The Sunday Brunch Gazette.

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Of P2, and his beloved dust bins.

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We have no intention of ever stopping his practice – non whatsoever. Bright eyed and wagging tail – with the long discarded, hopefully lost forever, bones of past and present 'misdirection' being gleefully recovered from the bins and skips at the back doors. Perhaps a quiet moment or two to examine his haul -HERE – will assist logical thought and my poor twiddles.  

..There was angst within the boardroom,
for word had come to town; that the colt from Old Regret
Was badly out of form; and soon, all would be in debt.
For a one horse race needs planning and money paid up front,
how else could the board ensure, success on every punt.

The Stewards were paying attention, not all were paid, on side.
Some even still believed in an open race and a honest ride,
The stakes, they were enormous not only in money and pride,
but the chance of being caught out and nowhere left to hide,
brought tears of anguish to the eyes of the betting side.

A sure thing is one thing, an even race another
But when the fix is in and noted – the Stewards can be a bugger.
Can we not persuade them to swallow both hook and sinker
Cried the acknowledged 'ace' race fixer, a noted a gold plated 'stinker'.
Twist an arm, pick a lock, but we must relieve the Bookie of his 'Book'.

Alas, the Bookie, smart and true had hidden the 'evidence' far from view;
Tired of the gunpoint bet, had laid off all his holdings on 'Old Regret'.
The debt was spread both far and wide and held against the future tide,
In case that some will forget, that 'Truth' will outstay the most outlandish bet...

And; my most sincere apologies to A. B. (Banjo) Patterson. 

Rest assured children; I have not lost my marbles; well I don't think I have; anyway no matter. For 'tis 'marbles' and the loss thereof we must consider. Poker, Bridge, Chess (in particular) or any 'game' where it is essential to understand the oppositions strategy demands that one pays strict attention to not only the 'positioning moves' but to the end game. There sits the shell of the current CASA Board, top dogs, minions and their masters. They are now embroiled in the 'end game' - we've now seen just about all the too clever 'muddle' game manoeuvring the CASA academic team can throw up. 

“After a bad opening, there is hope for the middle game. After a bad middle game, there is hope for the endgame. But once you are in the endgame, the moment of truth has arrived.” - Edmar Mednis.

The first move in the CASA end game is designed to deflect attention away from their main objective; easily spotted and countered; the 'faster horses' gambit will not distract the Senate crew. They are focused on a much more lethal strategy – one which may end the CASA rule of the middle board.

[Image: senate_committee_reports.jpg]

You see the danger – even the threat of 'delegated legislation' being taken away has brought CASA out in a sweaty rash. For it is their key to power and the golden trough; without it – they face scrutiny and even more worrying, accountability.


“Accountability measures that ensure policy decisions made via delegated legislation are in the public interest and follow proper process are limited. These decisions are not given detailed deliberation in Parliament and are not transparent to public scrutiny.”


St Commode was dismissed, out of hand, without a fare-thee-well at the last Estimates short sitting. Now, he has been ordered to return, just before Buckley gets his chance to explain his brouhaha and an 'interim' report is handed down. To counter this, the panicky move of a 'selective' survey' has been played in an attempt to convince the Committee that all is well in the aviation industry and that CASA is a well respected senior partner in all matters aeronautical – Bollocks. I can't see McDonald (or Qantas {MTF}) being baffled by this hoary old line of ageing bull-dust; not for a moment. 

[Image: mccormick.jpg]

Even if CASA manage to bluff and bluster their way through 'Estimates' the 'check-mate' is inevitable. 'The pitcher has been to the well once too often'. As P2 discovered a while back now, the Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation team have been quietly, carefully digging about and have decided that there is a case to answer. It makes sense; you cannot have a bunch of public servants running about loose, with unlimited power, masses of public money writing critical legislation which affects a whole industry, without some accountability – and a handbrake. Well, not unless you want to foster and promote regulations like the current pile of festering dross we call the CASR; and have both a Senate committee and an academic report like the ASSR dismissed by the people mentioned in that report. Money down the gurgler and much political credibility lost there I reckon.

So, before you rush off and fill in the latest CASA survey; grab a coffee and read through the 'stuff' P2 has rummaged from the bins – for it clearly defines the reasons why the complete overhaul of CASA and the regulations needs to be done, urgently – like now – now.

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My eye keep straying to the fishing rods parked in the far corner; the sun is shining and a cool, gentle breeze is playing through the stable doors; the temptation irresistible. If you see a stealthy figure carrying a long pole, followed two very quiet dogs disappearing through the orchard; watch the wall my darling, while the gentleman walks by. 

IF you wake at midnight, and hear a horse's feet,

Don't go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street,

Them that ask no questions isn't told a lie.

Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by. By Rudyard Kipling


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Ref: response so far & [b]Footnote to last [/b]

“By the pricking of my thumbs.”

“Something wicked this way comes.”

Well, we have our three witches clearly identified. If you now cast McCormack as Macbeth, the story line becomes clear. Having murdered 'his' Duncan to become King – Macbeth  wants 'more' assistance from the three witches – however:-
E_Notes - The context of this scene is Hecate's scolding of the witches. She is their head and she comes among them, angry that they have made prophecies to Macbeth without her permission. She tells them they should not help mortal men. A man like Macbeth, she states, will not feel any obligation to think better of them for trying to do him a good turn. She reminds them that he is their enemy. She wants them to double down on him and trick him in order to hasten his doom. The witches, who have been preparing a cauldron of "toil and trouble," are prepared to do just that once Macbeth enters.

Ayup, but the three witches are now in deep do-do with their boss. With just a little use of imagination, you can see the story of Macbeth being repeated in real life. The CASA trio are deeply mired in some pretty heavy duty criticism from just about all corners. Not just the irritating bites and stings of fleas, the opposition has fangs and real venom. The PM&C taking a hand, Professional Association up in arms; AusAlpa picking up sticks; a Senate Inquiry and the Senate committee which considers 'delegated legislation' taking a dim view of the appalling liberties taken. This is background noise – muted – because the folks involved can and do, 'speak softly and carry a big stick'. The question is – will they use it? Much as we would love to see a public thrashing, that won't happen (alas). But, one just gets a feeling that behind the scenes, serious changes are in the wings, waiting for their turn on stage. We shall see. But, you all know how it ended for Macbeth, conned by witches to end up neatly hoist on his own petard, so to speak. 


[Image: ao2019066_flightpath.png?width=670&heigh...0453514739]
Key points:
  • Pilot of a PA-28 light aircraft did not sight an ATR airliner, which the controller had instructed them to follow

  • PA-28 turned in front of the ATR, resulting in a near collision

  • Pilots on both aircraft made incorrect assumptions about both each other’s movements

  • Controller did not seek confirmation from the PA-28 pilot that they understood the instruction to follow the ATR

Earlier this year, we had a mid air collision – four killed – little fuss made about it and the ATSB did sweet Fanny Adams of anything about it. In October last year there was a very, very close call between a passenger scheduled service ATR 72 and a four seat PA 28. There was, at a controlled aerodrome, a complete, total breakdown of the safeguards designed and put in place to prevent such an accident occurring. This occurrence is completely unacceptable; there should have been both a government and public outcry. Instead, we only got a 'milk and water' report from the ATSB which glibly steps around the important, fundamental elements – holes in that famous Swiss cheese – which bloody near ended in tragedy. Nowhere near good enough – and IMO borderline fraudulent; two aircraft in a controlled environment, within seconds of colliding- and ATSB give us a 'move along – nothing to see' report. Bollocks. 

Nothing to back up this supposition, just a faint whiff on the breeze and a 'feeling' but this week could provide some evidence of whether serious changes are on the cards. Don't know, but perhaps. One thing is becoming abundantly clear though; if nothing is done then the aviation industry is well and truly buggered for the next decade. Aye; money always helps; but if the government don't reach up into the cockpit and release the regulatory hand brake; we cannot move forward and recover at the pace the aviation industry is capable of achieving and desperately needs.

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'We' are off to a birthday party (now running late) – by 'royal' command; “bring the dogs or else”. No problem, they too have a partiality for birthday cake. Mind how you go.


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Ref: 20/20 Post #73 &

Cometh the hour; cometh – 'the woman'.

'We' – the BRB and the IOS will be working through the Hansard this week; in depth and close in. There is just too much for a Sunday twiddle to adequately cover, in one hit – so; FWIW, herewith the SBG introduction to what was – a major, milestone event.

In almost every man's life; somewhere, there is 'the woman'. Even my long time companion Sherlock Holmes had one (although never admitted) – and, I digress – already.

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“And yet there was but one woman to him, and that woman was the late Irene Adler, of dubious and questionable memory.”  (ACD).

There is a great  'much' to consider from the Nov. 20, 2020 Senate inquiry. A great much, if you are not tied to the CASA apron strings; or have a Crown Minister neatly tucked away in your back pocket. We are, of course, referring to the latest episode in the long running series of everyone's favourite program; the Senate Estimates show. Many episodes have we watched (thank the Gods without advertisement) and wandered off to contemplate how the CASA may wriggle off the hook; it has been a fascinating series. But, like Holmes and Moriarty – it had, sooner or later, to come to a climax. Bad guy dead – Holmes survives. But; was 'Friday' for real or just more political 'delay' and obfuscation? No matter, we shall proceed as though it was 'fair-dinkum'.

[Image: SBG-22-11-20-4.jpg]

The question now, on everyone's lips is, who survived? Which, in a work of fiction, is the 'dramatic' climax; in real life – well, not so much. You see, in real life, the villain escapes with a golden parachute; no police dogging his heels and enough money in the back pocket to fund a life more comfortable and easy than any working pilot or engineer could ever dream of achieving – all courtesy of a 'grateful' tax paying public who stumped up about $5,000,000 (to St Commode) to see themselves 'safe' when airborne. Bloody silly notion ain't it. But, when bullshit baffles brains, fear paralyses a minister, a government would be shut of all responsibility – creatures like St Commode gain ascendancy – and they thrive. But, down to Brass tacks now. – What exactly happened on Friday 20/11/20?

Only my opinion, but the dismantling of the CASA stranglehold began with Hood and the Angel Flight bun fight. Sen McDonald was, as was every thinking person, outraged by the treatment AF, was handed by the arrogant man of many outfits – head of the ATSB – Hood. Then, to add insult to injury – CASA weighed in with their very own 'unrealistic' uneducated, unhelpful knee jerk. A legally based liability (self protective) response. That, IMO began the crusade to 'sort out' the operational stupidity, deeply entrenched within the CASA 'legal purview', under the direction of St Commode. He who decided it would make life 'safer' for country folk (with Cancer etc) who need to get to city hospitals to drive – not fly (for free). 



Biggest load of bollocks ever produced and – a tipping point. From that moment on – CASA, and it's witless minister, became a marked target. You cannot give a lady of McDonald's calibre a weapon, ammunition and a reason to use it. Yet; used it she has, with great effect and in the most splendid fashion. Bravo.

What people like Aleck and Crawford do not realise is that there are smarter, well intentioned, honest folk out there, with 'real' horsepower, proper experience and 'goodwill' who – in real terms – run this nation. Here's a question from an unprecedented moment in the annals of aviation history. (Paraphrased due to a lack of Hansard):-

“Can we have an immediate change (an instrument) which allows the Chief pilot of a commercial helicopter operation to do the annual proficiency check on his own pilots?”(Labor)  “Yes” says Patrick (independent) ; “Agreed” says the Chair (National) and so, motion carried, bipartinsane – and unanimous. – it makes sense. Does the Senate committee have 'the legal juice' to make it happen? After Friday that becomes nugatory. Why? Well if they make it happen; (and they will) it takes CASA back into a realm where ministerial dictates become a very real (scary) force. This useless WWW ministerial facsimile will wilt; and will tell CASA to 'get it done'. Because if he don't – a higher power will step in and put a rope on him and his CASA 'best mates'; that's why. No options and less choices. (P7 added) It's also worth tracking the Patrick question relating to 'the Act' and the manner in which the amendment to it has been ignored; MTF on that little item.

Ref: Approx 09:50 min

Ref: Approx  12:53 min

Ref: Approx 00:45 min  Big Grin

That aside; there was, on Friday, two voices which carved a great slice of truth from the CASA rump; Messrs McDermott and Hurst. Clarity, honesty, expertise, experience and knowledge – all untapped and ignored by the so called 'experts'. I am going to stop here – it is a big subject – but; and it is a great big BUT, if 'the qualified experts' were allowed to run matters aeronautical, how much better off would we all be: yes,  the minister included.

Then is St Commode just the latest victim of the Kool-Aide' fountain? There's a long daisy chain before him – all victim to?– The Bard (as always) explains it best – for 'tis a CASA 'legal' safety fantasy we attempting to explore.

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“Oberon sends his merry servant, Puck, to acquire a magical flower, the juice of which can be spread over a sleeping person’s eyelids to make that person fall in love with the first thing he or she sees upon waking. Puck obtains the flower, and Oberon tells him of his plan to spread its juice on the sleeping Titania’s eyelids.

