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“If you wake at midnight, and hear a horse’s feet,”– AP Forum version

How do we know that we are slowly entering the endless mire of mediocrity? Oh, that’s an easy one; the sign posts tell us it is so.

“Don’t go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street,

Lit up like one those big highway signs is the CASA bid for the Mediocrity Cup; leading the way into the Spence version of motherhood and duplicity. The notion that the ‘resources hub’ will achieve anything of intrinsic or practical value makes me smile, if not bust into laughter. Reminds me of the idiot Weeks and his his great ATO/CT woftam. Many years ago, in an attempt to ‘sell in’ the load of old cobblers, known as Part 61, Weeks toured the country side, flogging ‘his’ multi handed stropathon to his peers and betters. Assembled were about two dozen qualified, experienced Check and Training (C&T) folks, tough audience: undismayed this bouncy little bloke opened the batting by getting everyone to call out their names and their total flight hours which he wrote up on the white board and carefully totalled up – it was a big number – very big. All Senior, working pilots, from memory the median was in the 12, 000 hours a piece ( most had done more multi engine IFR the last month than Weeks had total). Then, the user of big words proceeded to lecture the assembly on his vision and system for doing that which those assembled had been doing for donkeys years. All well and good until you realise everyone knew he was a minor grade instructor, had little in the way of real world ‘operational experience’ and sweet Fanny Adams in the way of managing flight line C&T operations. Most stuck it out until afternoon tea, got their sticker and slunk away shaking their heads. I happily dropped my ‘how to book’ into a convenient dumpster on the way to the car park – it landed with about a dozen others – guilt assuaged. Now we are to have the Spence version (vision?)- another expensive waste which can be justified as ‘doing something’. This window dressing, stand alone, indicates that Spence has NDI or sense of reality – and should not be in the job; once the ‘work plan’ and the new ‘white paper’ take precedence, well, – “abandon hope all ye who enter here” : indeed!

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“Them that ask no questions isn’t told a lie.

Master Pilkington sums it all up succinctly – “Seems like a good idea however the single biggest cause of fatalities in GA is loss of control. I don’t see why CASA shy away from this subject. I don’t think that it has ever come up in an AvSafety Seminar?”

The thing that really causes heartburn is the subject matter :-

CASA – “The hub is sectioned into four critical areas: Non-controlled Aerodromes, Weather and Forecasting, Flight Planning and Controlled Aerodromes.”

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Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by.

Why does CASA feel the need to elaborate on these particular elements? Each one forms part of the training syllabus for all grades of licence and should be fully examined and comprehended long before any pilot being turned loose. The subjects appear in all level of training and examination and in practical flight tests – so why is there a need to rehash the ‘syllabus’ which CASA impose and enforce and endlessly document? If so then the fault, if any, lays within the existing training and testing syllabus; perhaps that would be a place to start. Too much emphasis of ‘tick and flick’ and covering the rear sections against prosecution perhaps, rather than real training. “Passed your Met exam”? – “Oh yes” – Good enough, lets go cross country – all nice and legal now. – Bollocks……

No matter; industry has allowed, become used to and even tolerates this dreadful state of affairs to continue, unabated. No prizes for guessing who the guilty party is; just keep sucking up the Kool Aide, tick the boxes and allow Spence to earn a million a year for this latest batch of snake oil.

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Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice – shame on me.