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Vale Bernie Currall.

01 Mar

To our great regret and sorrow we have just been advised that the patient who survived the ditching of a Pel-Air Westwind medivac jet off Norfolk Island in 2009, Bernie Currall, has today taken her own life.  Our most sincere condolences and deepest sympathies are extended to her husband Gary and families.   We extend our […]

Ghosts of Christmas past.

18 Feb

There are two forecast developments which were, soon or late, expected to become important; they are now getting a little oxygen. Here and Hear.   For the true devotee of genuine conspiracy or truly juicy scandal, there are no short cuts – but the research will pay dividends.  Start – HERE.    The discussion is IMO […]

Did Australia mislead ICAO over the Pel-Air crash?

17 Feb

Ben Sandilands @ Plane Talking – the best of all tendentious bloggers asks one of the many big questions.   It beggars belief that after the unholy mess McComic left behind in Australia; the only support group for his ICAO appointment is the Department of murky Machiavellian land deals, manipulation, influence peddling and obfuscation.  More on […]

Sunday snack menu.

14 Feb

The Des Ross article – HERE – is worth the time taken to read.  You do not have to believe it all; however, the questions posed are valid and they have not, as yet been answered.  Some of the reader comments are aggressively framed, unnecessarily so IMO, the man has taken the time to examine, […]

#Whodunnit & Why : Chapter 3.5 – In the eyes of the investigator & TOE

12 Feb

Who dunnit and Why : Chapter 3. It is widely believed that before Re-o-Cur Dolan, darling of the SMH lunch crowd and psychic researcher of the MH 370 tragedy, is allowed to slither off, clutching his golden parachute, fur lined jock strap and hand crafted golf ball warmers; there are some serious questions which must […]

By George, some have got it

10 Feb

Bravo – Finally, some sense from two Prune posters.  At long last, after only 3181 posts, sweet logic, pragmatic professional thinking and cool sense prevail; finally.  Halle-bloody-lujah… 😀 .. Ian W – Pprune – At one stage in my ‘career’ I qualified as an ISO-9000 auditor. One of the things that was expressed to me […]

Who-dunnit and why

09 Feb

Senator Fiona Nash, keeper and minder of ‘Pete’ the agnostic pot plant is one of the  acknowledged favourites of the IOS was the last in a long list of people who have asked ‘the question’.  Every single member of the Senate committee which investigated the Pel-Air debacle, the Rev. Forsyth and even the Canadian TSBC […]

The clandestine arts; Australian style

07 Feb

The quote below was cribbed from the unspeakable web site: Frank Arouet – “Also, reading between creampuff lines points me to certain lawyer with past history with ‘firies’ and credit cards. Townsville refueller’s mates daughters uncle, reports someone has some sworn written dynamite to chuck around with this one too.” A while back now, the […]