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First from the miniscule’s thread:

Dear Miniscule 8G McDo’Naught – L&Ks AGAA (the real voice of General Aviation)


Real world vs Fort Fumble fantasy land: cont/-

[Image: DqwFd7qU4AAGQt0.jpg]

Some additional commentary off AOPA Oz FB page… Wink

Steve Fenech More of CASA’s self perpetuating bullshit!.. Line your friends up, survey them (special medical arrangements for RAAus for example), and reward them for saying nice things about you. Seems like a perfectly biased survey to me but then what did we really expect from that lot of navel gazing wankers. About the only thing that has improved in the GA world is the size of the screw up CASA are creating and fostering with their protected mates!

Jeremy Watson I don’t remember receiving a survey. If there had been I would have let loose.

Ric Wilson Federal Royal Commission urgently needed into the Australian Aviation situation – All aspects.

Rob Lawrie Sounds a bit like the smoke they were blowing up themselves a few months ago about another self reported audit on their performance, interestingly North Korea managed to provide a presumably equally accurate and totally honest self report and achieved the same score as CASA for Organisation and Legislation mmmmm…… They really do think we’re that stupid.


Continuing with the Mythical Reform theme of Real world vs Fort Fumble fantasy land(ref:…ml#pid9460 ) – off twitter Dr K from Ireland tweeted this to my attention…

[Image: bS2S4wQI_bigger.jpg]
Dr K I Kourousis
Rationalisation of GA regs: One of the VERY good reasons for non-EU countries to harmonise or get under the oversight of ⁦
@EASA⁩ (now available under the new basic regulation). My view: No point for Australia to keep working on matters solved by EASA ⁦@PAIN_NET1

[Image: Dqv_3gDX4AAyQNz.jpg]

Watch the full EASA presentation and weep… Sad 

Next from the Airports thread:

Joining the dots continued on YMEN DFO attempted cover-up –  Dodgy

Extract from “V” off the Accidents – Domestic thread:…ml#pid9334

Ventus – The advertising towers ?

Note shadows for height, and the “framework” of the closest one.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=416]

Following up on the “V” post I refer from page 60 of this Dept FOI document: 

03/07/17 Essendon DFO development plan (17-96):…_17-96.pdf

[Image: Dq4CT2EU4AArDlx.jpg]

Although a bit blurry, I believe the height of the advertising towers is listed as 15.5m. It would appear that this height plus the height of the building on the northern side of the DFO (7.5m) is governed by the 1 in 7 OLS gradient table (refer page 59 & 63):

[Image: Dq4JPkpU0AAuqnd.jpg]

[Image: Dq4CcJTU8AATdxf.jpg]

Therefore by definition the DFO building is in compliance with the ICAO/PAN-OPS/ CASR Part 139 OLS requirements and did not require prior approval or exemption from the Dept or CASA.

However given YMEN is Federal Govt leased airport it also falls under the Civil Aviation (Buildings Control) Regulations 1988(ref Ironbar above or:…cr1988441/ ):


3. Prohibition of the construction of buildings in specified areas  
4. Prohibition of the construction of buildings of more than 25 feet in height in specified areas  
5. Prohibition of the construction of buildings of more than 50 feet in height in specified areas  
6.Prohibition of the construction of buildings of more than 150 feet in height in certain areas 

And in a follow up to the embuggerance thread post:

The not so noble Art of embuggerance – Part II

In particular:

[Image: DquVWt0UUAAqEs0.jpg]
[Image: DquVd4gVYAEdPjW.jpg]
[Image: DquVjrAVAAIL5mZ.jpg]
[Image: DquVrOxUwAI8q4h.jpg]
[Image: DquVwxKUUAEp6X1.jpg]

And Carmody reckons the Big R-regulator has changed it’s spots – yeah and pigs might fly… Dodgy

& from the Alphabets courtesy of AA magazine:

Tamworth goes with VA flight school & pulls out of QF bid??  Rolleyes

Via Oz Aviation… Wink

written by Australianaviation.Com.Au October 31, 2018

[Image: IMG_1101_1170.jpg?w=1170]

A 2015 file image of Virgin Australia chief executive John Borghetti with pilots and cabin crew at Tamworth Airport. (Virgin Australia)

Virgin Australia says it plans to set up a pilot training school at Tamworth Airport.

And from BITN:

Via the SMH:…50cwg.html

Airservices Australia staff to strike for 24 hours as talks break down

By Doug Dingwall
30 October 2018 — 5:57pm

Talking points

  • Talks for a new workplace deal at Airservices Australia have reached an impasse
  • Staff will begin a full-day stoppage from 10pm on Tuesday
  • Airservices says the strike won’t disrupt flights


While on the latest ASA clusterducks under the Electric Blue Harfwit –  Shy

Also via the SMH:

Coding error sends extra jets over angry residents

By Helen Pitt
29 October 2018 — 11:39pm

A coding error has sent departing flights from Sydney Airport over angry eastern suburbs residents until the end of November.

Planes taking off north from Mascot’s third runway are being sent over Coogee, Randwick and Kingsford rather than the usual flight path further south over Maroubra, Eastgardens and Pagewood.

Sydney Airport changes: The temporarily suspended flight path, left, and the current situation.CREDIT:AIRSERVICES AUSTRALIA

…stumbling from one clusterduck to the next and still siphoning huge taxpayer funded monies from the seemingly bottomless pit of the Onesky trough fund… Dodgy

Finally from CASA meets the Press yesterday:

And Sandy in reply Wink :

Sandy Reith• a day ago

Thanks for the correction, a GA industry person offered further information to me, to the effect that there were some 800 AOCs but 556 charter approved. An Internet search finds a website called Australian Charter Operators which lists 105 operators. I’ll bet there are not 556 charter operators with pilots and charter qualified aircraft waiting for business (used to be far more than that, probably some thousands before the expensive paper war of AOCs was introduced around 1988).

I clearly remember when CASA were rounding up figures to support their push for the permanent engineering fitment of impact triggered survival beacons, it was discovered that at least one of their examples was in fact an incident involving a boat. Thus one’s jaundiced view of official figures.

One thing we can be certain about, flying jobs and services, and all the people around them, will lose out as PART 135 bites. Well done Government and Minister McCormack, Minister for Job Losses in the Bush?