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P2 – Wheat from Chaff: “..a coupla choccy frogs are in order..”

29 Apr

P9 quote: “Amongst the screaming, shouting, chest beating, hair pulling and bitch slapping; the calm, measured, professional voices of common sense and logic can be clearly heard.  Paul Howard’s amongst them.   Bravo that man.”    {Comment: To Brigitte Lanteri TY for bringing this to my attention… } From the MMSM this afternoon (approximately 14:45 Oz EST) […]

Shameful Bollocks & Stupidity.

27 Apr

What a steaming crock – why did the SBS bother?  Recorded the ‘show’ then sat and watched it.  ‘It’ may well prevent a hysterical, neurotic already ready a feared of flying taking a short trip; but really.  It’s not bad enough that Pilots are already branded criminal lunatics by the CASA; just surprised they were […]

Breaking wind or wind of change?

23 Apr
Is DAS Skidmore just another benchwarmer?

We need to remind ourselves – this is a capital ‘B’ bureaucracy Skidmore must deal with, not democracy.  If it were a democracy then he would attract a veritable landslide majority on a reform platform; but it ain’t a democracy, is it (rhetorical). It was impressive that almost as soon as the SoI was issued, […]

Probity for MH 370 – Waiting, waiting…..

22 Apr

PAIN lodged with the Senate committee a serious objection to ATSB and Sangston investigating the Pel-Air report – here–; in that document the ICAO rules are mentioned with regard to Directly Interested Parties (DIP).  It believe it’s time to stop pissing about and for those DIP, those with lots of skin in the game to […]

Two bob’s worth of idle speculation please.

21 Apr

Not sure if it’s the politicians themselves, their ‘advisors’ or a combined effort which leaves the bad aftertaste.  Abbott may well have believed that MH 370 would be a happy paddle through a shallow, publicity rich, image building puddle.  Well, look before you leap is not a bad maxim, he is now in a deep, […]

Closing the safety loop – Part II

21 Apr
Is DAS Skidmore just another benchwarmer?

“…and their predecessors — whose responsibilities and staff members meet in the emotionally charged field of air crashes — have had formalised arrangements for decades but Skidmore traces the latest one back to the tragic Lockhart River disaster 10 years ago. CASA copped heavy criticism from the families of the 15 victims after the airline’s […]

MH 370 – In good faith.

20 Apr

In good faith. That is quite a serious and ‘binding’ statement. It implies, amongst other things, that one may believe that the purveyor, be it of goods, services or information, is Kosher (Halal if it pleases); in other words – is genuine, honest, trust worthy, ridgey didge, sound, true blue, fair dinkum and all the […]

Mum, why do I glow in the dark?

19 Apr

Back in the day; just after WW2 the Australian government actively encouraged all manner of aviation, realising that the sun burnt country, particularly ‘the bush’ would benefit from such activity. Alas, times have changed and from being a supported, vibrant, useful industry aviation has, through a series of downward steps become more of nuisance, than […]

An ICAO mention – Hmmm.

16 Apr

Leading Australian current affairs TV show 4 Corners on the government owned broadcaster ABC,[9] broadcast a program[10] focusing on the unfairness and injustice of excluding psychiatric injury on March 23, 2015 featuring Karen Casey, a nurse injured when the medical evacuation flight she was nursing on crashed in the waters off Norfolk Island

RE: Germanwings 9525. The statistics of sanity.

15 Apr

Great catch – from Thornbird..@ Aunty Often wondered if they’d left the cockpit doors as they were, would this accident have happened.   I always thought the old doors were break inable so that if the pilots were incapacitated after an accident emergency crews could get to them. I guess now with a fortress cockpit they […]

Aunty Pru goes solo.

13 Apr

It has been an interesting exercise playing at nurse maid for the fledgling Aunty Pru. But from hatching to first solo flight, she has proven to be a bonny, robust, happy, cooperative charge and, barring accidents should continue to thrive. For the other ‘Mods’ and myself, the statistics have been both fascination and nightmare. When […]

Wodger & the DJ terms of embuggerance.

11 Apr

Yes welcome Greedy and a most profound opening post: Quote:It could also be that she knows that “keeping mum” about the business will allow her to progress in the industry. It is a sad fact that anyone having the temerity to complain or assist others to complain invites retribution. As I understand it Dominic James […]

Now is the time for all good men. etc.

09 Apr

Doc. Arthur Pape (bless) and the CVDPA is mounting another important challenge to the stone-age mentality of those who would, despite all evidence, logic and supportable decisions penalise those with Colour Vision Deficiencies.  This is potentially of global importance to those who can, as ICAO requires safely perform their duties.  The thread on Pprune is […]

Spellbound? not any longer.

09 Apr

One of the more subtly dangerous effects of the hypnotic voodoo spell weavers art is the deaf, dumb and blind state. Once an unfortunate is lulled into a trance, the evil can be completed with ease. The arcane ritual begins with mind numbing boredom, usually produced through reams of stultifying paper work, crafted to be […]

AMROBA a distant green light.

08 Apr

RE: Forsyth report – IOS monitoring of progress?? Ken and the fellahin. “CASA’s Mark Skidmore has rejuvenated industry representatives at the SCC meeting, 31st March. His opening speech at the SCC has provided industry with some confidence that this CASA will be a different CASA to the last 2 regimes.” This reflects two of the […]

From the grapevine.

07 Apr

There is a whisper doing the rounds that both Skidmore and Boyd are interested in and listening to unvarnished tales from the coal face. Should this prove true, then it is to their eternal credit and another beer ‘we’ owe the Senators; the worthy Reverent Forsyth should be invited to that party. The Forsyth report […]

Ignored and unreported,

02 Apr

Another Canberra gab fest extravaganza, over. I expect Doug and/or Hitch will cover the details of the recent Cantberra ‘big bash’, whether Ben decides the details are news-worthy enough for his blog time will tell. Anyway – enough coverage so anecdotes and snippets will suffice for Aunty Pru. Although not much happened; certainly nothing electrifying, […]