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You know how the teams gallop onto the paddock, fireworks and nubile young ladies shaking their pom-poms as the warriors crash through the big banner to roar of the crowd.  Then part way through the game someone gets caught at the bottom of a ruck, where old scores are settled, the recipient lugged off the field on a golf cart.  Never though I’d see it in a civilised place like Parliament house, but I did.

This Harfie fellah pranced on, full of vim and brimming with confidence until about ten minutes in.  He started by trying to convince the Senators that he was the saviour of ASA and was the righteous choice for the ’big job’; he ain’t of course, just good at the brown nose some and bully others game which needs to be played if you want the top job.  Staib leaving and Clark ‘resigning’ left the scent of blood and guts in the water, enter the sharks.  The grandiose swaggering bully failed to impress the Senators. Heff summed it up best with ‘been at it’ 25 years’ quip; it was game on from then.  Got the feeling Harfie thought the ‘he’ should be allowed some latitude on account of being wonderful, all fresh and new.  Wrong.

The Senate forwards too strong for the pitiful opposition; hard to pick a man of the match but Edwards, Gallacher, Sterle had outstanding games, but there were some less obvious flashes of brilliance from the rest.  Man of the Match decision has been deferred until the third referee has seen all the replays.

Then we had the Dick Smith hour, during which more was accomplished in 60 short minutes for the cause of aviation than CASA have achieved in 25 long, tedious, risible years.  Bravo Dick, well done and thankyou.

For me, the three hours were well spent.  My only complaint is that there are not two more sequels, one for ATSB and one for CASA.  The public can now see how badly the ASA have treated their ‘their’ money. I wonder what will they make of the dreadful way their safety is treated and of the terrible waste and carnage inflicted on aviation enterprise.

PS. Glen, Aunty is not a whistle blower; the noise you here is that of the Houseboat fog horn as she leaves the dock and steams off to work.

Toot toot.