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And who paid for it all?

12 Aug

I’ve cribbed Thony’s post from the UP; it’s done very nicely and avoids dropping some poor bugger ‘right init’.  The fear of retribution for speaking out, first hand against such aberrations keeps chief pilots all over Australia awake at night.  Furious at the stupidity, hateful of the cost and outraged over the lack of any […]

Back, in the day.

16 Oct

In response to P2 – HERE  Once. When I was very young an Uncle took me on in his joinery shop, so I could earn some holiday money.  First job – after sweeping the floors was sharpening the ‘cutting’ tools.  At first it was only chisels, even then, it was only ‘beaters’ used for rough […]

Is blood from stones Red?

13 Oct

One of the reasons ‘we’ have adopted The Mandarin, quite apart from the first class reporting and balanced opinion is the messages of ‘hope’ which creep onto the pages.  Modest, but essential changes that those who toil for the government initiate; where a honest, practical approach to perceived problems is offered; to both small and […]

Speculator pass.

17 Sep

Before we go any further, please note – we DO NOT as yet have all the facts related to this incident.  Before an impartial assessment there are some questions to which answers must be found. The three headed dog, aka Cerberus is, once again, in the headlights; they have a part in each and every […]

Resignation is honourable.

13 Sep

Opinion:- It is, daily, becoming embarrassingly apparent that although the DoIT specification was met; and, despite sage advice from the armed forces, indicating that Skidmore may mean and talk well; nothing will be done.  Not on ‘his watch’.  The DAS job is simply beyond his skill set; no shame in admitting that.  The only shame would […]

Of Gabfests and suchlike.

12 Sep

Sunday, time to spare, will I spend it at one of the many, many gabfests our public servants and ‘associates’ seem to enjoy?  It’s not as though we are short of choice; there’s lots of ways to waste your time:- Safeskies is always a good one.  A multi handed, carefully scripted and directed public service […]

For crying out bloody loud.

09 Sep

Quote:“The aviation community is being asked to help CASA develop a new program of regulatory change”. In so many ways, that is a strange request, perverse in it’s own unique way.  Think about it. For years, under McComic, we were the dross, the crap on the bottom of the ‘authority’ boots, the IOS, criminals, drunks, […]

Is there a power behind the throne?

05 Sep

A Sunday ramble. There exists a research project which has been knocking about the PAIN archives for a long while now; it’s almost complete, just waiting for the anniversary of the Skidmore appointment to round it off.  Although, until a ‘platform’ can be found, such as a Royal Commission or a full blooded inquiry into […]

AP six months old. 

07 Aug

Vexillology a scientific study of flags; what a lovely word; Vexillology.  As a younger “K” sailing ocean racing boats and having a natural interest in matters maritime, flags, much like stamps were welcome a rainy day diversion; books permitting.  Part of the fun being a ‘Mod’ for AP is monitoring the statistics; time permitting.  ‘We’ […]

Is duck shoving – unacceptable?

29 Jul

Before we begin this journey, there is some essential background information which we hope will assist the reader to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to what we believe is an inescapable conclusion. Quote:Duck-shove is first recorded in The Australian National Dictionary from 1870 to describe the pushy behaviour of Melbourne cab drivers. It seems to […]

Seven dire warnings.

15 Jul

1.   A proud look 2.   A lying tongue 3.   Hands that shed innocent blood 4.   A heart that devises wicked plots 5.   Feet that are swift to run into mischief 6.   A deceitful witness that uttereth lies 7.   Him that soweth discord among brethren   (Proverbs 6). Quote:TB – “Could this be the reason why CAsA […]

BRB Indaba. (one for the purists).

11 Jul

Balancing acts and Shanghai darts. Walked into a cheery session of the BRB last evening, good turn out, more to do with roster than anything else, but even so; the place was buzzing.  P7_TOM ambled off to get them in, for it was settling up day and I had four pints on his slate, so […]

Comments pages are, we regret, closed.

08 Jul

The ‘Blog’ site has some fairly basic statistics ‘tools’, one of which is a visitor counter. There are many visitors who wish to post comment.  We have had a lot of trouble with ‘Spammers’ on the ‘blog’, which is why the comments section of the ‘Blog’ has been closed off, it’s sad; but unfortunately, necessary. […]

Reform ? forget it.

06 Jul

Chips and the spitting thereof. Quote:AP “ In that foul stroke of a pen, Australia became aligned and “harmonized” overnight with NZ policy. Note again, that the NZ PMO’s published paper was the only reference given for the CASA change of implementation.”   Quote: AP “This matter is merely one manifestation of a broader failure of […]

Now is the time for all good men. etc.

09 Apr

Doc. Arthur Pape (bless) and the CVDPA is mounting another important challenge to the stone-age mentality of those who would, despite all evidence, logic and supportable decisions penalise those with Colour Vision Deficiencies.  This is potentially of global importance to those who can, as ICAO requires safely perform their duties.  The thread on Pprune is […]

A story told by silence.

13 Feb

Another dot emerges from the Unspeakable Prune picture as a further 24 hours roll by and despite the wide publication of what is ‘good news’ for Angel Flight, nary a word has been published on the UP website. The silence reflects the type of comment being attracted and the topics favoured by those who sit […]

The Unspeakable Pprune

06 Feb

Welcome to our New Website … It’s complete! 🙂  and more blog posts to come! … Please feel free to comment and share… We note the unspeakable Pprune web site continues it’s mindless descent into becoming a bland, politically correct, edited, moderated and censored mouthpiece for the ‘vested interest’ society.  At least on the Australian […]