Now then; to a really serious problem; to which I need an answer, for I cannot fathom one. OK – I must joint and fit a 'rail' across the front of a chest of drawers' made from American White Oak. I carefully (for it is a front piece) measure, mark and cut one end – too big is the hole for the joint??? Then, I equally carefully measure, mark and cut the other end – same joint – too small. I cut out the too small pieces and they fit – but exactly – into the too large part at 'tuther end? Got me beat – it's not as if they are the first two joints I ever cut. No matter. My tree has flowered, full of birdsong, the wind is fair, the night cool, the dogs impatient now. But, Friday deserved a few more words and a lot more support; for 'the woman' who may yet save an iconic Australian industry. MTF – safe bet.

Selah -

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Of the abyss; and, that which gazes back at you.

It seems I am to be overruled – by the numbers. I have been opposed to providing a submission to the 'Inquiry' the good Senators are conducting; for all the obvious, long standing reasons. I always argue, when pressed that there was a recent amendment to the 'Act' of parliament which 'defines' how the CASA is obliged to act. Senator Patrick asked every single participant at the 20/11/20 interview session what results had filtered through from that 'change'? Not a solitary one was the consensus. Remember, this is an 'Act of parliament' being disregarded by CASA. However, (and all my own fault), I found a line of approach which intrigued. Bear with me, I'll explain.

There exists one, unspoken of fact, which hardly ever gets much more than a hint. Although it is never admitted; the 'industry' is scared fartless by CASA and what CASA can do and will do, Scott free, and get away with. They are a proven, serial offender within this 'realm' of their remit.

[Image: 1581770696668-everyone-is-a-moon-and-has...nybody.jpg]

'Twas Morgan who triggered the response from BRB and IOS members -

Morgan: One of these examples is an AOPA Australia member who is based in Queensland, who is currently navigating a really disgraceful situation, to say the least. He is an approved testing officer up in Queensland; he provides services to the flying doctors and is quite essential to their overall safety and operation. He found himself being questioned by CASA in relation to a process of training that he was conducting, and he did what all responsible pilots and people in this industry do; he responded to CASA and said: 'Look, I have no desire to want to break the rules. If you require me to work in a particular way, I'm happy to comply with what you need. Tell me what you would like me to do.' They went through that process, and there was an agreement. That wasn't good enough for CASA. They continued going after this individual and decided, 'Well, we consider that there's been a breach'— even though no-one had ever been injured or was ever put at a considerable risk. It was really an argument over a definition as to something that could be done. Again, I'm happy to provide an extensive brief on this as part of our package, which I recommend you go through.

This is not, nowhere remotely near an 'isolated' story. It is however an 'unspoken' of regular event. 'Suddenly' after passing (probably) 100+ flight test; and passing through the CASA approval process (not easy) to hold an Approved Testing Officer (ATO) delegation – the bloke cannot pas a check flight. Bullshit. Two flavour rides - Check or Chop.

Carmody : It would be. There is a different side to that story. The AAT fellow, if it's the same one we referred to, is a person who has failed multiple flying tests and is back in the AAT. His licence is going to be reissued subject to him passing a test, and he has not yet.

We can tomorrow, if need be, provide at least half a dozen 'hair raising' fully supported cases, all of which beggar belief. You may take that to the bank. Evidence of the darkest, contrived, misbegotten actions against fully qualified 'senior' pilots can be served up to the committee; and, it would have been provided over a decade ago, had it been believed that 'something' may eventuate from the time, trouble and effort required to draft a submission along these lines; Alas. But be aware that 'industry' has suffered through; and heard, at grass roots level exactly the depths CASA will descend to, in order to achieve their goal. This is no faerie story; it is the deep, dark, well hidden, unspoken truth. But: before presenting any such evidence to a committee of any flavour; there must be an assurance that 'justice' will prevail. David Forsyth of ASSR fame and, quite probably Sen. Fawcett of legend 'know' full well the tales behind the scenes; in fact the world and it's wife know; yet the dark, sinister side of CASA machinations remains unchallenged, simply from a very real, known, demonstrated and proven fear of reprisals, without recourse, inflicted as it pleased the CASA crew.

[Image: 3f3d3eb0b32167ecee5ed58ddc38cce8.jpg]


For example – with supporting evidence – a snippet (in the broad). Monday – an experienced check and training pilot passed a difficult instrument and proficiency check with a peer ATO. Tuesday after a CASA audit the check was declared invalid – based on a 'manual' which had been replaced 18 months previously. Wednesday new check flight demanded – failed at question 3 {1030 hrs}. After 1600 hrs the CASA fellah sent a note to Medical, declaring, in his 'opinion', the pilot was 'drunk' no evidence provided – there was qualified testing folk 'on deck' at 1000 hrs – a DAMP test could have been done in a heartbeat – but no. The CASA man lied and continued to lie – all provable.  Friday Class 1 medical pulled – three very expensive sessions, over an eight week period, with one of only two 'expert' Professors in the field resulted in a letter basically stating 'Bollocks - return the man's medical'. Another month rolls by and the medical is reluctantly restored; with proviso's for the next two years; every quarter year – a blood test. It bloody well near took an Act of parliament to get them to admit that there was no problem and remove the incubus. Meanwhile; on another front - there followed a three year battle to gain approval for an instrument flight check to be conducted – as writ in the law; without two CASA dudes presiding (for safety). There, that's a benign sample of a relatively mild case which CASA pursed with malice aforethought, based on not only provable lies, but to meet an 'agenda' that decimated an operator who employed 40 full time and about 20 casuals - why? Well the CEO had had a head butting competition with the then CASA CEO - that's why. There's a lot more ( real lot) to that one tale All true – another 40 year career down the tubes; without any hope of recourse. ICC – forget it; about as much use as a chocolate firewall. So who cares to 'really' examine why CASA is a blight and an object of fear? No one 'cept the poor sods on the receiving end.


[Image: 5217.jpg]

It is easy — terribly easy — to shake a man’s faith in himself. To take advantage of that, to break a man’s spirit is devil's work. ― George Bernard Shaw

Morgan: I will quickly finish here, and I'll be happy to take some questions. So we have a structure today in which we have this authority and we as an industry face enormous challenges in dealing with this authority. I've performed a multitude of interviews over the past six months where I've allowed individuals who've come up against CASA and experienced the worst of CASA to talk about those experiences and their dealings. The common theme in just about all of these experiences and dealings is that, once CASA decides they're going to come after you, there is no help for you. We have an independent commissioner who reports through to CASA DAS and the CASA board. He's paid by CASA. There is no independence here. There is no commission that oversights the power that this authority wields.

Many evil things there are that your strong walls and bright swords do not stay. - J. R. R. TOLKIEN, The Fellowship of the Ring

Morgan: The net effect of this is that CASA decided that the best course of action to take with this pilot was not to encourage the fact that he worked with CASA and demonstrated that he was quite happy to meet their expectations and move forward in a safe manner—that wasn't good enough. They've now decided to take his approvals from him, effective at the start of next year, for two years, and put this poor bugger out of work. CASA are leaving the RFDS short a critical person that provides safety to their organisation. They have hammered this guy so hard his only course of action now is to represent himself in the AAT. He is a pilot going up against barristers and legal professionals, on his own, to defend the fact that he is a highly respected, highly valued, highly trusted senior member of the aviation community. He now has to go to extreme costs to defend himself.

[Image: rXnGV3nIzios3PolMpwUCZD8--SRI7GAMB3DWPNb...zyLXvVFniQ]

So, what's to do? It is possible, at the cost of much time and effort to provide a Senate committee with probably 100 pages of documented evidence which will show the dark, sinister, corrupt side of CASA – Oh, we can do it, make no mistake – but the burning question; is the game worth the candle and my time? Peer pressure is a bitch.

Aye well; that's probably enough from me; probably understated; but there is a very real sinister side to CASA which no one dare approach. Well, we dare but to what purpose? I can stand and bang my head against a brick wall all day and make no ducking impression whatsoever; no matter; we shall have this out at the next BRB and see what emerges.

[Image: 973.jpg]

I know indeed what evil I intend to do, but stronger than all my afterthoughts is my fury, fury that brings upon mortals the greatest evils. ― Euripides, Medea

Should you ever wish to measure your 'dopey' level; here's a check. DT lobbed into the workshop carrying a small, brightly decorated cardboard box, (a coffee and a muffin) about the size of a cigarette packet; “here” say's she with a knowing smile – I open the thing and 'tis a 'sweatband'. Feeling slightly silly I donned the headgear and suddenly – no longer do I need to wipe the sweat of honest toil off my brow and from my eyes with shavings or the cat (whichever come to hand first). Bloody marvellous and how dumb am I eh? There are now eight of these in the workshop (dogs luv 'em). Brilliant. Well; why not - it is after all, a hot summer night. Smoke and stroll methinks.

Selah – Mind how you go.


Interesting to glean from posts to this thread about the plethora of approvals and the excruciating pain of obtaining or maintaining these permits that allow various General Aviation activities these days compared to previous times. There was plenty of silliness and patronising behaviour on the part of CASA of yesteryear but it worked in a clunky fashion due to degrees of commonsense and latitude that’s mostly gone missing today. The greater part of the problem being intransigence, and the control mindset of CASA coupled with the whole fee grabbing nature of CASA’s regulatory nightmare. Unfortunately, but predictably, introducing fees for permits is a powerful incentive to create more and more permissions.

In May of 1970 I obtained a “C” grade instructor rating, no fees or charges. The next grades progressed through “B” and to the highest “A” grade, no fees or charges. Various rules still apply about what is allowed, but for some obscure, bureaucratic baffling and completely unnecessary reason, around 1980 the classifications were changed to Classes 3, 2, and 1. Little did we know that in the USA no such gradings exist, except for Instrument Flight Training, and an instructor can teach without a flying school permit from the first day of qualification.

Mid 1970s;  now with Instructor Class B rating, obtained by virtue of having the requisite instructional hours, in other words it was a matter of course. I applied for a flying school licence which was granted after a CASA inspector visit to my airport premises, again no fees, licence in the mail a couple of days later. And yes I automatically became the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI).  To achieve twin training approval, flew an extra half hour in my Baron from the right hand seat with my Examiner after a routine Instrument flight check. No fees or charges.

After putting up a couple of Private Pilot applicants to CASA ‘Examiner of Airman’ personnel (now another mindless title change ‘Flight Operations Inspector’? ..or has it changed yet again?) I received Approved Testing Officer status for the testing of Private Pilot Licence and Night Visual Flight Rules Rating. I don’t recall applying for those approvals and was certainly never interviewed nor paid any fees for same. My Grade One Instructor Rating (previously the ’A’ grade) similarly was written at a routine instructor renewal on the basis of my hours flown, no fee. Yes I had passed the annual review but not anything special for the upgrade. 

Practically all flying schools also did charter work and word got around we should be doing proficiency checks as well as our instructor rating renewals so we CFIs used to sign out each other. 

Silly things used to happen, one Saturday morning I telephoned in a charter flight plan for one passenger from Phillip Island to Colac. The officer asked if I had an HF radio? I replied negative, have flown there on charters before so why now? Answer:-  a new interpretation of the carriage of radio rules. So it had to be made a private flight. I did fit an HF radio to that Cessna, it cost in the order of $1500 each per the three calls I was required to make with it for those odd flights where VHF was not covered at ground level. In spite of such inappropriate and expensive administrative and policy defects we could still operate.

Late eighties and the rot really starts in earnest, paper war and fees creeping in. Barriers at every turn with the much bureaucratically loved slogan of ‘user pays.’  No thought to the logical and obvious definition of ‘the user’ which is the Nation as a whole which makes, and demands, the standards for the benefit of the general public. Why else is government involved? 

The concept of an independent regulator has proven to be a disastrous failure. Removing responsibility away from the Minister and Parliament goes against the concept and practice of democratic control via our representatives.


Just an aside really; but the way 'K' has hinted at the very real truth, and placed a very serious issue in a nutshell, typifies the 'untold' but very true ways CASA operatives can and do set about the business of 'destruction'.

I would like to have the skill to frame a question of the CASA – but it goes along these lines. Take Bruce Rhodes (RIP) case – the very first thing done is the operating certificate is 'pulled'. The operation is closed, individuals are hounded – without a positive 'safety' result of any value being achieved, despite the cost of such a thing in terms of loss of revenue, jobs, service or even a realistic approach to 'resolving' or rectifying any 'safety' issues which should have been identified – before the accident. Shutting down an operator or the 'senior' men (and women) has never; not once provided an 'increase' in safety. Not once.

The easy option is to 'shut down' an operator. "There minister – a quick, neat, surgical safety resolution: now; ain't we just bloody marvellous? "

What the Senate committee ain't seeing; because no one is showing 'em is the 'dark side' of CASA's version of safety. “Oh – you have a 'technical' breech of the regulations – BANG – no more breech.

The notion that 'operational safety' depends on 'strict compliance' with a set of rules that not even Rumpole of the Bailey could decipher is not only ducking risible, but shows a complete lack of any understanding of just how 'industry' itself sets about providing 'safety'.

