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First this week’s SBG: Of Window dressing and artifice.

“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. … The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully.”

For many, watching Senate Estimates ranks alongside watching the most boring spectator sports. However, no matter how boring (or pointless) the sport or activity, in the end, there is always a result; a conclusion if you will, which, IMO is the purpose of any exercise. There is a scheduled ‘Estimates’ session on next week; starts tomorrow.  So what is it all about and does it matter to the aviation industry? It should,

“Screw your courage to the sticking place.”

However, any casual examination of ‘result’ or ‘conclusion’ or even demanded reform reached on behalf of the aviation community; from aerodromes to drones only ever provides a nugatory, often borderline negative reaction. Rarely, if ever, a positive ‘action’ even from dedicated ‘inquiry’.

“Estimates of government expenditure are referred to Senate committees as part of the annual budget cycle. This opportunity to examine the operations of government plays a key role in the parliamentary scrutiny of the executive.”

Take a moment to read the program listed for the three most important departments (Quangos in reality) governing ‘matters aeronautical’ in this wide, brown land. Pathetic ain’t it.

Air Services Australia (ASA). A basket case; broke, clueless, disintegrating standards and providing a patchwork of service of make do and take no responsibility whatsoever. They make their appearance at 1930 hrs (local). The Senate panel has been ‘at it’ since 0900, now weary, probably distracted by previous interests, wanting a stiff drink, a shower, and dinner. No way; now Halfwit will probably make some opening remarks; after the ‘introductions etc. So there goes 10 minutes of the 30 for nought. Then the long winded, agenda driven question will take up another couple; that will be taken on notice, which leaves little time for anyone else to get a look in. – So when you work out the cost per minute x by 30 for a net gain to the actual improvement afforded to national air traffic system; you come up yards lost and no advantage.

At 2000-hrs – the stellar crew from CASA take centre stage- for their 30 minutes of intense ‘executive scrutiny’. But where to begin? How do you, in a thirty minute Q&A even begin to sort out this homespun tangle of deranged experiment? The world’s best have managed to at least achieve cohesion, through logic, experience and ‘expert’ assistance, in conjunction with industry expert opinion. And yet, the best our Senate can manage is a thirty minute ‘how-de doo’. Save the money or get real; while we still have some semblance of an ‘industry’.

Last, and by every means ‘least’ the peerless ATSB appear at 22:15; for their very own session of ‘executive scrutiny’. Bed time for working folks. I say that if Sen. McKenzie spent an hour on the telephone with the ‘international leaders’ in accident investigation, asking their opinion of the ATSB; the roof would be off the building. Is thirty short minutes at 22:15 likely to resolve anything that signifies.

[Image: D05ZtSnWoAAfBWZ.jpg]

This ‘tick a box’ farce of Estimates needs to end; either get it done right or stop (for pities sake) pretending it matters and save the dollars. Donate it to a really worthwhile cause; like Land rights for Gay whales…….

But, for the quintessential example of how purblind and easily pleased government is; take a look at the latest spin from Essendon Fields – HERE – they are planting 11.000, very virtuous ornamental fruit trees and installed ‘fairy light’ to claim that they are the eco friendly doyens of aviation to the applause of the minister. The ugly, illegal, dangerous building camped within a safety zone just don’t seem to signify in light of the reduced carbon foot print. But hey. If ever you need a nine dollar note changed into three’s; they’ll do that for you at Essendon (for a small fee)..

Aye; it is a muddle, insignificant in the greater world; but, if the minor, quickly fixed problems at home cannot be expediently and properly rectified; what chance of the big ones being sorted out? Time will tell I expect; breath holding is not recommended.

No matter; we are off to take a look at some timber slabs which have been drying for a couple of years; some of it ‘exotic’ some of it rare. Brought down in a storm but carefully stored, slabbed and attended. Can’t wait to see it; hopefully there will be some ‘furniture’ quality lengths to preserve as something worth keeping.


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