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Quote:Page 10 – CHAIR: But there would be other issues besides this damn invoice.

Mr Harfield: No, that is the only issue to do with Mr and Mrs Hind. That was it and, as I said, that was picked up.

Senator BULLOCK: I get the feeling that it is the attitude of Airservices that once the matter hits the conflicts register there is nothing further to be done.

Sir Angus Houston: The point that I would make is that the board is addressing all of these probity issues. Again, I reinforce the point that we will be back with that report and it will look at all of these things in fine detail and it will be accompanied by recommendations that we will implement.

Senator GALLACHER: I accept everything you are saying. You get an investigator and you come back and fully disclose, but Mr Harfield seems to think that there is nothing wrong, that as long as you disclose that you are paying your wife you are good to go. Conflict, and managing it, is about perception.

Sir Angus Houston: Absolutely.

Senator GALLACHER: And that is just dumb. If I make a file note saying I am paying my missus a million dollars, that does not make it right. That does not remove the perception. But, Mr Harfield, you seem to think it does.

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