For an understandable example – take Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT). It happens; now Flight Safety (USA) and the FAA developed and provided, free of charge; a 'risk matrix' which defined whether or not a flight was at an increased 'risk' level of a CFIT occurring. Maybe a 'blunt instrument but, it did highlight 'where' and 'when' the risk of CFIT was a possibility. I have only read through two operational manuals where this assessment was built into the operational approval matrix. In one instance, the CASA demanded it be removed; in the other CASA failed to assess the matrix; so it escaped execution – exists still to this day and have served the very humble purpose for which it was designed. A safety 'risk' analysis which indicated a 'higher' risk level. Flight crew alerted and aware of an increased 'risk' level.

The Bozo's running CASA 'safety' analysis have only a vague inclination that such a free of charge, adjunct to 'operational' risk analysis exists.

If Big Grin Big Grin this sitting committee of the Senate are not prepared to look 'under' the blanket of bull-pooh spread over the industry, by the industry 'safety' experts; then there is little point in providing a submission to their inquiry. It is way beyond the time when a CASA 'safety' call can be considered anything else than Frog's pooh. Should the RRAT want to ensure 'public safety' – then it is to industry they must look. Anything else is pure Bollocks – repeated; nauseam, ad tedium ad nullius pretii est. Of little value whatsoever.

The Southerly change has kicked in (hallelujah) ; temperature now acceptable. I have but four cigars in my case; one for 'the Lad', a stroll in the night air and a quiet appreciation of the respect both Possum and Dog have for each other; then more Ale. BRB on Wednesday night – then, we shall see what must be done; can be done and what effect it may, or may not have on the current proceedings of a Senate Committee with a mid range batting average. 4:1 (break even money the place) on the current tote board.

[Image: offices-meetings-businesses-mocking-deri...30_low.jpg]

[Image: sbg-6-12-20-1-1024x725.jpg]
Ref: & BRM/Aero embuggerance update - 2/12/20 & [b]West Sydney Aerotropolis plan[/b]

"The deep breath before the plunge."

Gandalf of course; but, for a Bookie, the phrase has both meaning and import. There are but five days remaining of the parliamentary year – the aviation industry on tenterhooks – all anticipating the promised interim report from the Senate Inquiry into aviation (yes; that one, the latest in a long, long line).

I hardly know how to set 'odds' and yet I must; and, soon. My own problem is a simple one, I must remove the 'anticipation' element and rely solely on stone cold 'data'. Except of course there ain't any – a whisper here, an opinion there, gossip from across the land, advice from close at hand; but if I wish to keep my 'hi-viz' ensemble, then I need to glean what will happen when 'the Pennies' leave the 'Kip. For our overseas visitors; perhaps a short introduction to an Australian game – that of “Two-Up. 

Wiki - “Two-up is a traditional Australian gambling game, involving a designated "spinner" throwing two coins or pennies into the air. Players bet on whether the coins will fall with both heads (obverse) up, both tails (reverse) up, or with one coin a head and one a tail (known as "Ewan").”

Wiki - “The design of pre-1939 pennies had the sovereign's head on the obverse (front) and the reverse was totally covered in writing making the result very easy and quick to see.”

Before the 'Pennies' are tossed; there is much noise, excitement and discussion within the 'August' body participating. Predictions (and pennies) are weighed and counted before a bet is placed. After the 'toss' - when the result is called there is an equal amount of noise, consternation and cheering as the winners collect and the losers lament. But what happens during the short, but significant fall through the air those pennies take – almost dead silence as the crowd watch 'em tumble. This is where our punters are, at this very second; watching closely as the important 'Pennies' tumble and return to earth. Breath is held, prayers to pagan gods are silently made; life on hold, as the 'chips' fall as they may. 

[Image: Two_up_set-1024x341.jpg]

Our two particular Pennies are the gracious Senator McDonald 'Head' and the CASA 'Tails' dark side. At this moment; both are spinning upwards toward heaven; soon at the apex of the parabola; both must (al'a Newton) begin their inevitable return to Earth. During their short, Topsy-turvy flight, there is some serious turbulence which can prevent a 'natural' return. The DoIT, the Minister, his party, the risible 'bipartinsane' acceptance of CASA as a Demi-god, above the law; supported by an Act of Parliament which has become no more than a Devil's plaything. There are serious 'external' forces acting on our two Pennies as they tumble. 

We hear, in whispers and 'hints' that the 'Stewards' have been called in to make sure the game is played according to the rules. But, we have seen this many times before and, to our chagrin, seen a fixed toss of the coins benefit only a certain few.

[Image: reformcasa.jpg]

[Image: 9420.jpg]

“A glimpse into the world proves that horror is nothing other than reality.” ― Alfred Hitchcock

Much depends on the anticipated 'Interim' report. Carmody was sacked; of that there can be little doubt, the PM&C have taken a hand; the PA has a seat at the high table, McDonald has shown her mettle, the new DoIT boss seems to be a honest player at the big table, behind the scenes. There are some pretty heavy duty 'submissions' supporting a three decade claim of 'mass embuggerance' potentially opening the flood gates to a 'full and frank' discussion of what a bloody mess CASA has created during their tenure as the unchallenged 'guru' of aviation 'safety'. An internationally acknowledged shambles; proven several times this last decade. IMO they are an almost prefect example of how not to do it; and, how to defend the indefensible. In the real world; they would have been exiled to a 'Gulag' for sheer incompetence.

So, here I sit – trying to weigh up the odds on, in reality, two fundamental questions.

What will the interim report contain?

What 'results' can we expect?

Aye; those coins are flying upward, soon to reach their zenith; the 'political' gravity will gain ascendancy and return to Earth they must. Oh, I'll post odds on that return to Earth; but, be warned, the 'short odds' will be tight – based on history – and it's habit of repeating itself and the disappointment the risk of political embarrassment always brings in it's wake.

[Image: 8288990-3x2-700x467-1.jpg]

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it. ― Alfred Hitchcock

“There are enough off-cuts there for a blanket chest” says our client. “Yes” says I there probably are”. “Can you make one? Says he. “Yes” says' I. “Good, then you will make me one” he rattled. “No” says' I. “Why not” he says'- “Well if you have to ask, then I cannot find the time to explain”. - Disgruntled? Just a bit; but no matter. Tonight the BBQ is full of lovely Oak embers which are fragrant and very hot – doing a great job; it is a fitting end to a once mighty tree, I mourn it's loss but, lost it was, but not to my hand. It is a given that the dogs and the cat will feast on that which is left – but; I do believe, watching 'em, that they actually enjoy the smell, more than the taste – perhaps that too is 'anticipation.

[Image: poohs-party.png?fit=400%2C246]

“Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.” ― A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner

Selah –

“Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.” ― Max Ehrmann, Desiderata.

[Image: SBG-13-12-20-2-1024x724.jpg]
Ref: 48 - EHMAC (Dic Doc) & Submission 50 - Richard Rudd.

Of Babysitting and Bookmaking.

I expect many have been roped into 'baby-sitting' gigs from time to time; my turn came this week. Did the usual, loaded the dogs (mandatory for clandestine wrongdoing), picked up the Pizza's and turned up on time. There is system and method in this tradition. Before I smuggle in the pizza, the dogs get to enjoy a 'healthy' meal (or else no Pizza) a movie is selected, grab some Pizza, sit where ever you like and 'chill' as the kids say. This time it was a 'Harry Potter'. I've read the books but have avoided the movies – so for me it was a first. There I sat – mind pondering the odds for the BRB indaba, when the scene below played.

Howls of protest when I rewound to the beginning of the part; and, watched again. I couldn't stop laughing. The parallels were both sublime and ridiculous. Substitute McCormack for the smug, conceited, basically useless teacher; no skill, no idea what  he's about, no hope of control, releasing all the 'Cornish Pixies; aka the chaos within aviation. Substitute for the 'Pixies' the CASA crew being released, uncontrolled and reeking havoc; and, then picture one small, clever girl (McDonald) who casts a charm and stops 'em – dead; in mid flight. Irresistible. Here endeth the whimsy.

[Image: 74Wnr53H0z5EzKEEg6VqtbGEfoRz-kFNK949IXKN...PvXZJ4sYqy]

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five-pound note - by Edward Lear.

But there's some serious  'interest' in the notion that this what McDonald has actually done. Not by herself, not alone; but very ably assisted and supported. The big bets are the SSCRO have been paying attention to the legal nightmare, the DoIT are very carefully examining the legal, constitutional liability and responsibility for the complete lack of control anyone has over CASA and ATSB, the ICAO compliance farce and difficulty in 'trade' being established through sensible, compliant regulation and policy making. There are even some takers for the PM&C being in the running – there is potential for very real political embarrassment, should the genie ever get out of the bottle. (Unlikely – 33/1).

[Image: mm-p-t.jpg]

“For years, he filled a notebook with beautiful lies and impossible hopes. When he found a genie, he simply said, "I wish it was all true.” ― T.R. Darling

Some are vexed by the brief hiatus of Christmas and that there was not an interim report; well, technically there was; just not what was expected. This report is going to be, at best, an each way betting option. If and it's a bloody big IF the inquiry is another 'wet lettuce leaf' parlour speakeasy, then a non report would have been published. But, and it's a 'but' of equal size, if there are some 'heavy-duty' hats in the race, then I'll be offering very short odds on 'Major Change'. Much depends on one, perhaps two game changers. The new DAS – being one; St Commodious is still parked on the circular office, still able to lash out, bully and intimidate – many will saving their bet until that little wrinkle has been ironed out; and on who is left standing. If Jonathan (where are my marbles) Aleck, the CIA spook and that truly dreadful Scots fellah are within a city block of the Ivory tower then the betting on significant change becomes nugatory. Unless the new DAS is a new broom; or, the true magic is being done behind 'the veil' before the new boss turns up – well once gain, the tote odds shift.

[Image: sbg1.jpg]

There is one current matter outstanding which must be addressed; with or without 'reform' being made real and evident. P2 – HERE – has provided a CASA list of those who are actually members of the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP). It is of interest to note who is not on that panel. There are links to submissions 44 (AFAP) and 28 (AIPA) which are worthy of serious consideration – for reasons which must be clear to even a thick-head like McCormack.

[Image: DuqifdIUUAEc7AL.jpg]

P2 comment – [Image: 1f644.svg] : In reference to the above pic read and weep this – HERE – 2018 post and think on what’s changed in that time??

The inclusion of both AFAP and AIPA in the ASAP would be clear harbinger of real change and of hope for a better system. Of course St. Commodious wouldn't have 'em. Why would he want intelligent, professional, representative bodies when he can have RAOz and drone wizards setting out changes for serious commercial aviation? Rectification of this outrageous insult could/should set the tone for the incoming DAS tenure. - We shall see. Anyway – No interim report – no tote odds. Just have wait and see what Santa brings – gods help me this country moves so slowly; land of the long weekend - but don't get me started. We'll be here at it all night. 

[Image: e2ab6afa682ace8a6b257448322170e2.jpg]

Aye well, 'tis now Sunday; the young ones all tucked up and growing up as they sleep; best I dispose of the evidence lest I end up deep in domestic tyranny (again). There is a well constructed plan for a small 'sewing' box in my shirt pocket, interesting concept and devilish tricky to make; I have a small amount of some very, very lovely, very old Rosewood (the real one) – can I finish it in time for Christmas? No matter, just made it out with the empty pizza boxes – lights in the driveway – dogs need no urging to get in, so, its' time to wend my weary way home.


[Image: reformcasa-1.jpg]

[Image: sbg-20-12-20-1024x724.jpg]


Of P2, St Nicholas, the new DAS; and, my Christmas stocking..

Wiki” - “Other versions of the story say that Saint Nicholas threw the three bags of gold directly into the stockings which were hung by the fireplace to dry. This led to the custom of children hanging stockings or putting out shoes, eagerly awaiting gifts from Saint Nicholas.”

Well, some folk have St Nicholas to fill their stockings with hope and good cheer; but not me. St Nick may well be a favourite of the kids; but for me, my stellar stocking filler is the peerless P2. A true blue terrier of the first water. If you are unfortunate enough to never have seen 'the real deal' working to it's full potential, then perhaps you've missed a treat. Muddy, bloody, wet, cold and hungry don't mean a thing to the true blood, not when there's 'a dog's work to be done'. And they do it magnificently.

[Image: ac5153c442f609b50a3b58a5d006462f.jpg]

Take a moment or two to read this post – HERE - . That is what I found in my Christmas stocking – pure gold – delivered by one who never, ever quits. Want to read 'solid gold''? - “

(Hansard) Answer —
"The 2020 Director of Aviation Safety (DAS)/CEO Recruitment Panel consists of Board Chair Mr Tony Matthews, Board member Ms Elizabeth Hallett, Department Secretary Mr Simon Atkinson; and independent member Mr David Forsyth AM. The same approach has been in place for the past three CASA CEO recruitment processes, with Mr Mike Mrdak in 2017 and 2014 and Mr Michael Taylor in 2009."

Study that exert from Hansard carefully. There have been some rumblings about 'yet another' Senate inquiry, going nowhere and achieving little but another 'Wet Lettuce Cup'. The 'naysayers' have many a good reason to expect the worst; and history to support that argument; they may even be correct this time. I will be happy to take their bets and give 'em good odds to boot; start 'em off @ 50/1, improving.

