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Give the poor commissioner a break. Only five and a half years to get the Norfolk investigation started and an update, this early, stating :-

“Yup, it’s right where we left it” is not too shabby a response.

Busy old Beaker; press calls at Silly O’clock,..

Gobbles caught a Oz MSM story that featured our super sleuth Muppet Beaker yet again flapping his felt gums to the media…

.. lunch with hare brained cub reporters to discuss the spaghetti menu; and there’s all that report writing, re editing and drafting and peer reviews to massage for the convenience of his mates over road, golf on Wednesday, beard grooming Thursday, beard shaving Friday. All of this then there is ‘the’ MH 370 search matrix to massage (sorry) manage and direct; after all, he is the only really, truly qualified career bureaucrat on the planet who can do it – well, apart from his Mum who briefs him from the daily tea leaf readings that is.

Nah, a five year hiatus is not too bad an effort for the Be-a-Cur, beyond all reason squad; I can assure you, we may expect other outstanding, peerless reports before the end of this decade; have no fear.

Shave and a haircut – two bob.    P7