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Time (methinks) – to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Or; how to make the ministerial firewalls redundant?

Or; how to win the reform plate.

Long version follows. – I did, for my sins, this week ask a question of the BRB. Been flirting with the notion for quite a while now; so, with your indulgence, I shall construe (just a bit). It all began, as it usually does with my old standby – history. Aye, that which has passed is, indeed, history – however, a careful study of ‘fact’ provides a certain ‘pattern’ : one worthy of serious consideration. It all kicked off with a ‘how to’. In short, how to get CASA to acknowledge that they have almost killed off a once vibrant industry, and, what would it take to them to get ‘matters aeronautical’ sorted? Good question : n’est ce pas?

Well, foremost, I ran into the ‘nay-Sayers’ – and they have a very solid argument about some Goose and a golden egg laying racket. They also had a very convincing argument about ‘ministerial ‘fire-walls’ – it all makes perfectly good sense; hard to decry, for logic and a fairly large dollop of old fashioned common (or garden) sense. Why, they ask, would you derail your very own gravy train which arrives at the Cornucopia trough every year, without fail, on time? The short answer is you simply would not. History confirms this, absolutely, that this one fact overrides all other considerations. It is, to those who feed off it, far too valuable an asset to loose; just look at the top-dog’s salary and etc. No way in any of the seven Hells is that going to be ditched in favour of a leaner, sensible, less mystical approach to the administration of aviation. – All dangerous criminals – just not caught – yet etc..You do understand that logic. Government funded, self perpetuated fantasy?- Oh: you can bet on that. Short (very) odds on in my book.


“Then the geese replaced themselves with six pigs and vanished.”― Diana Wynne Jones, Dark Lord of Derkholm

So, to my notion; it would only take one person, in a position of ‘power’ to turn the whole omelette up-sided down. Just suppose, just for a moment, that the DAS and the bored decided that it would be a very good thing. For the industry (a.k.a. the golden Goose) calls (long and loud for three decades) were the right way to go in assisting aviation’ to flourish once more. Can you imagine how fast the incumbent minister (bi-part-insane agreement a given) would sign off on say the adoption of the NZ rule set if CASA were honest enough to recommend it?  It is only acclaimed as one of the world’s best, even the USA is working toward a leaner, cleaner rule set. Imagine if Spence sought a meeting with the incumbent minister and presented a manifesto – ‘ways and means’ of returning to where ‘rules by reference’ was ‘the’ recommended way to realign Australia with the ‘real’ world. The carrot – instant industry happiness – the stick? Well if we continue on this same road there’ll hardly be an industry worth the huge sums the tax payer forks out to support the CASA edifice. How can CASA justify being as large and expensive as it is, when the main source of their income is ‘out of business’? Permanently, gone and forever – while the rest of the world flourishes. Aye; ’tis a puzzle – for the minister responsible.




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Imagine a minister who could, hand on heart, say that not only had he saved and industry from dying with it’s boots on; but had not only saved the treasury millions; but brought in more revenue. Alas; the poor minister is surrounded by a very self protective firewall. It all began with the Seaview tragedy and the ‘Staunton report’. The then minister decreed that never again will the minister ever become ‘accountable. The next series of DAS (with a little whispering from the overhead speakers) created a monster, and, approved by it’s true master to hold sway and collect the gelt. The rest is a very expensive history lesson, resulting in today’s death grip CASA have on ‘matters aeronautical’.



Chip City
1 year ago

Shocking! CASA is well known as the worst aviation regulator in the world, and this is just another example of why. CASA have placed Australian aviation at a huge disadvantage to other countries and with that we are seeing a dramatic decline in general aviation in Australia today. CASA wont be happy until the entire aviation industry in Australia is destroyed.

We MUST hold these people accountable, run them out of town. Its time for a complete overhaul of aviation regulation in Australia. The FAA is the correct and proven model, that would be a good start.

