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First last week’s #SBG: 17/12/23


The original verse appeared in ‘Mother Goose’s melody’ circa 1769; or, so the story goes. But, I’ve always liked the reality fix embedded; because, no matter how dreamy, or soothing the notion of being gently swayed into a sweet, dreamless sleep, when the ‘bough breaks’ – the shit hits the windmill. The symmetry, of itself, is perfection. A little indulgence required here, there is a point and I shall endeavour, in my own clumsy way, with an extension of the Gunna and Blitzem ‘tall tales’ of fancy, fantasy and fiction; (with the rider) -once upon a time, in a land far, far away: construe…& etc…….{Con su permisso}..Or not…

“Curiosity” mummered Blitzem one evening as they sat by the pool; “you are correct, it is definitely a curse”. “So” Gunna replied, “ the back yard events in Broome still intrigue you.” “Not intrigue” said Blitzem, (sotto voce) “but there are so many loose ends and bits missing, I find it hard to simply accept the whole story as ‘complete’; some things, (parts, if you will) just don’t fit or, are missing.” “It is a puzzle without corners and precious little logic or even explanation: intriguing, is it it not” A long silence followed this; fresh Ale was delivered, and the friends were about halfway through when Gunna had a bright idea. “I know” she exclaimed – why don’t we each, independently, write down the ‘things’ which trouble us most; then, we can compare and, we can examine the items which perplex us both: what say you?” And so, it was agreed and without further ado, pencil and paper were provided and the pair began their deliberations. After a while, Gunna put down her pencil; ordered more Ale and waited patiently while Blitzem dotted his ‘I’s’ and crossed his T’s.

“She swore, in faith ’twas strange, ’twas passing strange;
‘Twas pitiful. ’twas wondrous pitiful, “

Of the many ‘passing strange’ items noted, they finally winnowed the list down to their ‘top 10’. It took while and several more libations; but eventually their ‘starting format’ was agreed:-

WA Coroner – no inquest into the events at Broome which led to the death of a young life.  Why not?

WA police – clearly Broome was ‘a fatal accident’. Had it been two killed in a vehicle collision event; or a push-bike mess; or, even two mowed down on a Zebra crossing; at very least there would be, in one form or another, a Coroner on the job and prosecution of some type. But only ‘Crickets’ from that August body. Why? Gods know it was ‘high profile’ event..

The ‘Shire of Broome’ does indeed have a Council. Now the friends wondered how ‘the neighbours’ felt about a helicopter operations; working all hours, over their houses and kicking up dust and a hellish racket? Not one complaint? No. Nothing to see; move along? Bollocks; you can hardly break wind on the verandah without some one howling from the roof tops. So how come the (ahem) heliport was never mentioned in dispatches?

A big ticket item is the ‘role’ CASA played in all of this. Consider that every man, woman and their dog in a ‘remote’ area, such as this knows, though the ‘drums’ who did what, when, to whom and what it cost. It may take a day or even two for the ‘word to get around’ but, make no mistake, the local operators knew. Now we have a ‘private’ pilot; operating commercial services; close to sunset, from ships and all manner of ‘awkward’ places, losing the odd airframe and generally ‘operating’ as and when pleased – ‘quasi’ commercial operations? Carefully consider the CASA track record; then ask the only question that really matters; Why? Why was this allowed to go on, and on, and on: despite the clear regulatory breaches? Easy enough to track down; pilot log books, bank records, flight logs and maintenance release. Simple audit, well within the CASA lexicon. But ‘crickets’ and ‘tumble-weeds’ in the ‘surveillance’ logs. Illegal operations and not a Dicky bird from the mighty legal machine. Bollocks.

Then we look at the ATSB reporting; factual enough – for what its worth. Why wasn’t the roof off the hanger? Broken aircraft, too tight a take-off profile; engineering advice ignored; high power vertical take off in a close area; in defiance of the AFM profile; blood and bodies and ambulances and services – then nothing? Bollocks.

Item almost last – Money; dollars in v dollars out/ lease/insurance/maintenance/ fees/ fuel/ etc, It is quite a long, expensive list; income from operations equal?

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.”

Item Last – The great ‘Croc o’ Shite’ saga; some serious attention being paid to that inelegant, fully CASA certified, buggers muddle. ATSB have ‘shuffled’ the deck providing a bastardised ‘systematic’ report; taking full advantage of the wriggle room’ inside the ‘guidelines’ as presented. Popinjay running interference, Spence hiding out away from the bright lights, the CASA board still belching from the largess offered during their ‘jolly’ in a chopper over the GAFA. Anyone bright enough to have escaped from the local ‘facility’ for the mentally challenged could read through the ‘operational’ approvals and marvel at the latitude and the lack of ‘CASA’ oversight/audit/surveillance etc. – Considering the treatment of ‘other’ operators. No doubt there is enough legal wriggle room for Spence, the wretched ‘minister’ and the entire dog and pony show to waltz away unscathed. All there in black and white. Pity the dozy media can’t read ain’t it?

“Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.”

Aye, well said that man (again). However, and for what its worth; that is the short list of ‘puzzles’ our two friends will attempt to solve. Intriguing patches of smoke and mirrors and a great deal of top cover will probably put an end to speculation and awkward questions. But, no matter, No doubt it will all be put away, neat, tidy and forgotten long before those investigating the prospect of ‘real’ crimes’ have done their work. We shall, no doubt, see in due course. But; as Blitzem said “’something’ is off”.

On my ‘big’ blackboard are the Christmas orders; I note the improved spelling and handwriting, every year it improves; as the ‘little un’s progress to big un’s. I have saved up many off-cuts of some truly lovely timber; enough to meet the blackboard orders. Christmas begins with a great ‘sharpening’ up; followed by selecting the right ‘billet’ for the job; easy work, in my own time – can’t wait to start. Its too late to call up the piles of fur sleeping on cool stone. I shall slip away for a quiet smoke and enjoy the cool of the morning – just like departing Madrid – mid summer 0300. Ah, Happy daze.


(Too hot to sleep)……

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