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Ref:…rgh-london & Sen Sterle 23/05/17 – CASA shiney bums taking the pee on drones

In the war of words: AP Forum version

Which includes some very ‘light’ amorphous reports and responses to the same, one has to wonder how much longer the entire farcical game can continue before someone calls ‘Time’. Aviation is not the only victim; but it stands as a good example of how far removed from reality many official agencies are, despite the best efforts of those who have money, blood, sweat and tears invested a business. The rough and tumble of everyday life is enough to deal with, the swings and roundabouts of owning and managing any business a tough row to hoe at the best of times; that is the road chosen, the gamble taken, win loose or draw: the ultimate responsibility rests with those who have the most invested, usually their own. But what of those who are remote from their decisions taken, those actions, decisions and rulings which affect the business of hard won business?

St Commode “..Mr Buckley—as you’ve probably noticed, and you’ll notice my emotion in this—has harassed my staff and continues to do so under PPRuNe and just about every other website. He makes unsubstantiated allegations, and I’m quite happy to deal with them. He has assaulted my staff, he has stalked my staff in the Melbourne office and, frankly, we’ve had enough of him..”

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“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.” ― John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

These folk live in a different world; remote, cloistered, protected – not for them the risks of investment. I wonder how many owner/operators of a modest fleet of aircraft would like to bank AUD $650,000 every year plus super, every year, without a shred of real risk or responsibility? With a whole army of expensive folk in support of the eternal arse covering game, making it up as they go along, without either the knowledge, qualification or experience to mark their claim to such a luxurious billet. It all reminds me of the tale of Oliver Twist – “Please, sir, I want some more.” The overfed governance of the orphanage, charged with the care and feeding of the less fortunate had a violent reaction to this simple request from a hungry boy – the parallel drawn is accurate.

“Section 9A of the Civil Aviation Act(1)  In exercising its powers and performing its functions, CASA must regard the safety of air navigation as the most important consideration.”

If you ever wanted a clearer example of why Section 9A of the Act has totally  embuggered the Australian General Aviation Industry IMO this Senate Estimates session is it – : (

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“If you shut yourself up disdainfully in your ivory tower and insist that you have your own conscience and are satisfied with its approval, it is because you know that everybody is criticising you, condemning you, or laughing at you.”— Luigi Pirandello

Although not quite in the same weight division as Oliver Twist, Ben Morgan of the AOPA is in the same boat; three issues worthy of serious, timely action are discussed on the ‘face-book’ feed (videos); they are well worth the time and effort to look up and watch. The discussion on ‘Spin recovery’ as scripted by CASA to instructing pilots is one; the discussion on ‘self declared medical’ another and the battle to have ‘independent’ flight instructors. These modest demands have been ‘on the table’ for a long while; they reflect world best practice and backed by sane ‘safety’ results. These are not wild ass demands made by the lunatic fringe; they are of proven value and benefit to industry. The industry which provides much of luxury enjoyed by those living in their comfortable, unassailable bubble. Where to go for resolution?

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“Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.” ― René Descartes, Discourse on Method

Much time, effort and advice has been drafted to inquiry over the decades; most of it solid, sound stuff, scripted by those at the coal face. Countless reams have been delivered to Senate inquiry; some of which resulted in ‘recommendations’ being made. Those earnest, accurate, well meant changes have been treated with contempt, disregarded as ‘opinion’ and, essentially flushed away through the executive toilet system; or, obfuscated to a fare-thee-well; or been put through the grinder of discussion groups which never seem to initiate the changes demanded within the spirit and intent of the ‘recommendation’. Senators told to go boil their bottoms in effect. They even made a video to celebrate:-

Which brings us to Sen. Glenn Sterle and his new Estimates crew. Somehow, I can’t see either Sterle or Canavan putting up with too much in the way of faerie tales or obfuscated horse feathers; not for long anyway. Can they turn the trick? Sterle has been listening and watching the antics of ATSB and CASA and the ASA for a good long while now; he is a canny man and anything but disinterested. Results not rhetoric is a possibility; not a shoo in favourite but definitely a short odds starter. No doubt we shall see – and soon, despite the expected reams of useless white paper. No pressure then Glen…..

Aye well; best crack on – DT has plans for this day – blood chilling threats related to clean dogs, no boots at the table, even a shave seems to be demanded. “There will be  no congregation of men-folk in the stable standing about the keg and dartboard” a royal command – indeed, however, there are always ways and means available to those who know the game and how to play.