The bets I must cover, to protect my Hi-Viz ensemble are the 'short to 'odds on' wagers. This is the smart money, which turns up on the day, in big lumps, minutes before the race is about to start. I still cannot fathom the odds for the 'DAS Chalice', let alone the main feature races to follow.

[Image: FlemMelbourneCupModernGrandstands.jpg]

I will, as the time draws near; but just for now, there are too many dark horses and little in the way of form guide to firm up the tote. For example 'Royal Flush' a massive clean out specialist; out of the best bloodstock this country has, only accessible to the top tiers of the Mandarin class. If this is entered to the preliminary 'DAS Chalice' then qualifies and goes on to race in the 'CASA Clean-out Scramble' then the odds on betting will reflect short odds indeed – bet ten, the win, to win one.

Ref: From approx 12:20 min.

You can see my problem; was the McDonald Freudian slip “Fawcett” a double fault? The good Rev. Forsyth, now, rightly placed at top table; and, the brilliant 'Fawcett' somewhere at the back of the ruck calling the play? Those two names are game changers for mug punters. Then there are whispers that the 'heavy mob' have taken a hand – the DoIT and the PM&C. Should either one of these two fine stables decide that they need to provide an entrant or two, then, the odds against the combined ATSB and CASA entries must be revised upward. Only the 'Iron Ring' and it's connections can blur a clearly defined winner. Even so, I am tempted to offer 4:1 the CASA entry failing to finish 'in the winners enclosure'. Their bloody jockey is useless and the trainers advice is based on some risible notion that they can 'win' despite finishing in the pack based purely on some esoteric legal argument, better suited to an Eastern Bloc.

Aye; 'tis like Christmas always was when young – a long, long wait away. I reckon it may be a little late this year – but worth the seemingly endless thirty year wait. We shall, no doubt, see. 

Ref: Time – gentlemen, please.

[Image: 220px-WilhelmR%C3%B6ntgen.JPG]

“We shall see what we shall see. We have the start now; the developments will follow in time.“– Wilhelm Röntgen

No matter – the AP crew is stood down until the new year; AP is due some well deserved maintenance, due out of the shed Jan 1 (there or thereabout). The figure ambling through the orchard, following a couple of dogs is pondering a large question – I shall now bore you. Within the Rosewood for the sewing box is a large knot, just under two inches (in the old money) – it looks just like the sun rising over the horizon; with rings of old gold, russet, rose and 'sun-rays' emanating from clouds – it is truly a lovely thing. Problem is that it is like steel, except not even a hacksaw will cut it and I need to reduce the thickness from 25mm to half of that; it won't split. But, if I can manage it, what a lid it will make, bookmarked. I expect a smoke and walk will bring the solution; if not today – then tomorrow. Mind how you go.


P7 Addendum - a Christmas message. Lest we forget.


[Image: sbg-3121-2.jpg]
Ref: Courtesy Michael West MediaSocial media comments in reply and Oz follow up to last & 'Massively concerned': Essendon Airport crash sparks Senate probe push

The year of the Ox. 

OK, it starts February 12, (Chinese Lunar New Year day) the predictions are as interesting as they are varied – it is always so; however, being very glad to see an end to 2020, any small ray of sunshine for the next twelve month is most welcome. Gods know we need it and hope springs eternal they say..Mark you – non of the great 'magi' even hinted that this time last year the whole place would be on fire and that there would be world stopping virus on the loose – it could possibly be worse this year; but I doubt it. The next rabbit out of the hat is going to be getting things rolling again; folk back to work and work for them to go to. No doubt the mandarins already have their thinking caps on; nutting out ways and means and how to pay for it all. We shall, no doubt, see.

But, what of matters aeronautical? There are but two thin rays of sunlight streaming through the overcast; the 20/20 Senate effort and the promise of a new director. Against this we must balance both history and politics. Not the 'wide' spectrum of national politics; but the nasty internal stuff, like that within the CASA. When I get to talking history with those who were 'there' at the time, the tales are almost unbelievable until you hear the same tale told three or four times, without variation. What goes on within the 'kitchen cabinets' and some of the outrageous moves which have been made to undermine, distract, destabilise or even confound a director with 'change' in mind is, genuinely, mind boggling. Yet for all that, there are good men and true, like the inestimable Phil Hurst, who do not speak with a forked tongue, telling the tales. If and its a monster IF, we get a 'good' reform mined, clear sighted DAS worthy of the title who intends to ring the changes, then it is up to industry to support that agenda and the man. Provided there is a political appetite to see the industry up and running at full throttle. New rules, new methods and new boots on the ground and in the office. Something has to give – this industry cannot continue to support the current system; money will be invested elsewhere; then what? 

[Image: Eqdvy4LUYAIUqSY.jpg]
[Image: confucius018.jpg]

The Ox is slow, but the earth is patient. (Confucious).

Only my personal opinion, but I believe the incumbent minister must resign. There have, in the past, been three flavours of minister; the don't care to get their hands dirty; the do care but beaten off by dire threats of 'blood on hands' and the plain old go along to get along variety. The current embarrassment to nation, party and the aviation industry has IMO set a new benchmark. I can't even find the words to define the total, abject bloody failure to either help or hinder. If (another monster If) we are to see aviation get back on it's feet; then there must, repeat, must be direction and 'horsepower' from minister, the DoIT and even the PM&C to assist the minister find a spine and see 'it' done. We all know what needs to happen – perhaps the Ox can assist.

[Image: oonCZAflUAgNk2imu4wxKcjrvY_DjRTvfkhjBdeEwlg.jpg]

That's it. Aunt Pru has had her annual inspection and seems (touch wood) to be functioning. The bloody old cat has developed type two diabetes; my life is ruled by insulin shots, twice a day. It's a great gig, if you like sticking needles into cats; and feeding a beast twice a day. Happily, I've had some practice with other animals so its no big chore. No matter, we raided P7 last night and left with a dozen of his DT's most excellent sausage rolls; and, yes, I do have an audience, ever patient, ever watchful of a dropped morsel. Drives 'em nuts if you 'drop' a bit and catch it before it hits their turf. Not to worry, I've kept one each for them and they know this. Aye well, time to start paying attention again. Bon chance mes amis; all the best for the new year.


P2 pic addendum  Rolleyes :
[Image: sbg-3-1-21.jpg]

Ref: & Investigation: how political donations protect a cosy loophole for Australia’s plutocrats

[Image: sbg-11-01-21.jpg]

Ref: C'mon - indeed. &

Arrogate and aggravate.

[Image: 2018_0109c_.jpg]

The transitive verb 'arrogate' is a gift to those who set crossword puzzles. It is a word with many 'translations' and continuations. For example :-

“to claim unwarrantably or presumptuously; assume or appropriate to oneself without right.”

Often the answer to a question related to 'arrogate' can be worked back to 'Hubris'. We have Homer thank for that little insight into the Odysseus personality. No matter how you choose to interpenetrate the politically nice wording provided – such as:-

Hubris - “is often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence, accomplishments or capabilities.”

The short, less complex (street) version is of big headed, no nothing buggers who think they are a gift of the gods to the human race. A classic example of 'arrogate' and 'hubris' - is the CASA. There are several very good reasons for the incumbent minister to resign, which I'll get to shortly; but perhaps, we may allow a small latitude, some wriggle room; it ain't as though he is the first to be both terrified and 'in awe' of the CASA juggernaut. On paper it is a fairly impressive line up; and, with bipartinsane acquiescence; it is easy enough to simply 'go along'. A dunderhead, know nowt, witless wonder from Wagga – Wagga would snap up that bait, quick as a wink. But it begs the question, the one he should have asked in the first place – who are these masked men? Its' a question me, myself and I; not to mention our rabid readers would love to have answered.

Patience children; I'll get there.

For many a long weary year; enhanced by rumour, legend and the occasional 'fact'; there have been whispers of the mysterious 'Iron Ring'. A conclave formed by invitation only; secretive, shrouded, concealed behind the ivory walls and the world renown 'smoke and mirrors' side show. Could the whispers be true? Or, more to the point, could this Bogey Man which has stalked industry in shadow, behind the veil ever be brought out to daylight?

[Image: sbg1.jpg]

Well, perhaps, maybe, our erstwhile ruttier of the dust bins has managed to at least put a breeze through those veils and give us a glimpse of 'the dragon'.

The ASC produced 11 sector safety risk profiles, which are in various stages of completion in accordance with the Sector Safety Risk Profile Program. The program further informs surveillance planning through the National Surveillance Selection Plan. The governance of aviation regulatory and safety risk is managed by the ASC. The ASC met 11 times during the reporting period. The ASC reviews civil aviation safety incidents and accidents and surveillance findings which can lead to the revision of the sector safety risk profiles and/or the launch of sector-specific education activities.

[Image: srp-ph.jpg]

Hard won research paints a picture which could, to the unwashed and unshriven, be interpreted as the 'Iron Ring' being formalised. The pathway is murky – but the so called Aviation Safety Committee' (ASC) is indeed shrouded in mystery. It seems to have been brought into being about the time Skidmore hit the glass ceiling and banged out; the Rev Forsyth brought out his report. All well and good except- no one has heard of this now formalised committee with some serious clout. No members named, no published policy decisions, not a Dicky bird related to 'sector risk management' – just orders issued to the boots on the ground, who, lest they loose their billet (and Kool-Aide fountain spot) comply with and keep the wheels spinning.

Strange and mysterious is this 'committee'. Perhaps Sen. Pat Rex (guru of FOI) could dig up some minutes of meeting; so we could all see what goes on inside the top tier of the Ivory Tower.

[Image: sbg2.jpg]

Could the odious St. Commodious have grasped an opportunity to 'formalise' the Iron Ring? I ain't paranoid; but some organisations are 'secret' or have secrets – the Masons (bless 'em) for example, not quite as 'disguised' as some of the Canberra cults – but they serve as example.

Aye; food for thought indeed. All idle speculation of course – but; fair dinkum; if it walks like a duck etc. I mean – what's to hide? Nothing that clutch discuss or formulate policy on should be kept from public view. They are, after all; only there on top salary to serve the public and advise the minister – ain't they?

Speaking of ministers; which I can't do without dry retching; why hasn't he resigned after the SOAR debacle. Slobbering over the camera being 'inspired' by SOAR; while Buckley is bled to death – now with the gods alone knowing how many young dreams are shattered, with the nightmare of huge debt stalking only to be repaid from a minimum wage job stacking shelves instead of an airline career. It is one of the most disgusting stories I've ever witnessed – and I've seen a few. Resign minister; do the honourable thing for the nation, your party and the poor bastards who's lives have been torn apart – believing that YOU thought SOAR was awesome.

P2 OBS on the McDonaught year in reviewRolleyes 

Nearly a year ago...

Via the Morning Mail: McCormack: rattled by Sharri Markson’s interview

[Image: clown.jpg]

17.02.20. What a revelation, perhaps better described as delusion, are the words right from the mouth of the village idiot himself, the National’s Leader and more embarrassing, the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. Sharri Markson at The Daily Telegraph interviewed the bloody clown at the weekend. Sharri: I rang McCormack to ever-so-politely ask whether he intended to change his “boring” style after the threat to his leadership. It turns out McCormack doesn’t think he’s boring in the least.

Now ffwd to recent McDonaught bollocks... Shy 

The Village Idiot McDonaught slaps Qantas with a wet lettuce leaf - UDB??

The more I read this, the more shitty I get, @M_McCormackMP is meant to be supporting the aviation industry, and the national airline @qantas takes a jump by allowing purchases - and Govt (sorry national party) says no ... I mean cmon

[Image: Eq9rErfVEAAng-D.jpg]

&..McDonaught still changing feet -  Blush

Michael McCormack criticised for comparing Black Lives Matter protests to storming of US Capitol



Rolleyes Progress? - P2  Tongue  

There, that's about it. I have always been impressed and often surprise by the inherent intelligence of animals. Don't suppose anyone gives a continental – but the old stable cat continues to impress. You could quite reasonably expect a hungry animal to be parked by the food bowl, twice a day feeds along with an insulin shot (tiny). Well at 5 AM; I got breakfast ready before I loaded up the syringe with the needed libation; where's the cat? Sat by the syringe box – and giving me an earful – lest I forget. Go figure - …. It is a lovely evening, Possums stirring; flying foxes settled (and noisy) – dogs giving me the 'move along'. Fresh air awaits – Exeunt stage left headin for the orchard door.

Selah; stay safe, stay well – but above all: stay sane through these tough times.

[Image: sbg-17-01-21-1.jpg]

Of dogs; and leading the blind.

I can think of no worse impediment than the loss of sight. Those brave folk who persevere, learn skills that most of us could not begin to grasp and live in a world without light, without reading and all the 'other' disadvantages the condition brings, deserve all our care and attention. As a cabinet maker and pilot the very thought of being deprived of sight is, truly, a frightening thought. A life without a dog in it is an equally bleak prospect. But to imagine a life without canine companionship and sight is is a thing which firmly belongs to Dante. Happily, there is a small, but very valuable comfort available; Guide dogs. If you can scare up a couple of spare dollars (tough times all around) you can donate the price of a beer to a worthy cause – HERE.

