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#SBG in two Parts – Oversight of CASA?

18 Nov

Part I – Home truths. “Every traveller has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.” ― Charles Dickens. ‘Tis true; no matter which far flung corner of the world you return from; even after a refreshing break from the hum-drum of routine, for me, it’s always […]

Essendon DFO accident: No MSM speculation here Christine?

05 Nov

Speculation About the Cause of an Air Crash Yep, That’s a Good Thing November 2, 2018 / Share your comments… In what other area of journalism are reporters asked to surrender their own judgment and analysis and wait for the “officials” to weigh in?  From the very first air accident, the crash of the Wright Flyer that […]

Midweek on the AP Forum: 1 November 2018

01 Nov

First from the miniscule’s thread: Dear Miniscule 8G McDo’Naught – L&Ks AGAA (the real voice of General Aviation) &.. Real world vs Fort Fumble fantasy land: cont/- Some additional commentary off AOPA Oz FB page…  Steve Fenech More of CASA’s self perpetuating bullshit!.. Line your friends up, survey them (special medical arrangements for RAAus for example), […]