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Friday May 6, 2016. INDUSTRY RALLY

25 Apr

Quote:Breaking News May 6, Meet the Nationals April 24, 2016 Ken Cannane Ben Morgan Aviation Advertiser INDUSTRY RALLY TAMWORTH AIRPORT 1pm – Friday, 6th May 2016 Hangar 6 – Tamworth Regional Airport, NSW, Australia. To the Australian Aviation Industry, YOUR INDUSTRY NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT – 6th MAY 2016 I am calling on the support of […]

Obfuscation 101.

21 Apr

@ V45 – Good morning V; I do, most sincerely apologise Sirrah for buggering up your schedule – However; your analysis takes the discussion to a more basic, less esoteric level; to that of trust.  For many years I, like the rest of the aviation community have taken the ATSB investigations at face value; and, […]

Dear Barnaby

11 Apr
Barnaby & Windsor

    Reference Aunty Pru Forum thread post:   8th April 2016 The Hon Barnaby Joyce Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Australia. The 94,000+ Users of the Aviation Advertiser Network Dear Minister Joyce, NEW ENGLAND DEMANDS AVIATION REGULATORY REFORM. Aviation Advertiser ( is Australia’s largest online […]