The point? Oh; well then, to brass tacks. Imagine yourself a know nothing journalist on a country rag. Then imagine you are suddenly not only a crown minister responsible for 'transport' but became the deputy prime minister of an independent nation. What sort of clue would you have about say running 'matters aeronautical'. The short answer is non. Not a blind clue; groping in the dark to find the light switch. In essence – you are working in 'the blind'; can't see the traffic. Now, if you were genuinely 'blind' some kind soul could gift you a guide dog. A patiently, cleverly trained companion, dedicated to keeping your sorry arse out of the traffic and push bike fools. But what if the dog given was not trained in this manner? Just suppose you were deliberately placed in harms way, by a dog with an agenda; what then? 

Well, you end up in the same mire as our deputy PM and transport minister; blind, clueless and a heartbeat away from ending up under the parliamentary bus, led astray by a faithless, self serving hound, trained by those with a different agenda, That's what.

So, we come to our witless wannabee from Wagga Wagga; unqualified, ignorant, arrogant, inflated; a walk up start for the 'wrong' guide dog. Yet, despite stepping in every murky puddle along the road to perdition; he refuses to trade in his faithless mutt for the real thing.

[Image: sbg-2.jpg]

The minister, in the aviation industries eyes, is well tainted and proven useless. There exists a long list of fundamental errors, all of which could have been avoided had he not accepted the dog offered to lead him through the traffic and home safe. I note, with interest that an attempt at bridge building has been made. A flying visit to the heartland of his 'Party' and the exceptional woman running the current inquiry into the sad state of Australia's aviation industry may, we hope, have straightened out his course – away from an almost guaranteed CFIT.

There is no way known that Crawford (as reported by Oz Flying) can be tolerated as the next DAS: full stop:: Endit. To allow such a travesty will not only spell out the demise of the Nationals as representing the 'bush' and 'industry' but the 'party' will have to carry both the shame and blame for destroying not only an essential industry; but of the aerodromes which support it. All the minister has to do is listen to 'expert' people like McDonald, Paggani, Hurst, McDermott, Cannane and all the other people who have diligently provided an avalanche of evidence that CASA is liability; constitutionally, legally, operationally, politically and; ultimately, in the 'safety case'. Perhaps the incumbent could take a little time out from promoting a thing like SOAR and listen to and acknowledge the true experts of 'aviation' risk analysis. Will the 'Nat's wear the fall out when aviation flounders while thinking of paying a creature like Crawford $600,000 a year; with 'our' money. Bugger that for a game of soldiers (twice).

What? The very man at the thick end of Buckley, Angel Flight and his infamous condescension on the vexed question of 'drones'? Our Elvis wannabee lookalike may think the 'Jetsons' are coming to Wagga in his life time. But; at the end of the shift – it will be the Saab from Rex which takes him home. Millions paid to 'support' CASA – while Buckley starves and Angel flight fights against lunacy; not to mention the many other 'wrongs' done, all  in the name of leading a crown minister astray and political ministerial arse covering. Bloody disgraceful – Crawford is an abomination which will (mark my words) come back to haunt the Nat's. Bet on it.

[Image: 1-ATSB-crash-montage-1.jpg]

Nearly done. Adding insult to injury, on an almost permanent basis (every report) is the ATSB. This crucial branch of aviation safety is fast becoming an international laughing stock. Domestically industry stopped reading and believing the dribble provided as an 'independent' analysis of accident. Count up the 'fatal' accidents reported over the last – say five years. Then take a close examination of the 'reports' published – not worth a squirt of cold piss. The latest puerile load of 'sweet nothings' is of yet another fatal, two men this time (grand total of how many deaths for the last two years) then; look closely at the Angel Flight track record. Then try, just try, to appoint Crawford as DAS. We will deluge the media with fact and sheet the blame home directly to the Nat's and the man who began the rot – that fat boy from Queensland – whatshisname?. O' Sofullofit – ayup, that's 'im.

Time methinks for the minister to piss; or, get off the pot.

[Image: IMG_1473_1170.jpg]

[Image: 15328284.jpg]

“Declare your jihad on thirteen enemies you cannot see -egoism, arrogance, conceit, selfishness, greed, lust, intolerance, anger, lying, cheating, gossiping and slandering. If you can master and destroy them, then you will be ready to fight the enemy you can see.” ― Al-Ghazzali

Aye well; the old cat is thriving – well done science, medicine and money (don't want to talk about vet's bills). The BRB is back in action; I have eight square meters of exquisite 'Cherry' with which to make a dining table. My ever faithful mates are parked by the fridge door as their dinner time approaches. Ever wonder just who is slave and who master? I never did; for I know my place.

Selah – keep faith; aviation ain't dead; just 'resting' between seasons.

[Image: SBG-24-01-21.jpg]
Ref: Soar Aviation and McDonaught & Mooney Crash ATSB & The 'question'. Going a bit bi-polar hereAviation safety regulators - A tale of two hemispheres

Is there anybody there?

Hello -knock thrice -  if Aunt Mary......

I think this post – HERE – on the UP (and LL's pertinent comments) merit further discussion. IMO it highlights one of the many 'problem' area's of 'unintended consequence' the CASA approach to 'safety' brings. - To wit – Box Ticking.

The Biannual Flight Review (BFR) in theory is a very sound notion. In practice it should be 'good thing'. In reality, because it is seen as just another long winded CASA paperwork exercise, both the spirit and intent of the exercise can get lost. “More cost and more pointless CASA bullshit” and unquote. The industry wide disrespect for the overweening, overbearing system, enunciated and demonstrated.

A BFR, done properly, is a really good thing, given the 'in flux' state of regulation; particularly for those who do not fly on a regular basis; or, are not as current with procedures and regulation as they might be when flying full time, under the supervision and eagle eye of a chief pilot. Junior professionals with limited experience have an 'operations manual' for reference and 'senior' people to ask questions of; further more, mostly they have other pilots with which they can discuss their 'questions'. The private pilot has non of these advantages. Those who belong to a 'club' with an instructor can 'discuss' an area of concern (provided time is made available) but many are truly independent of and remote from any 'support' system.

[Image: Angel-Karma-1024x671-1-e1599460658757.jpg]

[Image: quote-Albert-Einstein-insanity-is-doing-...g-over.png]

In the professional world, with a good check and training system, attitude toward a 'check' is different. It is seen as a chance to explore both weakness and strength, a learning process and a chance to 'polish' a rough patch or two. Done properly, C&T is of great benefit. Or, it was. The rigid, inflexible 'rools' and iron clad, signed in blood system which requires a 'cheat sheet' to be completed, without any possible chance of an 'outside – the box' learning experience, coupled with the expense for the private individual preclude the luxury of gaining real life learning.

[Image: Portrait_of_Xun_Zi.jpg]

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Xun Kuang

Private Joe 1. “Bugger it, my BFR is due, it will take at least half a day to get the paperwork done, cost at least 90 minutes maintenance, fuel and charges.” “Then it is the same old- same old box ticking which satisfies CASA that all is 'legal' – but WTD did I get from it?" SDA is the right answer. Our private chap has not 'learned' from a 'rote' exercise; nor may the instructor take him off the checklist. Both pilot and check pilot hide bound to comply – under strict liability' and so they do. Just that and nothing else.

Take a 'savvy' PPL like the inestimable Lead Balloon; a decent instructor would (if allowed) treat the tick-a-box sheet with the contempt it deserves; then having identified any area of 'weakness' (for wont of better) proceed to eradicate, with malice aforethought, that which may lead his friend and client into harms way. The mandatory 'check' boxes ticked, been there done that – but there was a noted deficiency in; Oh say spin recovery: we spent the hour ensuring that the exercise was understood and beneficial. Both are now 'illegal'. They broke the tick-a-box demands.

[Image: gear-up-1-1424x840-1.jpg]

So the flight test officer has no option but to follow the prescriptive, useless to anyone but a neophyte, 'rools' and sign him off 'competent as checked'. Was the BFR (as scripted) of any value to an experienced, savvy, seasoned pilot?

I hope that the powers that be can see the point; for it is really important. We have an increased Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) ratio of pilots ploughing into large lumps of Terrafirma. Back in the day, as I remember it, many a late Sunday afternoon was spent with the CFI stood at the blackboard (beer in mitt)  explaining Williamstown airspace to seriously frustrated PPL about how a South Easterly flow, rain and low cloud could spoil their weekend away and the other 'options' they would have had if they had considered the forecast, terrain, airspace, daylight and alternate routes. All gone now, CFI hide and cringe from giving the benefit of their experience. Why – well read the 'rools' children; carefully.

On the CASA list of lost skills is 'airmanship'. The art of not interfering with a heavy commercial aircraft in the circuit; of 'situational' awareness: of terrain awareness; of 'reading' the weather system correctly as it affects your journey; of being very, very aware of tangling with high performance weather and vertical dirt in a low performance aircraft. I'd bet good Choc frogs LB tries his very best to operate his beast as a 'commercial standard' operation. Why; because it is the only standard to strive for, anything below that is an insult to the medium. Only a PPL is no excuse. The licence granted – any licence – is not a full stop. It is and always has been a stepping stone to understanding the great skies and it's ways.

[Image: GV3Y5413.jpg]

[Image: 7715.jpg]

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ― Robert Frost

Yes, yes: I do know, but M'lud, 'tis but my own hobby horse; legally sanctioned death of brother pilots always provokes my outrage at any hidebound fool for believing that sloppy, legally compliant, tick-a-box paperwork makes for a competent, safe, fully situational aware 'pilot-in-command'. It is a fallacy. Constant learning, practice, exposure and training produce the 'better' safer (whatever that means) airman. A rigid system does not.

But how does one change an 'official' attitude, let alone the 'rools' as laid down by folk who can barely define which end of the engine the smoke comes out of? The current system is killing people, through belief that being 'legal' makes for a safe passage between a squall line and a dust bowl. It does not. Situational awareness and an idea of personal limitations does.

Aye well; I've probably flogged my hobby horse to near death. Standards not regimentation; education not rigid rules; training not 'testing'– I rest my case M'lud.

P7 has taken over the care of the stable cat – 1.1 Kg weight increase and returning to duty – two moths and a Skink tail; not a bad effort considering. Jointed and planed flat the main top of my Cherry table is truly a wonderful sight. It shines from the plane blades, the stable lanterns flatter and enhance the natural chatoyancy of the timber; 'tis a wonderful thing. That's about it: can't apologise for the ramble; we have managed to kill a fair few these last few years; it both saddens and annoys me, particularly when the 'reasons' are so devastatingly clear. No matter, not to the very hot dogs, I wonder (dare I ask and not get bowled over in the rush to the river).  Swim?

Selah -

[Image: sbg-31-01-21.jpg]
Ref: Incompetence it is then? & [b]AO-2017-118 : Cover-up or cock-up? - Part II & Google image link &[/b]

“Would you care to order Sir?”

“Oh; yes please, we should like two servings of the 'Cluster Duck special with KPI source'.”

Within the Australian ATSB there is a not too well kept secret, the one which features a departmentally induced by-blow; result of an unholy communion between the ATSB tea lady and Uriah Heepsa;to wit – one off snotty nosed urchin, brought up in the executive pencil sharpening cupboard, Spotty - to give it a name. Of course, as these matters go, as in the way of the Mick Toller/ Cathay/ PM&C and DoIT case; much was quickly and quietly, swept under the great Canberra carpet. Amen. End of – However for legal whatever's, now we are obliged to descend into the realms of whimsy and fiction. (or near enough)

[Image: download-3.jpg]

You see children, in fiction, it would be quite possible to construct a tale of mystery and imagination related to one of the many great frauds perpetrated on to the general public. Those who pay, (and pay) the fantastic salaries to clerical 'administrators – just to be reassured (convinced), that no matter what, they are 'safe' when they fly between home and holiday. Believing in the CASA generated 'all seeing wisdom' myth and certainty in the ATSB ability to solve the great 'why' people died. All the while believing the machinery is making certain sure that an accident was a never to be repeated, one off aberration. Not for a moment believing that it is a KPI driven fraud with more interest in Mum's dressing up box than investigating fatal accidents.

[Image: 3345.jpg]

“I let him run on, this paper-maché Mephistopheles, and it seemed to me that if I tried I could poke my forefinger through him, and would find nothing inside but a little loose dirt, maybe.” ― Jospeh Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Such is the great Bollocks and self perpetuating scam. Scam? Oh yes indeed, and what a parsimonious, self serving and self delusional nasty little scam it is. Nothing – absolutely nothing CASA or ATSB have done over the last decade has prevented sudden 'Death' in an aircraft. Industry has; even if for no other reason than insurance premiums. Industry competence and focus on 'not' having a costly accident keeps them safe – nothing to do with the inflated egos, salaries and the budget KPI targets of 'the administrator'. Look into the very front left seat of the aircraft you fly in tonight – for there is your 'safety'. It is not in some Canberra bubble wet dream of ongoing, ever increasing excess funding, used to create then recreate (ad infinitum) the ridiculous laws to which we are all bound.

