place. This inquiry is (or should be), believe it or not, a potential watershed for both industry and nation. Let us hope it does not get smothered aborning by the creatures which created the inquiry. There is a slim chance for major reform within this inquiry; for the benefit of this nation and the aviation industry.

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.

To begin at the end; I thought for a while about expanding on the current Senate inquiry, but not for too long. Past result Senate history of recommended ‘changes’ fails to stack up against any meaningful reform achieved. This, despite the efforts of many Senate committee inquiries. The slow, clearly discernible, albeit gradual demise of the aviation industry is clearly reflected in the latest Senate ‘go-around’. Its not just that Qantas have been fully ‘utilising’ the system made available to them; that’s part of doing business; holding off competition, maximising ‘influence’ and generally taking every advantage on offer is the stuff of airline survival (all of ’em). All’s fair – on a level playing field – with an unbiased referee. But that ain’t the case, is it? Full government protection for a ‘national’ carrier is one thing; the nation has a stake in the well being of that airline. But, Qantas despite the smoke and mirrors are not a ‘national’ airline; they may be a sentimental favourite of past generations, and an icon; but, their claim to be a protected species and expect all preferences to be directed in their favour is a furphy. If they cannot compete with Virgin or Qatar on an equal footing then the government (for the people by the people) need to even up the odds in favour of the travelling, voting, tax paying passengers. That is what we pay the government (handsomely) to do..But then:-

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

For those interested only; the pup is now 12 weeks old; due for shots and a potential star. Took him and a 1936 Stanley to a job; fit and hang the four ‘big’ doors I’d made into some old door frames. Not easily done; but we managed. Big dog found a spot and parked up; not so ‘the pup’. No Sir; every shaving off the plane was examined and considered. Funny thing though (food for thought). The plane blade hit a big, bad knot and ‘shifted’ due to F= MA (skewed shaving). – That shaving out of probably 100 + was the only one ‘woofed’ at, picked up, and brought to my attention. We had a smoke while I sorted out the plane and in complete harmony hung the door, whistled up the big dog and toddled off home for an Ale: together. Yep; you had to be there; but Wow!! 


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