“I have a higher and grander standard of principle than George Washington. He could not lie; I can, but I won’t.”― Mark Twain

Now then; Spence is a blue blood ‘administrator’ – and good one – she holds, in her dainty fingers, not only the CASA board, but the future of all aviation in this wide brown land. She is now the pivot on which the well being of an industry future depends. As an ‘administrator’ surely the income budget derived from an industry depends on the the well being of that ‘Goose’. Its not as if there is not a mountain of evidence demanding change and sane regulation. It is not as if ‘Billions’ (yes billions) have been spent noting the aviation industries ‘demands’ for change – thirty years and counting. Report after report, after recommendations by the truck load – yet nothing has changed – except an industry and the regulations used to ‘administer’ it, slowly descending to third world status. We used to be ‘the best’;. up there with the big guns. Alas…



“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.” — Benjamin Disraeli

Consensus – if (big one) Spence decided to be shot of the lunacy she must, daily, deal with and; the growing silence from a once vibrant industry, and the repercussions following it’s demise; then there is only one clearly defined course to take. Embrace the covenant enshrined and take Australia back to compliance (as signed for and agreed to) with ICAO. Any minister worthy of the name would, in a heartbeat, sign off on such a suggestion. I wonder – is Spence just another dog, in another manger – or the does she realise that she is the most powerful pivot point? Even so; that raises questions from the BRB; for instance – why did she allow the unspeakable Crawford to do all the talking at the last Estimates – all of it. That demands a straight answer. Is she DAS or is she DAFT? From a PR perspective, if for no other reason – the impression left was not ‘stellar’. The seeds of doubt were planted deep – on that infamous day. But, enough; if Spence cannot, or will not, grab the bull by the horns and is happily prepared to let the likes of the top trough run ‘her’ administration; then we waste another couple of millions waiting for ‘her’ tenure to end. Then; we can all start all over again – one more ‘inquiry’ and more ignored recommendations heaped on the industry bonfire. Even more complex, unworkable, criminal liability regulation, volumes more puerile explanation of what a regulation is supposed to mean and more international sympathy. All this while the rest of the aviation world recovers; under sensible regulation and unstinted support from their administration – without strict liability.


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Is there a case to support Spence?; and the board declaring a new era and sane, ICAO compliant rules? Yes Sir; there bloody well is; a great big, thirty odd year case – evidence beyond reproach provided – by the truck load . This ramble (rant if you will) is a product of one, short, simple statement. A statement 100% supported by the BRB and the IOS. I could have saved hours of discussion and a truck load of notes by simply paraphrasing the simple message to Spence. Piss in the iCAO compliance pot or get out of the garderobe; there’s a queue. Australia will not; cannot possibly lead, bully or coerce ICAO to accept the lunacy of it’s legal uttering (whiterings) . Not going to happen – despite the whisperer’s at the Cool-aide fountain of more money for even less. 

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“La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.”― Charles Baudelaire, Paris Spleen

Whoa; quite the ramble – but: I rest my case. The minister will not change CASA; but if CASA had an ‘epiphany’ and decided that the best way forward was to re-align with ‘world best’ – ‘gold standard’ – then perhaps, just maybe, a moribund industry could, once more, set about making taxable revenue to pay competent people to ‘administer’ the way aviation industry does business. All the information has been drafted and provided – many, many times over – ad nauseam. – End it……….

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“Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that’s no reason not to give it.”― Agatha Christie

Item last: does anyone, apart myself (and the two blokes who brought it) have any idea how heavy an English Oak church door (big one) weighs? Eventually, powered by language my Mum never tolerated, we heaved the ‘blessed thing’ onto my workbench. “Sort it” were the only words attached to my brief. So, here I sit, at my sturdy workbench; trying to work out just how those that made this ‘thing’ did it. For the ‘cheats’ and shortcuts noted are a masterful puzzle; the more I delve into it’s construction mysteries, the more I realise that many of the old skills and precision have been lost. I shall, no doubt, waste some expensive timber during the process – but; therein lays one of the puzzles – it is not all made of ‘Oak’  there are some devilish cunning ‘work-rounds – ‘savings’ if you will. I suspect more to do with ease of manufacture than the price of lumber. I shall work out, in primus, how it was made – before I unbutton it and attempt repair – no pressure – they want back and installed by next Sunday. Charity work?  Not on your life. No matter Spring is in the air, the Daffodils most welcome harbinger of warmer weather on it’s way. ‘Tis a fine Spring evening; perhaps a stroll – “what say you – beasts of the fireside?” Ayup, that stirred ’em. Herewith, I leave the sorting of Australia’s aviation woes to those who would sit at home on a fine Spring evening. Ale to follow?  A racing certainty.