The tragic events on the Hawksbury river, IMO, perfectly quantify and underpin the dangerous state of affairs which actually does exist, not only in 'fact' but in 'quantifiable reality' See ATSB 'stats' and reports for proof. So, there must begin this week's faerie tale:-

“Spotty John' (SJ) as he is affectionately known around the ATSB can do joined up writing on the computer. Matters of little significance (light aircraft deaths etc.)
are handed off to him; and, he is quite capable of generating an 'interim' report to keep ATSB 'legal'. You do see, it is a simple enough thing – aircraft crashed – lots dead – stick to the known facts and we are covered. Diligently SJ drafts the known facts – crash – no survivors – end of – all a mystery to be solved another day, facts neatly obfuscated to support SJ's 'assumptions'. Then he knocks out the press release, and places the file at the bottom the three year pile, thus ensuring continuation of employment. A side benefit to this is that there is a good percentage chance that by the time a 'final' report is presented many will have lost interest.

Dear Spotty John; the tea lady's lament, makes some assumptions i.e.  “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof”. Well children, there are three 'wrongs' in SJ's report. For a Choc Frog, your starter for 10 – 'when was the 27 minute 'taxi' acknowledged and examined as part of probable cause? For a second Choc Frog (and it is a tough one) exactly when; at double the cost, were the alleged 'CO' elevated levels 'discovered', by whom, when, and; - for a bonus (packet of 'Twisties)' – at what level was the induction of CO clinically pegged at? Read SJ's report – the disinterested ATSB has not only dropped ball –missed the alleged cause, but saved money by 'assuming' that their experts did a full tox report. Aye KPI points all around, except for those poor souls – drowned, dead in an event that never should have happened on the Hawksbury river that day. Belated discovery of CO – bollocks – it should have been among the very first item ruled in – or out a long way before the 'final' report. Dishonest, disgraceful and a money saving solution; CO the cause - late but adequate for purpose – if you can believe it that is......

"...Mr Hood noted that at the time of releasing an interim report into the accident in December 2018, investigators were considering the possibility of pilot incapacitation due to the series of unexpected, and up to that point, unexplained events during the flight.

"The ATSB was of the understanding that testing for carbon monoxide exposure on the aircraft’s occupants was conducted as part of initial toxicology examinations. However, in late 2019, the ATSB’s aviation medical specialist recommended that this be confirmed, Mr Hood noted.

[Image: 3706.jpg]

“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.”― George Orwell, Politics and the English Language

With this last ditch effort at self justification ATSB has finally reached the giddy end of credibility, industry faith and patience. No one really believes their reports any longer. The Hawksbury River event is the kiss of doom of the KPI focused ATSB. The painted fool, him in the pantaloons, is paid well above his weighed worth, is alleged to run the ATSB pantomime and the actors who cannot simply provide a 'cash and no bullshit' report to save their misbegotten lives need a wake up call. The Hawksbury accident report really and truly does demand the resignation of Hood. Even the fellah who gave Hood a start at CASA now laments, daily, his folly. ATSB, through the absolute bollocks of not only the Hawksbury event, but several other equally serious events need to get back to Taws. If the Hawksbury event 'Cluster Duck Up' don't shake you, then consider the pure, unadulterated bull-shit provided on the Angel Flight case. Ridiculous, factually, operationally and legally fatuous. Yet they faced down a Senate Inquiry hearing, are still on inflated salary and defying not only the ICAO but logic. A comfortable, well fed pampered lap-dog, kept safe by the MoU. 

Aviation professionals, the world over condemn almost every puerile report. Many envy the money and latitude ATSB has been gifted, to provide a basis for CASA to flex it's muscles while often denying true cause and reason. But then, don't believe me – see the Essendon farrago; or, the Ross Air debacle; or, Pel Air; or, Lockhart River;or, any of the current 'trending' fatal accident scenario. Apart from Hoody in his latest clown suit, looking 'all concerned' what other 'safety' related output has come recently from ATSB that saved one life?. The short answer is 'non'. Then check their budget; then check the KPI. Read it and weep. The government and the tax paying public are not only being ripped off, fed horse-pooh but are paying for it.

[Image: 772bc1de73154f343d7f876146465f65.jpg]

[Image: 7745.jpg]

“You've always lived a life of pretence, not a real life-- a simulated existence, not a genuine existence. Everything about you, everything you are, has always been pretence, never genuine, never real.” ― Thomas Bernhard, Woodcutters

You do see children; a save on the cost of autopsy and 'blood test's' and with a halfwit – like SJ to knock out a pre-lim report, (to set the tone), takes all focus away from 'investigation'. It exonerates CASA (airworthiness) and tucks it all away, neat and tidy for the Insurance companies underwriting those dead. Money aside, the Hawksbury event is, demonstrably, an ATSB piss take of the first water. Hood must resign; the Senate MUST become the only body to which accident reporting and funding requests is made to. Without fear, favour or monetary considerations. What Australia has, at this moment is an incompetent running a money making, ministerial arse covering smoke and mirrors PR machine. It is not anywhere, remotely, near the independent, no hold barred 'accident' investigator it purports to be. Full stop; end-of....

Read the ducking reports – then tell me all is well. BOLLOCKS it is.

Truly, I really wanted to get into the great work being done by Sen. McDonald. In the last session there were some crystal clear insights and some carefully constructed bullshit. We can always pick that up next week, for it is of great value. But disgust and anger with the ATSB report and the depths to which that once fine body has descended to must take precedence. Well done Senator McDonald; but, can you beat thirty plus years of 'official' denial that Australian aviation is a basket case? Just saying, considering history and all.

Aye well; the dogs hate the 'soggy weather' only inclined to venture out when needs must. Personally, the rain is as welcome as the break from 'take us out – now – now' is. So, it's a pretty much as on a need only basis tonight. My old Moggie has done well under P7's care (he should have stuck to Vet) and due home soon. I have decided that the only way to make 'good' joints is with 'blood and sweat'. Sweat, in the current weather is unavoidable; the Cherry has exacted a blood sacrifice (mea culpa). No matter, the joints are rock solid, sealed in blood, sweat and cusses. Almost, but not quite yet a 'master piece' for the Guild. We shall see. I'm yawning, 'tis late and despite the drizzle I need to walk and smoke – “Gerrup” you lazy hounds, leave your dreams of rabbits by the fireside. No takers?– Very well: best I wend my way down that well trodden path. But wait; there's movement yet. Faithful means – no matter what.

Selah.  - (I curse the NBN loud, long, and often.

[Image: sbg7221.jpg]
Ref: &, its a serious 'credibility' problem; ain't it. & Ayup: a one choc frog post. &

Pride and Prejudice. (A short rant).

 I have always preferred:-

c. 1300, "despite, contempt," from Old French prejudice "a prejudice, prejudgment; damage" (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin prejudicium "injustice," from Latin praeiudicium "prior judgment, judicial examination before trial; damage, harm," from prae- "before" (see pre-) + iudicium "judgment," from iudex (genitive iudicis) "a judge"

To - “Meaning "injury, physical harm" is mid-14c., as is the legal sense of "detriment or damage caused by the violation of a legal right." Meaning "preconceived opinion" (especially but not necessarily unfavourable) is from late 14c. in English; now usually "decision formed without due examination of the facts or arguments necessary to a just and impartial decision."

Of 'Pride' well; make of it what you will. But this ramble is (most definitely) all P7's fault. You would think a dinner with Papa would be an innocuous thing, barely worthy of mention; wrong. Many (many) years ago, one of P7's mates was a 'top gun' colonial policeman, served in many awkward places about the globe on behalf of HRH (bless). His son was of an age when we too could become friends; a friendship which exists to this very day. Anyway – there we all were, enjoying a truly excellent dinner and the usual chatter; until (as is the way) the gentlemen retired (outside with filthy cigars and daemon port). It all began genteelly enough – 'how goes the latest inquiry?” 

The answer equally sanguine; it began with an accolade to the good Sen. McDonald. In short; she represents the true heart of this land and it's womanhood, those who turn up to collect the once a week mail at their own airstrip; keep the men sane and can, if required feed a shearing shed. Our country women, true hero's and makers of this land. That said, it was down to specifics. P7 outlined the state of play and the score card, in doing so, mentioned “Buckley”. The ears of our retired 'Chief' of (many) police forces (in tough ports) pricked up - “Whoa”, says he “explain” as his instincts kicked in (despite the Port). And, so we did, as best we could, provide an unbiased 'potted' version of 'the case'. The man sat quietly, puffing away on his pipe, and listened very carefully all the way through (soup to nuts) to the story. At the end of it, he tapped the dottle out of his pipe and, in his quiet way made a simple statement which 'blew me away'. “How I would love to have the sort of power CASA have; never get away with it in my world, but by Golly, if I had there would be a few more in goal than I ever managed to 'put away'.

[Image: 13275.jpg]

“I guess the only time most people think about injustice is when it happens to them. ― Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye

Yes M'lud, to the point I am getting. In the simplest of terms, we must look at the 'Rhodes' aberration, to see the point our friend made. An aircraft has an engine failure; it can only be one of three reasons; air, fuel or spark. (P7 - Four if you want to split a hair and call component failure over which no one has control). An engine failure without warning at a critical time; people died. Without a shred of tangible evidence CASA moved to crucifixion; business gone, reputation gone, licences gone, operating certificate gone: all on the basis of an as yet unexplained engine failure. Hung, drawn and quartered – after the fact, without trial, without evidence and with no opportunity to defend the 'case against'. Buckley finds himself in the same sinking lifeboat; without benefit of trial, hearing or even reason why he was castigated and branded an 'untenable' employee, while exercising his valid permissions to conduct his work for another operator. A fully qualified CASA approved flight instructor; yet he is walking the aisles of a correction centre trying to hold his family together; put food on the table and find some dignity. He is not Robinson Crusoe; there are many out there like him. Branded as just the 'ills of society' by those who earn much more than he ever would from his 'compliance' with the rules CASA wrote. A contributor to the aviation world decimated and relegated to poverty because CASA had an 'Oh Shit' moment. Nah. The real villain has just had a $120,000 kick along to his excessive pay packet – all for nailing Buckley to a cross. Smacks of Roman justice to me. And, I might add wars have been fought for less.

[Image: 5754446.jpg]

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire

Between Buckley, natural justice, an even playing field, equality in the eyes of the law and basic democratic law stands CASA with Sen. McDonald keeping hope alive. It is a great burden, but rest assured, the CWA of this wide brown land, of drought and flooding rains has been held solid by women such as this.

[Image: glen_buckley_senate-inquiry_20nov20.jpg]
Ref Oz Flying: Buckley levels Accusations of Misfeasance at CASA

Will this faith be rewarded or; are we to see it all dragged down to the McComic (WWWWWW) of Wagga level of self interest, ego and do little, but talk much foolishness? He should be fair up the CASA clacker wanting (nay, demanding) to know the answer to one simple question: “What, in the seven Hell's do you think you are playing at; this is a democracy duck it?

[Image: sbg1-e1612859528614.jpg]

[Image: 98221.jpg]

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. ― Robert F. Kennedy

Aye well; 'tis but a ramble, a twiddle, nonetheless, P7's mate brought home the thought of what a police force can 'get away with' when compared to what CASA do, with impunity and no one questions it. All in the name of 'safety' and huge salaries for feeding Pollies what they want to hear. But enough.

Mea culpa; two mortises into a table leg – easy; right. It is if you carefully cut them into the right side of the leg. Inside those 'holes' which must meet at 90º, to take two tenons with a 45º bevel; fits like a glove – except when you mindlessly chop 'em out on the wrong face. Start again; what else. “Away now dogs; NO!, move you lazy hounds”. Alas, we have a lost baby Possum to watch and mind, until Mum finds it that is - (Oh she will) but until then, the mutts have not only adopted it, but don't like to leave it alone (the Cat's back home). Strange and wonderful are the ways of the animal mind. No matter, if I put it into the cat transport cage, then we may partake of my evening stroll and illicit cigar. Here endeth 'the ramble' -


[Image: 12639164-16x9-xlarge.jpg]

[Image: sbg14-02-21.jpg]

Ref: Additional Docs correspondence 2 cont/- &

Cross words (or multiple minor micro aggression's) and; crosswords.

The clue was impenetrable; (I shall spare you that): from morning walk, through first coffee and on to lunch, had me stumped. “Wuzup” say's DT “you're too quiet for my liking”  - “this” I barked, prodding the offending clue. “Oh, that's easy” say's she – “Catatonia”. So it was, fit like a glove.. But, I pondered, WTD is it, and so off to Google I went; it was of course the 'ia' at the end of the word which led me astray. Anyway, I read some of the blurb and one part of it stood out :-

[Image: 300px-%D0%A1atatonic_stupor3.jpg]

“waxy flexibility (limbs stay in the position another person puts them in) mutism (lack of verbal response) negativism (lack of response stimuli or instruction) posturing (holding a posture that fights gravity).”


