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Of rationality, reality and results. – AP forum version

Realistically, we may cite 30 years as the time industry has been trying to get the administering ‘authority’ to march in step with ‘world best’ ICAO standards. For the last two decades there have been some serious attempts made (and some serious investment in both time and money) invested in clearly demonstrating the very real need for sensible, rational reform of the way aviation is ‘managed’ and the way in which the administration thereof must be better managed. There has been, in support of this argument several ‘Inquiries’ and many, many recommendations made, by the Inquiry panel; by  Senate committee; and, by expert industry advocates. These warnings and recommendation have not only never been validated, but the results (as predicted) are writ large across the industry wide tapestry. Meanwhile, just like amateur thespians in a church hall pantomime, King, Spence and Binskin use smoke, mirrors and platitudes to ‘gild’ the Lily’. Time for a re-think on realities and priorities methinks.  Perhaps the Bard and King John did put it all into an elegant nutshell;

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“To gild refined gold, to paint the lily,

To throw a perfume on the violet,

To smooth the ice, or add another hue

Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light

To seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish,

Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.” – William Shakespeare

King John, Act 4, Scene 2.

Now, a reasonable person could have expected that ‘government’ being made very (very) aware of these industry concerns, supported by stark reality and fact; would have acted to ensure the viability and well-being of an essential, revenue generating industry. Yet history and cold, hard fact beggars this notion. Historically, we  have clear evidence of an ever diminishing will; or now it seems even the ability and expertise required to make the changes requested and required. The appointments made to the Directors post have become more and more politically acceptable and decidedly malleable in supporting the government need for a quiet house and absolutely no blow back. This, to the point of the latest glove puppets, unsupervised, abetting parliamentary disinterest and abrogation of all ministerial responsibility. Spence and Binskin, masters of spin, motherhood and the deceptive arts; being aided and abetted by the latest ‘minister’. If you can stomach it, read through the latest utterances from these people; they are speaking to the tax payer and big money investment– not the industry.  Reality? An easy daemon to see; after thirty years of stark evidence, and proof beyond reasonable doubt – clearly there is no intention to reform either regulation or the regulator back to ICAO compliance; from government or the authority; absolutely non whatsoever.

“Any change is resisted because bureaucrats have a vested interest in the chaos in which they exist.” ― Richard Nixon

The only industry benefiting from ‘aviation’ are the developers; happily making fortunes from Commonwealth land with no return to the industry, one being denied ‘safe’ aerodromes and room to operate. (Q) – How long can the industry keep running on faerie tales, broken promises and the latest round of well spun bull-shit from King, Spence and Binskin? (A) As long as industry keeps swallowing it. All the ‘D’ words come to mind, deceitful, dishonest, despicable, disgraceful, disingenuous,; and a bloody expensive way to wreck what should be a thriving, robust essential industry forced to operate both legally and operationally in a ‘safe’ manner within the reduced space, allocated, required and demanded by law for both safe operation and public safety. Qui Bono? Not the industry, that’s a fact.

“I have a higher and grander standard of principle than George Washington. He could not lie; I can, but I won’t.”― Mark Twain

There is, seems to me a lot more Lily gilding coming from the CASA grist mill than a serious attempt to rein in the excesses, the waste and dross rather than a honest attempt to unravel the Mare’s nest they have created. I call shame on ’em all; for unmitigated  horse pooh generation for no tangible improvement of anything, except their inflated salaries.  Yes, yes I know – all done now..That’s it – Bucket used:: Rant over. (But seriously folks – WTD?)..

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There are only three other items worth a mention; the Higgins saga; ATSB and ASA. Of Higgins, we know no more now than we did a year ago; those on the periphery of the tale all seem to be thriving and occasionally surface from within the murky depths of the Canberra swamp – the sinister Hooded Canary for one of many; a lot more mentioned than Foley and his like, Ben Cook etc. Experts laying low and keeping their heads down against any incoming blasts for daring to question the whole MH370 episode. Then we have the ATSB once again panting and pandering to the media, banging on about insignificant stuff like ‘bird strikes’ and other fluffy twaddle;  meanwhile completely ignoring the increased risk matrix for airline aircraft and commercial operators forced to use TIBA and self separate (not too easy) and the generally shocking state of the air traffic control system and those who work in it. The Air Traffic Control debacle has, since the failed, expensive (un affordable & totally useless – another French connection) – ‘One Sky’ project was quietly buried, has not been addressed. IMO there is a significant threat to public safety and an even greater chance of an incident in separation than the public is aware of. But, that’s not important, what matters is that all the top end backsides are covered and the ATCO and/or aircrew will catch the bullet for any thing that goes awry. Terrific system, KPI driven and completely separated from any and all ministerial responsibility. But, no matter, if ATSB ever want to know the difference between a Buzzard and a Popinjay, they only need apply to Aunt Pru for both chapter and verse..

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“I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.” ― Jonathan Swift

Aye well; what with two sunny days in a row and the temperature in the ‘T’ shirt range, work on the doors has progressed to the point where I could plough in the ‘grooves’ to hold the panels to the stiles (long part of a door). My plough plane is dated by those men who made it in 1896 A.D. It is a tribute to long lost skill and still works better and faster than any noisy, dust making electric gizmo. Faster to set up – just set final depth and fence – off you go 1/4” grooves – ½” deep over a 2.6 M run – 16 minutes cruise speed – against the grain; remarkable. The only hold up is the blasted Kitten; pacing along side the plane until a ‘long’ shaving emerges – then ‘pounce’ : not sure what holds me up more; her antics or my laughter as we play the game. Sunset approaches; time to feed the hungry crew, sweep the floor and sit outdoors with a well earned smoke and a cold Ale. Colour me happy? You betcha..