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Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Poignant little ditty:-  “the writers might have wanted to disguise it as a nameless war in the song.” It rings the chimes though, don’t it? Another pointless war, nameless people dying for nameless government or ‘ideal’, fighting for a cause they don’t truly understand, dying in the name of something which will somehow make it all rosy and wonderful for those left to wonder– it’s all Bollocks of course. But at least it does have a honest element; two opposing sides, toe to toe, winner takes all and writes the history;; end of. Nothing like the patronising, underhand cowardly way successive governments have avoided dealing with the real wars being fought, everyday in this land, by the long suffering who live far away from the Canberra bubble or the wealthy suburban homes of those who fancy their venal virtues and assumed advantages set them far above the common herd. Set apart somehow from those who’s passing will not even rate a mention at the next dinner party.

Senator for the Northern Territory (Hero) Jacinta Nampijinpa Price  (Bravo that Lady) – HERE – lays out the way the ‘real’ battle is being waged; a warped battle, so far removed from the reality we live in that it almost beggars belief. Yet the solution is so simple to these problems that it seems to evade those who have, at the stroke of a pen, the power, and resources to repair the gaping holes in the fences and release the strangle hold of dependency on hand out. Self worth, quiet confidence and independence. 

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“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. 

“Lastly, the eighth and the most meritorious of all, is to anticipate charity by preventing poverty, namely, to assist the reduced brother, either by a considerable gift or loan of money, or by teaching him a trade, or by putting him in the way of business, so that he may earn an honest livelihood and not be forced to the dreadful alternative of holding up his hand for charity.”.. .

Ora Basta.!..; if I ever win a lottery there will be at least a dozen newly qualified carpenter/joiners holding their heads high and confidently turning up to work in the real world, every day, for as long as I can manage it.

Ayup, I know, all that was far removed from the aviation battle; and, although the why of the aviation industries battle is a mere bagatelle, compared to some of the major issues the nation is facing down; but the plight is (once again) symptomatic of piss poor, mislead, disinterested government. The parallel stands bold. Aviation, done properly is a ‘great little earner’. That much of the revenue generated is squandered in supporting one of the most useless, expensive, arrogant, ignorant, incompetent, moribund, hidebound, purblind, destructive administrations in the world is a heavy burden to the tax paying public and industry. There are many reasons why a revenue generating/ employment providing essential service to the nation is in decline. For over three decades now the industry has been telling ministers what and where the major problems lay. What response do we get? Work plans and motherhood, that’s what – alongside more tortured rules and better embuggerance. Take your submission (call it 10 hours of work) all the way to the Capitol and guess what you are met with.

Warning – Bucket Item: The Spence Epiphany – “your safety is in your hands” – (retch – heave). We are, in the fullness of time (eventually) to have a ‘pilot safety hub’ which confounds three basic tenets:- 1 that pilot education and examinations are not good enough. 2 That only CASA can keep you safe if you do it the CASA way; and, 3 – despite the mountains of legislation which demand (under strict liability) that by following these rules – you will be safer – while CASA is rabidly abrogating any and all responsibility for the act of commuting ‘aviation’ in any form, except for prosecution after the fact. (see Buckley).Twaddle – meaningless bull pooh and totally bloody worthless. 

“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people under the pretence of taking care of them.” — Thomas Jefferson

Rarely noticed. There is one small, bright light shining out from under the miasma of the Canberra fug. Unsung is the SSCDL – those who scrutinise ‘delegated’ legislation. For a classic example of exactly why aviation law is such a burden; read P2’s catch on that committee’s response to the use of the muddy puddle which is Lake Burley Griffin. A careful, considered response to some fast and loose use of ‘strict’ and ‘absolute’ liability used to negate a defence against institutional overreach. __HERE__ and if you cannot draw the parallels to the ridiculous, lazy use of denying the ‘rule of law’ to the aviation community; then you belong in Canberra, working for the CASA.

1.32 The committee therefore requests the minister’s more detailed advice as to:
• why it is necessary and appropriate to reverse the evidential burden of proof for the relevant offences, with reference to the relevant guidance in the Attorney-General’s Department’s Guide to Framing Commonwealth Offences;

I forget the references; Sched 5 rings a bell, as does the Acts Interpretation; but loosely translated – a ‘delegate’ cannot be told how to interpret or enforce a rule. For example – the engineer makes a repair according to the manufacturer schedule – all good. An inspector comes along and says the engineer should have ‘done’ more’ or ‘done the job differently’ – guess who wins the court battle and who ends up convicted– Aye, no prize for that one. And yes that’s a quick, rough sketch but it gives you an idea of why the SSCSDL-is an important one to watch. The overreach on the Canberra mud puddle a poor mans guide to why aviation regulation is just plain wrong. 

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“It is difficult to make our material condition better by the best law, but it is easy enough to ruin it by bad law.”

It may be highly unlikely; but thanks to the parsimony (or greed if you prefer) of the ASA the risk of a mid-air collision has been increased. Simply put, the ASA have worked their ATCO to the giddy limits overtime will support and ‘self separation’ is becoming routine – not a rarity. It is, the opinion of many, that the Electric Blue Halfwit and his dodgy ‘accountant mate’ be dragged up in front of a Senate committee to answer some serious questions about the current situation. All of the current ‘problems’ stem from just one major cock-up; the hurriedly buried ‘One Sky’, the debts incurred and the lack of finance and training to keep ATCO numbers at an optimum level. Of course the crews can deal with  – TIBA – but what if the public realised the potential for that one big bang and aluminium rain, mixed with body parts landing on the back lawn has, mathematically at least been increased. Time for a serious chat with the ASA and perhaps the ATCO’s union may have some notions worthy of support.

Cribbed from the UP – HERE – Is anyone listening?

Pilots are concerned about the safety of increased reliance on uncontrolled airspace due to temporary air traffic controller shortages … the issue was unprecedented, worsening and increasing risks to the point some airlines were delaying flights. AusALPA (& AFAP) president and Qantas Link pilot Captain Louise Pole told The Australian some airlines were delaying flights rather than operate while TIBA was in place. “It (TIBA) means the workload for a pilot is a lot higher and that makes your job harder, and it does create more risk because you are not operating in a normal (situation).” She said in 30 years of flying, she had not flown TIBA until two weeks ago, and had since flown it twice, most recently on Monday. Civil Air Australia president and #airtrafficcontroller Tom McRobert said 120 controllers had taken early retirement under the program, reducing “resilience” to deal with staffing issues. He said the scheme had arguably cut twice as many as was wise and this was the “root cause” of the use of TIBA. “We are seeing more TIBAs in the last six months than I’ve ever seen in my nearly 20 years (in the job)”. Airservices Australia #AirServices #trafficcontrol #aviation #ausalpa

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“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”

Aye well, been a quiet week for me; kitten and I made a new tool chest – between showers. 0530 is the time I am woken; gentle paw patting my cheek, breakfast demanded before the kettle has boiled and all hell to pay if the workbench cannot be ‘utilised’ as and when required. Dogs look askance at this; they expect peace and quiet before 0700. No matter; the wet weather plays havoc with stock timber; that which was left ‘flat and square’ (dressed) the evening before undergoes a ‘shift’ during the dark hours but returns to true by lunch; makes for an ‘interesting’ construct; timing is all. Its raining now; the big dog looks out of the stable door; stretches and rolls over – can’t sell a late ramble to a disinterested crew; but to put my coat on and whistle ’em up; wake ’em from their slumbers; they’ll turn out. But why – Oh, Rain, rain go away etc…