Ref: insignificant Penny drops; with a loud clang. & Pel-Air: A coverup: a litany of lies? - Version III




It so reminded me of how our so called aviation 'safety' outfits behave, it gave me a chuckle (pawky ain't it). Thought it worth a paragraph or two.

So much for word puzzles; but what of some real ones? In anywhere else but the movies, to dodge one bullet is possible, to dodge two is chancing your luck – but to dodge three, from separate directions is nigh on impossible. If it wasn't for Comm Care; our three 'authorities' over matters aeronautical would be penniless. The agencies only have to find a lazy 100 grand or so; after that, the taxpayer takes over to fund the CASA prosecution case against whichever unfortunate is defending their lively hood. Even to the point where if CASA are bereft of funds government will tip in the shortfall. Go figure. Poor old Buckley, business and livelihood gone in a heartbeat has to find his own Pennies to defend against a self protecting, self aggrandising, power base - with a bipartinsane, terrified government supporting it.....Set the odds on that wee punt...A model litigant; with unlimited tax payer funds v one small company trying to 'comply'.-  BOLLOCKS. ..

However; despite current thinking, there are some options which are still (just) 'democratically' acceptable. One man playing a banjo may well earn a few coppers; but with support, the result becomes an unstoppable, joyful force.

Hitch - “And; if my mail is correct, it may not be the last time CASA is faced with this. Buckley seems to have spurred others to start assembling documents of their own that stand to back-up what he said. I have said before that Glen Buckley is not a man to go gentle into the good night, and there are other people in the general aviation community that are shaping up to stand at his shoulders.”

[Image: 57189.jpg]

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light― Dylan Thomas, In Country Sleep, and Other Poems

Only my opinion, but Hitch has (for once) struck a chord. Perhaps now is the time for all 'good men and true' to come to the aid of the party. Bring your Banjo, Fiddle or drum kit. The time for hiding away 'the alleged' heinous crime and keeping still, standing silent, hoping that the little you have managed to claw back will not be taken away is past. From Qantas to Joe Blogg's joy flights; all suffer, all are afraid, all are vulnerable and there is no defence – statistics prove that. Even the out of court settlements crowd need to speak up; those on a non disclosure bond can gain parliamentary privilege. The only question left begging answer is this: can McDonald (and her support crew) carry the day? Answer – YES! she can; provided everyone grabs a song sheet (or Hymn book, as pleases) and joins in the chorus. Imagine being free of CASA and having a sane, sensible world class 'authority' running aviation in this land. All to play for; just get off your arse and weigh in. (you know you want to)...

Ref: & &

Aye well – whether the worm turns or not is a question beyond my twiddles. But I say this; if you are prepared to tolerate the frog pooh ATSB turn out as an analysis of the loss of your nearest and dearest; if you are prepared to accept the lunacy (and cost) of airspace management; if you are prepared to forever accept that CASA can, in a heartbeat, destroy your reputation and livelihood; then sit there, fat dumb and happy. Enjoy it, while you can.

That's it; got it off my chest. Quite sanguine now; ready for an international championship bout with the daemon Poms – I see P7 has the Ale's in, my darts are on the bar; warm up is over. Looks like the BRB is about to begin in traditional style.

[Image: IMG_1473_1170-2.jpg]


[Image: sbg-21-2-21.jpg]
Ref: & & The Ballard of Ringling Aerodrome.PAIN/IOS WTD ATSB QRH

Occam's razor  - and, the edge thereon.

An oft used, but seldom truly understood 'way' of examining a problem. Too often used in abstract, rather than 'holistically'. Of course the 'Latin' prevents a true compass bearing of both meaning and import. But, then I know both 'words' and cutting edges, which gives me a somewhat 'practical' view of both. For example:-

My very good friend and close neighbour and I have an understanding. Should he not be home when a delivery arrives – I shall take it in – and vice versa. He, for his sins, is a lawyer; t'uther day a 'box' was dropped on my doorstep. No problem. Later (slacking off for a moment) I glanced at 'the box' – Office chair' writ large and clear on the side. So, I opened the box and spent 10 minutes 'assembling' the chair. Knock knock on the door a behold my mate. “You got a box for me? He asks. “Nope” say's I. “No worries” say's he and he ambles off. “I've got a chair though” say's I. Do you see the point? That what was in the box v  'the box'. Lawyers minds eh? He wanted the chair which came in a box, didn't care a monkey's about 'the box'. So how should have he, with full knowledge of the circumstances, rephrased his question? Do you see, no matter how he phrased the question; words would have beaten him. No win there. (Cue dogs laughing).

I do ramble; but with purpose. A cutting  edge, as on a razor, is only as good 'off the strop' as it can be, before meeting the enemy. My plane blades and chisels etc are literally 'surgically' sharp - until first contact with the material I'm working with. One cross grain use of any 'edge' diminishes the effect of a 'sharp' cutting edge. Much as a battle plan will only survive until first contact with the enemy. - I'm getting there.

[Image: SBG-201019-1024x725-4.jpg]

[Image: 144px-Helmuth_Karl_Bernhard_von_Moltke.jpg]

Therefore no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.— Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke

Which brings me to 'the point' of this twiddle. Bearing in mind - "pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate, (Occam). How sharp is the razor Sen.McDonald must use to cut through a tough beard?

The BRB are divided; almost a 50/50 split. The question is a simple one. Can Sen. McDonald win the Reform Plate? I get plagued to set the odds; but how can I?

Even as I sit here staring at the spread sheet – I can't call it. There is far too much going on behind the scenes for a sensible (of his shirt) Bookie to get a handle on. Amen. One must go back in history (a deep study) from Staunton (Seaview) up to the ASRR – to see exactly what McDonald is attempting to stare down; confronted with a compromised minister; an entrenched arrogant department and, a very busy government battling the Covid fall out and etc. No easy lays for anyone there. But do, please, think on; consider the odds.


[Image: 50964.jpg]

“There be many wise men, that have secret hearts, and transparent countenances.” ― Francis Bacon

Make no mistake; for you are considering history, both past and present and 'today's' political situation. For example  - McDonald has taken a position on the 'big board'. A honest, clever, well structured approach – should be a walk through. Then count up the number of mild, 'steady as she goes' DAS who have tried to ring in the changes (Byron for example, Skidmore another). Then factor in this useless clown pretending to be what he could never, not ever, aspire to be, a 'crown minister' for transport. He has only made two moves on the board; CASA have two committees; (Knight and Castle) protecting the King. The ASC which resides in about page 250 of the annual report; and the re-christened FART crew, essentially run by the same couple of folk. Both happy to support the CASA line and certain to find exactly the answers the minister wants. Add to that 'ministerial horsepower' - the political situation, the virus we had to have and the general state of 'the economy'.  Short odds on status quo.

Then – try set the odds for Sen. Mac finishing that race ahead. Xenophon tried, Fawcett tried, Ol' Bill tried – Staunton tried; Sharpe tried; hell's bells, half the bloody industry has repeatedly and honestly tried to restore 'sanity' to aviation regulation. Ayup. Meet the Elvis Wannabee (do not shake his hand, it's truly horrible). Can you honestly believe that apart from staying on the gravy train, supporting an anathema like SOAR; now, sitting quietly in his office whilst Buckley is publicly flayed, hung, drawn and quartered, while creatures like Aleck and that Scot's git haul in the big dollars, that this is a minister with the first blind clue?. Sack this useless wannabe from Wagga; reform CASA (get rid of the insulting, risible name) - from the top (just fire 'em): end of game. Kiwi reg's - all good inside a twelve month. The other option, continue as we are while terrifying any serious investor. Do not believe me – just ask a few of 'em. Maybe, when they stop laughing; they'll give a hint (or maybe two)...

[Image: 947.jpg]

“And some that smile have in their hearts, I fear, millions of mischiefs.” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

The juxta position is equally uncertain. Start with the silence, then look at 'contract' expiry dates, resignations etc; join your own dots. Then consider a reasonably plausible explanation. Perhaps, maybe; before the 'next' DAS is brought on line; a quiet clean out is taking place. “Not walking into that cockroach infested hole – clean it out – and I will get this sorted out – but not before”. Fair call – no poison chalice -  al'a Skidmore (the -Innocent). RIP.

Ref: From 06:00 minutes. &

[Image: 5754446.jpg]

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” ― Voltaire

Aye: all food for thought indeed; non of it worth a Farthing to a Bookie. Yet set odds I must, and soon. I have no intention of staring down a BRB/IOS at cobbed throttle; being basically peaceful by nature. However, I do certainly understand the difference between 'a box' and a 'chair'. Much depends on the individual interpretation of a 'word' and the 'fact' of the matter. Time to put a cutting edge on old Occam's razor methinks – blunt blades are dangerous – as my poor left thumb will attest.

Aye well; thanks to P7's efforts the old stable cat has gained a Kilo (2.2lb) and 'full of life; the 0530 insulin shot is a not a problem and it pleases me to have breakfast with 'the Mog' just we two. She has a 'Meeow' which I've only ever heard her use for calling kittens to feed, which is so softly used while I get breakfast for us; she even waits for the kettle to boil before 'assuming the position' for food. Well done cat, Bravo P7 and do not (ever) mention to DT the cost of this little venture. "Away dogs- yes – the Bee's are asleep”. Honestly.


[Image: SBG-28-02-21.jpg]
Ref: McDonaught Aviation shame file continues to grow??GlenB embuggerance update: 25/02/21

Of 'Book thumpers' them, and their words.

[Image: P46.jpg]

Wiki - “The obscure and extravagant imagery has led to a wide variety of Christian interpretations.”

Now then, one could - at a pinch, apply that sentence to almost any text. You know, people actually make a good living, doing nothing but wittering; calling it 'scholarship' related to one of the many 'philosophical' versions of 'the truth'. Well they do. Take 'Revelations' the book thereof; not quite as grounded as Nostradamus; but better researched than 'Petal' the mystic in the local rag. However, the 'book of Revelations' is of some interest; it has horses and those who ride 'em mentioned. Four of 'em in fact; all entered in a prelude event, prior to the Reform Plate being run in earnest.

[Image: c5071ccc4aba392ae67954487503cd0a.jpg]

Scary book is Revelations – seems the four horsemen are to enter our little race; one black one, one white one, one red one and one with a bit of shite on etc. All a bit too mystical for a country bookie. But, deal with them we must; for the Reform Plate is to be deferred; due to lack of interest; as a placebo, we now hold the Decimation Cup, with the four apocalyptic horsemen entered in the ministers colours. Top weight all, But, let's face it – conquering, war, famine and death – (so say's the book)- really?. They race (eventually) toward the end of the world. I say we don't need 'em. The job has been neatly done here in the Land of Oz; free, gratis and with brass knobs on. I'd back our CASA entry against four poofy mystics any day, for war, famine, death etc. Just on form alone. The famous four ain't had an outing since the beginning of time – our CASA crew have been out there, at it, every day for decades and are well match fit. Certainly in the aviation stakes; the bench marks set by CASA outstrip any whimsical theological conclusion; they have the runs on the board, in Spades to prove it.

I'm a little spoiled for choice here, but read this sentence:-

"All leased federal airports are expected to consider public safety risk on the leased airport area. It is up to each state and territory and local government to decide if and how to implement the new NASF Public Safety Area guidelines into their own planning schemes..."

IF – and our national aviation safety watchdog say's sweet duck all. WTD !

[Image: Dwv6NAYUwAE-wR8.jpg]

[Image: sbg-3-1-21-1024x723.jpg]

[Image: 8288990-3x2-700x467-1.jpg]

As clearly demonstrated in the Essendon tragedy; an aircraft with 'problems' needs space; not only ICAO rules about end of runway 'safety zones' but to the sides. A 5 ton aircraft with an engine failure, before a climb is possible will, as demonstrated at Essendon, need some 'space' off the centreline track; lest it hit a concrete shopping mall in it's trajectory for a failure, before the 'end zone'. QED Essendon – I think so....

(P2 - Take note of the dates.. Dodgy )

Then, without delving too deeply into how our national assets, ie. the aerodromes under Commonwealth care, are being gobbled up and turned into parking lots for happy shoppers? 'The Minister' has approved airport master plans. So then is the need for public safety risk to be mitigated, as at Essendon -  to a fare-thee-well. Yes it is. No useable airport – therefore no need for public safety – QED. The simple fact that an industry is being decimated don't signify; an aviation industry without an airfield to bless it's self with is no longer an industry; just another state dependent mouth to feed. The breaches of 'intent' and purpose have been and continue to be staggering. The destruction almost irredeemable; the loss of revenue uncountable – the loss of an industry unconscionable. 

Can this be sheeted home to ministerial self interest (or disinterest as you like?) One could, if pushed, make a good argument for the affirmative. Of course, to prove that one would consider the probability of this minister ever being even allowed out without a nurse, diaper and a keeper. I'll set odds on the possibility of re-election; and on the results of a very 'forensic examination' of all bank accounts. IMO that analysis would provide only one of two possible results – 1 He's bent; 2 he's bent and nuts. The pathway to the embuggerance and obliteration of this industry begins and ends in the minister's office.

