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May 6, Meet the Nationals

April 24, 2016 Ken Cannane

Ben Morgan

Aviation Advertiser



1pm – Friday, 6th May 2016

Hangar 6 – Tamworth Regional Airport, NSW, Australia.

To the Australian Aviation Industry,

I am calling on the support of all pilots, aircraft owners, aviation business owners, operators and industry leaders to attend our industry rally in Tamworth, on Friday 6th May 2016.


In attendance, representing the government will be;
The Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon Barnaby Joyce.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon Darren Chester
The Chairman of the Board, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Mr Jeff Boyd.

This is your opportunity to be seen and to be heard!
The industry’s leading associations, peak-bodies and aviation personalities, will be in attendance. All standing with the pilots, aircraft owners, aviation businesses and operators of our industry – united in the call for change.

We are calling on the government to take immediate measures to direct an end the regulatory nightmare that has destroyed our charter, flight training and maintenance industries. Made Australia uncompetitive on the global aviation stage. Eroded essential air services connecting regional Australia, disconnecting townships and isolating communities.

Show your support.  Fly in or drive in.  Contact your aviation networks, email, sms, phone. Let’s send the government a clear message, that enough is enough.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to seeing you all at the event.

Best regards,

Chief Executive – Aviation Advertiser Digital Group
Telephone: (02) 8215 6292
Mobile: 0415 577 724

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 465
Edgecliff NSW 2027

May 6th 2016 meeting with DPM Joyce, Minister Darren Chester & CASA Chairman Jeff Boyd.

A regulatory nightmare that has forced an entire industry into collapse and thousands of hard working men and women into bankruptcy.

For too long, the Australian aviation industry has been disenfranchised the right to economic prosperity through failed policy and excess regulation and compliance costs.  We are an industry failed by political rhetoric and empty promises by the Labor, Liberal and The Nationals alike.

Our industry has been pushed to the wall, lives destroyed, families broken, retirements ruined and homes lost.

A prosperous future for aviation in this country can only be assured through a regulatory framework that is balanced, fair and representative of the needs and aspirations of industry itself.  Most importantly, it must be accountable to industry, the people it is there to serve.

I am calling on each and every aviation participant that cares for this industry to show their support and attend. We can no longer afford to sit back and watch the destruction of our industry.  Stand with us as we call on government to take action.

Help send Canberra a clear message


1pm – Arrival
1pm-2pm – FREE BBQ lunch and drinks – Sponsored by Aviation Advertiser & AOPA
2pm – Government representatives arrive
2pm-2:30pm – Closed door meeting between Government and Industry Associations
2:30pm-3pm – Short presentation to rally from industry representatives
2:30pm-4pm – Open Q&A between rally attendees and government
4pm-6pm – Tamworth Aero Club Post Event Drinks

The Only Outcome Acceptable Today

The Government must:

  • Direct the adoption of the USA aviation regulatory system for general aviation; and
  • Promulgate those requirements, within two years, as Aviation Safety Standards under Sec 9 (1)© of the Civil Aviation Act; and
  • Any proposed change to an Aviation Safety Standard, by industry or CASA, based on a USA requirement must have aviation industry sector(s) consensus; and
  • Amend all associated regulations to support the above promulgated Aviation Safety Standards as recommended in the ASRR Report.
  • The 1996 Morris Report that created CASA, changed its functions that CASA staff since then have not met their obligation under the Act.

Those accountable for the current unworkable system must be held responsible.

Civil Aviation Act Interpretations
“aviation safety standards” means standards relating to the following:

  • the flight crews engaged in operations of aircraft;
  • the design, construction, maintenance, operation and use of aircraft and related equipment;
  • the planning, construction, establishment, operation and use of aerodromes;
  • the establishment and use of airspace;
  • the planning, construction, establishment, maintenance, operation and use of:
  • services and facilities of the kind covered by paragraph 8(1)(a) of the Air Services Act 1995; and

(iii) services of the kind referred to in paragraph 6(1)(b) of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990 to the extent that those services use aircraft;
and any construction associated with those facilities or services;

  • the personnel engaged in:
  • the maintenance of aircraft and related equipment; or
  •  (ii)   anything referred to in paragraph © or (e).
  • Simplified Aviation Regulatory Structure

Aviation Safety Standards (Sec 9(1)(c ) based on:

  • International Aviation Safety Standards (ICAO SARPS)
  • Harmonised with FARs for GA, EASR for major airlines (same as NZ)

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations

  • Division 1, “head of power” for Aviation Safety Standards
  • Division 2 Enforcement of real criminal offences, not just standards
  • The Morris Inquiry introduced Aviation Safety Standards to take the place of CAOs, etc. promulgated by CASA. By stealth, CASA has recreated CAOs in the form of MoS – this is what the Morris report recommended against – another government review recommendation ignored.