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A horseshoe nail.

23 Sep

The head of the Skidmore snake is trapped in a cleft stick; there are , he says, no rules to fall back on should Part 61 be rolled back; which is a bollocks.  But, you can see the problem. Countless hours and dollars have been invested by operators in ‘compliance’ and amending operations manuals.  To unpick […]

Deception or perception?

17 Sep

Of perception – continued. On page 4 (Hansard) Houston brings in the framework on which ASA are to dance:- The word perception is used 16 times during the session, three times within the endless, time wasting Houston monologue Quote:Houston – The issue of probity: immediately after the last Senate hearing, the board was very concerned. I […]

Speculator pass.

17 Sep

Before we go any further, please note – we DO NOT as yet have all the facts related to this incident.  Before an impartial assessment there are some questions to which answers must be found. The three headed dog, aka Cerberus is, once again, in the headlights; they have a part in each and every […]

Ode to FFS and FCOL.

14 Sep

To climb the greasy pole, you must attend The first of needs; and find a friend a honest friend, both good and true, who When promoted, don’t forget you. At each and every meeting shine; Find a project, declare it thine, Then with tender loving care promote and make it stick, To where none dare […]

Dear DPM Truss, Chairman Boyd & the Board

14 Sep

Time gentleman & ladies..time! We understand the dilemma when several ‘preferred candidates’ who met the Forsyth recommended criteria.. 7. The next Director of Aviation Safety has leadership and management experience and capabilities in cultural change of large organisations. Aviation or other safety industry experience is highly desirable. ..ended up pulling the pin or being systematically […]

Resignation is honourable.

13 Sep

Opinion:- It is, daily, becoming embarrassingly apparent that although the DoIT specification was met; and, despite sage advice from the armed forces, indicating that Skidmore may mean and talk well; nothing will be done.  Not on ‘his watch’.  The DAS job is simply beyond his skill set; no shame in admitting that.  The only shame would […]

Of Gabfests and suchlike.

12 Sep

Sunday, time to spare, will I spend it at one of the many, many gabfests our public servants and ‘associates’ seem to enjoy?  It’s not as though we are short of choice; there’s lots of ways to waste your time:- Safeskies is always a good one.  A multi handed, carefully scripted and directed public service […]

For crying out bloody loud.

09 Sep

Quote:“The aviation community is being asked to help CASA develop a new program of regulatory change”. In so many ways, that is a strange request, perverse in it’s own unique way.  Think about it. For years, under McComic, we were the dross, the crap on the bottom of the ‘authority’ boots, the IOS, criminals, drunks, […]

Is there a power behind the throne?

05 Sep

A Sunday ramble. There exists a research project which has been knocking about the PAIN archives for a long while now; it’s almost complete, just waiting for the anniversary of the Skidmore appointment to round it off.  Although, until a ‘platform’ can be found, such as a Royal Commission or a full blooded inquiry into […]