Aye, the four horsemen may worry a few of the soft minded; but they bother me not at all. They don't signify in comparison to the truly out of control CASA who can sit back and say “we are not responsible”. So the Essendon crash of an aircraft into a building is no one's responsibility –except the mutt flying it? BOLLOCKS!

Now I believe in 'coincidence' as much as the next fellah, but. A crown minister who spends time slobbering all over SOAR and being 'inspired' and having his photo taken; just happened to 'bump' into his mates during an impromptu visit to Melbourne and toddled off to lunch and other pleasures? Nah; I ain't smart – but also, nowhere near dopey. Fear not 'the coming' of the four horsemen; for they have been here a while – mostly having lunch with the minister. Bon appetite.

[Image: SBG.jpg]

[Image: 4de8fa317716180d31f483eda2e8e911.jpg]



A large hairy paw and a low rumble just arrived; I look down, on my left knee 'Big dog's' left paw; two amber eyes ask but one question. “OK boss”. Instincts any politician would pay a fortune for. You see, he is used to 'cranky' and pay's it no mind; but fury – that he responds to. Industry blown away to bloody rags, a committee which has been playing with sector risk profiles for a long time; claim to have 11 ready to roll and yet – nothing published. A secret select bunch, the Iron Ring formalised by St. Commodious and given teeth. A minister who cannot tie his boot laces and developers raping not only commonwealth assets, but ripping off the tax payer while they get all the breaks, returns and industry must now build it's own facilities. Cranky? Oh, just a bit.

No matter: there is 'stuff' the thinking man must read. Same as Revelations – truly scary stuff; equally terrifying, with one exception – it is real and happening - now to this industry. I'll leave it to P2 to provide the links to the stuff you really should read and consider. Armageddon is happening right now in the minister's office, he who swore an oath to protect and serve. But who? Surely that is the question.

The paw vanishes; the cat gets off my bench, little dog wakes – they wait a beat; I strike a match, light a cigar, raise an eyebrow – and:: they're away, looking back to make sure I follow. Away to me dogs – you I shall follow, to Hell's very gate if need be.


[Image: sbg-07-03-21.jpg]
Ref:  Hansard out: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee
03/03/2021 - Future of Australia's aviation sector, post COVID-19
& Alan Jones Facebook pic & Testiculation (N). Testiculating (V).

No matter the trade: tinker, tailor, etc....

In any endeavour, no matter how humble, there is always the clear ring of veritas. Watch a grave digger, the ease and economy of 'doing' is remarkable; same-same a top notch brain surgeon, a 'good' pilot work an aircraft or even a Bricklayer at work. The professionalism stands out – ease of action, skill, an intuitive' full knowledge of 'how to' beat the problems which confront a professional' in their everyday work. I, personally, have always found 'professionals' who are comfortable within their own skin the least likely to sprout 'complicated' answers and are very happy with 'a honest appraisal of the work in hand. We have seen some exemplary examples of that this week during the Sen. Sterle (legend) laid back inquiry into the future of our once healthy transport industry.

There have been some true 'professionals' of the first water who calmly, factually, honestly and diligently spoke their version of the 'truth' - as they see it. I say Bravo to those. Then; there are the 'super-stars' (I count P2 among those) no dustbin missed. It has been a tough decision to decide who gets the Choc Frog for this weeks work; close call indeed; however, by a short head (almost a nose) the DoIT takes the winnings. For reference, if you ever want to gauge a calm, cool, logical expert – one who actually cares – the following video should serve to persuade you that the DoIT is not only in good hands, but has the 'right stuff'.

[Image: SarahBernhardtHamlet1899.jpg]

“Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

But, there's more. The John Sharp session was a masterpiece and a very close run thing for the Choc frog. If only we could have someone of this calibre for DAS. A man who understands 'politics', finance, the system, the law and business. Wow! What an advocate for the aviation industry this man is. A true professional, no spin, no bull-pooh, no agenda other than a determination to see 'Rex' through the 'troubles' and being the best it can be. Bravo and nicely done Sir.

[Image: 72703.jpg]

“Any fool can paint a picture, but it takes a wise man to be able to sell it.”― Samuel Butler

What, IMO, the last week of Senate 'hearings' has shown is the vast gulf between the realities of those who actually run the aviation industry and those who feed off of the revenue and benefits a sound, healthy aviation industry generates. Aye, we must now take a brief look at t'uther side of the coin. I can, and will save you some time here; turn the sound off and watch the twitching, tremulous Halfwit who runs our national air traffic control make a complete tit of himself – on camera – on oath -in front of a very 'savvy' bunch of Senators. This man is paid $1,000,000 (minimum) of tax payer dollars a year, to wear pink ties, wave his arms about, obfuscate, waggle his ludicrous eyebrows, obfuscate, (did I mention the pink tie) – anyway you get my drift. Compare his pathetic effort with that of the AIPA, the DoIT lady or the Sharp session. Fair dinkum; how much more a clearly defined 'difference' do you need?

[Image: 1069006.jpg]

“The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil that Dickens loved to paint ... but is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clear, carpeted, warmed, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

I say this: our ATCO's work bloody hard under incredibly difficult, punitive rules, with less than world class equipment, under the rule of a man who is clearly a very nervous (with good reason – since the Angus and the Bus incident), a self preserving, self promoting bloody fool; (ministers choice). But why wouldn't he be? The 'Big Sky' gravy train has yet to be produced let alone justified in terms of dollars out for dollars in. So where are the multi million dollar efficiencies manifesting? Not anywhere I fly – how about a discount for 'holding time'?  Nah, didn't thinks so; what about ever more complex, costly SID's and STARS – rebate? Nah – just KPI heaven, a million a year and a pink tie to match the 'ensemble de jour' suitable only for a funeral (and the new hair-do). Mind you; we still have our ATSB and CASA to consider. The solution emerging from the DoIT and the excellent lady speaking is the right one. No matter how it is worded; clean 'em all out, return remuneration sanity; and, for the love of a free honest land bring in regulation applicable to risk. The very stark differences between those who actually 'work' for a living in the aviation industry and those who feed off the tit have been clearly revealed through both McDonald and Sterle. It is time to rein in the runaway millions being wasted on a dysfunctional ATSB; an ATC system which costs air operators much more than it should and CASA which, to be honest, could not hit the regulatory side of the barn with a shovelful of shit – wind assisted. Go DoIT, go John Sharp, go AIPA etc. Full marks – Choc frog's etc. 

There all done; my two bob, spent as pleased me best.. 

But then, it's a funny old world ain't it though. Mate of mine – a builder – rang; “can you do 'xyz' tomorrow' – help me out, I'm stuck”. No problem; started 0700 – knocked off at 1430, bog standard 'Chippie's job. 1600 phone rings – builder in a panic - “where are you?” Home say's I, why? - Long pause “Oh, its done” says he - “Yus” say's I. He arrived a hour later, case of beer under one brawny arm and an embarrassing number of dollars “Thanks” said he. I opened a couple of beers and we sat at the workbench - “this is too much” I said. “No” said he. We drank to speed, accuracy and the inherent knowledge a professional has, in any sphere of industry. I raise the second of his Ales to the professionals who have served us all so very, very well this week. Cheers DoIT and the rest who simply do what they do: quietly, professorially with great effect. The dogs have settled in for a late night; P7 just arrived carrying more Ale; the Skype is set up and – a long distance BRB indaba is scheduled. MTF is a reasonable assumption.


[Image: sbg-14-3-21.jpg]
Ref: Jones verdict - SHAME IT IS FOR MICK MACK!

Comedia? No, not divine; not even funny.

Wiki - "Dante was the first writer to depict human beings as the products of a specific time, place and circumstance as opposed to mythic archetypes or a collection of vices and virtues; this along with the fully imagined world of the Divine Comedy, different from our own but fully visualised, suggests that the Divine Comedy could be said to have inaugurated modern fiction”. 

Divine? – possibly – depends on your view of how, what and why 'we' are here. However, comedy or not, divine or not – there's not a hell of a lot to chuckle about. Well, not unless you find the ministers antics amusing that is. Glenn Sterle elequently sums up the last little foray into yet another 'foot in mouth' episode; while his peers look on – watching a crown minister confirm, what the world and it's wife knows – the man's a complete clown; and, not a particularly talented one.

[Image: 5031312.jpg]

“The man who lies asleep will never waken fame, and his desire and all his life drift past him like a dream, and the traces of his memory fade from time like smoke in air, or ripples on a stream.” ― Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

Sterle “Great! Just what struggling businesses need, more debt. This guy is a joke. 35 seconds of my life I'm never getting back!” - Amen to that.

Ref:  #worsttransportministerever

I  believe we at 'PAIN' hit the mute button after the pitiful charade at Wagga – years ago. There has been little to disavow us of the notion that life is too short to even acknowledge that this deluded, posturing poseur plays to only one audience – himself. Alone at midnight, dressed in his new Elvis outfit; air guitar in hand – bottle of Bourbon conveniently located – singing along and believing that the crowds love him as much (if not, in his mind, more) as he practices his puerile imitation of his hero. Words fail about here; but why do the 'clever' folk in government tolerate this clown? Can they not send him off on a fact finding mission – he may just find his arse, before it catches fire. Every village idiot on the planet is up in arms – they do have a case....

[Image: DuqifdIUUAEc7AL.jpg]

What is it then? Why do you hesitate?
Why do you relish living like a coward?
Why cannot you be bold and keen to start?” ― Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy by Dante

But enough of trivial matters; now I must take you into the dark realms of fiction. Well, I hope its fiction. Seems there is a ghost haunting the ivory Tower (CASA HQ). There are security people prepared to swear that the only oddity on Christmas Eve was a strange, haunting melody emanating from the internal speaker system; after that, they entered a dream like state and have no memory of time until they signed off early Christmas morn. CCTV showed nothing unusual; a couple of regulars popping in to reclaim stuff left behind after 'the party' – but, subsequent to that Nada. The building was empty. Makes sense; who, in the seven hell's would be hanging about the office, writing submissions to a Senate inquiry on Christmas Eve?

St Commodious had definitely signed off; said so to a Senate committee; so rule him out. But his name does appear at the end of the missive provided to the Senate Inquiry – not signed you understand – it just appeared, like magic or something. A similar thing happened during the short reign of Skidmore the First. A mysterious document (not signed by him) materialised. Aye; the ghost of castle CASA has been a busy little bugger.

[Image: JA-2.jpg]

Ref: Footnote: Dots & Dashes in the DAS office?

Perhaps there's a magic spell which prevents 'signatures' being seen – a cost cutting measure to save on redaction costs. Someone, somewhere is being a very naughty boy; on the razor's edge of the law. Not that it matters very much; the liberties taken with 'the rule of law' within the CASA edifice are the stuff of legend and serve to terrify both young and old alike. The 'law' it seems is only for the obedience those who must obey; not them as write it. Of course, the Grand Vizier of confusion and complication writes the bloody 'philosophical' intent of the law (safe conviction under strict liability) – and seems immune from any form of prosecution. – I wonder if, perhaps, there is a remnant of Eastern Bloc mentality still holding sway in the philosophical minds that rule aviation? Hi Peter, how ya doin', still have your Ace in the Hole?

Anyone with an IQ better than their boot size and a little more political savvy than an Elvis wig could see where the industries problems lay. It has been writ, in clear, for decades now. Time and time again the plea for change has been howled from the roof tops – for decades. A dozen Senate committees have done their very best. And what do we get? Ah! Duck it – you know the rest.

[Image: EL9xN-xU8AAdWeX.jpg]

Tuesday; dogs, cat, an itinerant donkey and I were sat outside, enjoying the morning. One of those Porsche 4 wheel rockets pulls up in a cloud of dust. We all sat still as a very expensive lady emerged; I-Phone glued to one ear. Still rattling on she offered me a piece of paper – a drawing. We waited, still as mice - “hold on a second' say's the lady into the phone - :”can you make those?” - I nodded once. “Good” say's she “I'll be back Friday to collect them”. That was it – cloud of dust disappeared out of the gate. There followed a moments silence; big dog's look of 'WTD was that' said all that needed to be said. Sure enough, by Friday the dust cloud appeared and pulled up in front of the stable; same crew watching the arrival. The 'display' cases, made to spec sat on a nearby table; along with a carefully prepared invoice, stating both timber and labour cost – all kosher. “Great” say's she - “just put 'em in the back wudja”. Being an obliging sort – I did just that and donated the workshop blankets covering them to the gods. “Here” she say's handing me a thick envelope; she sketched a 'thank you' blew me a kiss and buggered off at about the same speed as she arrived. I cannot describe the looks that passed between myself and my companions; how I wish I could; it was priceless. My good timber however ain't; nor is my work. Now, after opening that envelope, I can take next week and the next after that off, if it pleased me to do so. Strange and mysterious are the ways of the modern world. No matter, 'tis a fair night and a long twilight – flight plan – orchard gate – river – swim – Ale; in that order. Aye -  Colour me King - for a day.

Selah .-.

{P7- OFCOL Joyce - of course it's a bloody metaphor}......

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