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Ignorance, Malice aforethought; or paranoia? – AP Forum version.

Unlikely as I am to defend CASA, one must examine ‘all of the evidence’ before arriving at a conclusion. Whether it was, as many suspect, played for, CASA is seriously on a rather large, sharp hook. “Hoist with his own petard”. In short ‘they’ are held responsible, forced to find ways and means to shed that onus. Political paranoia, egocentric megalomania, greed and power have created a situation where they’re damned if they do and likewise if they don’t. Having spent decades and millions  to produce a truly dreadful regulatory suite, there is little chance CASA will admit to a complete disaster of their own making. This creates all manner of problems – and opportunities.; for those so inclined to use the ‘system’ as a personal empire.

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“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” ― Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

Now, if the serious student of matters aeronautical wanted to get right down to it, a couple of hours spent reading Paul (fearless) Phelan on Aviation Pro would become most educated in the way things are. Paul wrote the articles at a time of great upheaval and a serious push for real change – in real time. Nothing has changed for the better during the ensuing decade. In fact, it has all become a whole lot worse.

The next, in a long list of ‘Senate Inquires’ is due to begin; albeit at the pace of a crippled snail. I note submissions rolling in at about the same pace. There is one submission from Clinton McKenzie Esq. which (IMO) puts the whole charade into a nutshell; but. Big but; will anyone ‘new’ to, or unfamiliar with ‘the game’ understand the subtle nuances of that submission? It is neatly phrased, erudite and razor sharp- excellence in two pages. One needs a long history within aviation circles to use ‘the razor’ with that degree of finesse. I applaud and agree with the submission. But I wonder, how many others will ‘get it’?  

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For thirty years; three full decades CASA have been wrangling with the ‘new’ regulation suite. One is inclined to wonder why?. Or; more to the point and the tax payers dollar how come the FAA and NZ CAA have managed to do it a whole lot better, at a quarter the cost, in one sixth of the time and have managed not to piss off a whole national industry.

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There is no tenable solution to the current unsustainable mess. Bar one:-

The Kiwi’s simply acknowledged this as a reality and started again. The ‘history’ of the NZ reformation is remarkable, an accolade to a nation with a ‘can-do’ attitude and a determination to make things work, as democratically and safely as possible. They actually set a new ‘best practice’ which most sensible nations are following. Australia got parts 61, 141 and 142 etc. QED? Where is aviation flourishing? Where is it moribund? – Say no more.

We could, as a nation, continue to throw millions and decades at a demonstrably failed system of ‘regulatory’ reform. The other day I made an error in measurement on a very, (very) expensive piece of wood; completely buggered it up. Did I try to fix it? No, I did not. It was less expensive to simply start again with new stock and get it right. My error, my expense.

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“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

So why, I ask honestly – do we even bother trying to justify the outrageous cost of the CASA homespun version of ‘aviation law’ when, for a few pennies more we could scrap the existing rule set; and, within two years (tops) have a viable, happy industry? It is not ‘mission impossible’. It simply takes real ministerial will to make it happen. For the sake of the benighted Australian tax payer I shall endeavour to explain how to end this endless, multi page impost and burden (half a billion {so far}ain’t pocket change).

Step 1. Make it that the NZ regulations will be adopted and come into force in two years time.

Step 2. Allow industry to produce a manual of compliance within a twelve month. This is not, not in any way a big thing. Freely available ‘clones’ of Kiwi manuals; templates or actual documents would become available – all approved by CAA. Hell, I could put up a link’ to several – 121, 125,135 and be happy to see ‘em used. Give CASA a twelve month to wade through and approve the manuals; Oh, yes it could be done.

Step 3. (the big one). Bring in some real expertise to CASA. You’d have to sack many of the existing lot of course. Allow a reform DAS to choose his own team, which could and would attract a different ‘breed’ to the fold. Practical, honest folk who would make it all happen – within 48 short months. Save a fortune and stem the slow bleeding.

The Senate is pissing into the wind trying to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again. CASA is a dismally failed experiment; a buggered up billet of timber; scrap it and move on.

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How much longer can this nation tolerate the ever increasing costs; the unbelievable babble spouted in ‘black letter’ law and the no deference rues which prohibit natural justice. We simply cannot afford CASA and expect the light to medium weight aircraft industry to survive. It is an untenable position. Cut your losses, get over it and – for pities sake – let’s move on.

There is another Senate Committee currently ‘examining’ the underlying principals of some parts of the CASR brought into law without the benefit of parliamentary discussion. It is scrutiny of a complex regulation, power to disallow and enable may come from other sources, but that depends on the advice this committee will provide. We must hope they can see through the tangled web and come to the right conclusion and do away with a system which brings ‘advice’ (i.e. the MOS) under enforceable ‘law’ which is repugnant. Here, once again time, money, effort and industry sanity could be saved by simply acknowledging the total cock-up; and start again. Clever business folk cut their losses, and no one flogs a dead horse.

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I’m late this week, to be honest I forgot about it; the concentration required to make a thing with hand tools only is akin to flying a tough approach on a dark and stormy. Of course, striving for ‘perfection’ (with clumsy hands) demands a lot of attention, coffee and no distraction. P7 bowled up just as I was finishing off last evening; he pulled the Ales then he, the dogs and I just sat quietly looking at the piece just finished. Most satisfactory end to a day well spent – with something to show for it at the end of a fascinating days work.