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Cross words (or multiple minor micro aggression’s) and; crosswords. – AP forum version.

The clue was impenetrable; (I shall spare you that): from morning walk, through first coffee and on to lunch, had me stumped. “Wuzup” say’s DT “you’re too quiet for my liking”  – “this” I barked, prodding the offending clue. “Oh, that’s easy” say’s she – “Catatonia”. So it was, fit like a glove.. But, I pondered, WTD is it, and so off to Google I went; it was of course the ‘ia’ at the end of the word which led me astray. Anyway, I read some of the blurb and one part of it stood out :-

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“waxy flexibility (limbs stay in the position another person puts them in) mutism (lack of verbal response) negativism (lack of response stimuli or instruction) posturing (holding a posture that fights gravity).”


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It so reminded me of how our so called aviation ‘safety’ outfits behave, it gave me a chuckle (pawky ain’t it). Thought it worth a paragraph or two.

So much for word puzzles; but what of some real ones? In anywhere else but the movies, to dodge one bullet is possible, to dodge two is chancing your luck – but to dodge three, from separate directions is nigh on impossible. If it wasn’t for Comm Care; our three ‘authorities’ over matters aeronautical would be penniless. The agencies only have to find a lazy 100 grand or so; after that, the taxpayer takes over to fund the CASA prosecution case against whichever unfortunate is defending their lively hood. Even to the point where if CASA are bereft of funds government will tip in the shortfall. Go figure. Poor old Buckley, business and livelihood gone in a heartbeat has to find his own Pennies to defend against a self protecting, self aggrandising, power base – with a bipartinsane, terrified government supporting it…..Set the odds on that wee punt…A model litigant; with unlimited tax payer funds v one small company trying to ‘comply’.-  BOLLOCKS. ..

However; despite current thinking, there are some options which are still (just) ‘democratically’ acceptable. One man playing a banjo may well earn a few coppers; but with support, the result becomes an unstoppable, joyful force.

Hitch – “And; if my mail is correct, it may not be the last time CASA is faced with this. Buckley seems to have spurred others to start assembling documents of their own that stand to back-up what he said. I have said before that Glen Buckley is not a man to go gentle into the good night, and there are other people in the general aviation community that are shaping up to stand at his shoulders.”

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“Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light― Dylan Thomas, In Country Sleep, and Other Poems

Only my opinion, but Hitch has (for once) struck a chord. Perhaps now is the time for all ‘good men and true’ to come to the aid of the party. Bring your Banjo, Fiddle or drum kit. The time for hiding away ‘the alleged’ heinous crime and keeping still, standing silent, hoping that the little you have managed to claw back will not be taken away is past. From Qantas to Joe Blogg’s joy flights; all suffer, all are afraid, all are vulnerable and there is no defence – statistics prove that. Even the out of court settlements crowd need to speak up; those on a non disclosure bond can gain parliamentary privilege. The only question left begging answer is this: can McDonald (and her support crew) carry the day? Answer – YES! she can; provided everyone grabs a song sheet (or Hymn book, as pleases) and joins in the chorus. Imagine being free of CASA and having a sane, sensible world class ‘authority’ running aviation in this land. All to play for; just get off your arse and weigh in. (you know you want to)…

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Aye well – whether the worm turns or not is a question beyond my twiddles. But I say this; if you are prepared to tolerate the frog pooh ATSB turn out as an analysis of the loss of your nearest and dearest; if you are prepared to accept the lunacy (and cost) of airspace management; if you are prepared to forever accept that CASA can, in a heartbeat, destroy your reputation and livelihood; then sit there, fat dumb and happy. Enjoy it, while you can.

That’s it; got it off my chest. Quite sanguine now; ready for an international championship bout with the daemon Poms – I see P7 has the Ale’s in, my darts are on the bar; warm up is over. Looks like the BRB is about to begin in traditional style.

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