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Steam On – Check.

Quote:P2 – ” IMO the RRAT Committee Senate Estimates is the perfect forum to get these answers. And from last Estimates with the attendance of Mr Peter Foley (Program Director, Operational Search for MH370) it would appear that the powers to be were expecting more QON to be asked. As it was Foley only gave a very limited update to the MH370 search:

The point (IMO) made by P2 post above is that it is high time the estimates committee took a hand in the MH 370 search; before we end up with egg on our collective, national faces.  His post calls, as do many other highly qualified, competent people for detail, clarity and proof of accuracy.  The reasons are self evident.  The questions keep mounting, the search keeps extending the results need little ‘technical’ explanation.  The ‘establishment’ search area is now believed to be incorrect by so many as to bring reasonable doubt on the official conclusions.  The IG, Brock McEwan, Bobby Ulich, Paul Howard, Jeff Wise, Mike Chillit, to name but a few would would happily challenge the SSWG conclusions.   I believe they would be delighted to be proven wrong and even more pleased to throw their collective, not inconsiderable intellectual weight into assisting refine or remodel the search parameters.  But it is very wrong that they should be slapped down, dismissed and denigrated as ‘amateurs’ – especially by the likes of Dolan.  Anyway, this and more has been said many times over, to no avail.   However, it appears:-

[Australia] has accepted responsibility for the search etc.

and, as this is a democracy; and, as there are more non-believers in the current search than believers – perhaps democracy should be exercised.   Let the dissenters speak; lets hear qualified argument; and, please let us see if the collective intellectual ability can prevail over the ruling few, who despite finding Sweet Fanny Adams, will not entertain any new, sensible, plausible, notions.  Anyway – just who are these faceless people? this SSWG?, don’t see them putting their professional ‘cred’ on the line.  Time to pee in the pot or get off it I’d say…Let them prove their theory, publish it and then be prepared to live or die by intellectual peer review.

On a minor note; some sidebar questions:-

Just what is meant by [Australia] has accepted responsibility for the search etc.?  Who has?, and for what, which department?.  What does “the responsibility” mean, exactly?  No one can be serious about leaving Dolan in charge; he of the slightly tarnished reputation.  Crumbs, the slightest hitch, cock up or stray bit of suspect evidence will ensure that it is all Australia’s fault that the wretched aircraft is not found.

Then there is the enormous cost – a $100 million-ish impost to provide mineral explorers with free sea bed maps, outrageous.  Well it is, when our own schools, families, dog shelters, battered wives, old folk, sick folk, blind folk, and every other poor, benighted sod in the ‘lucky’ country must tighten belts; to ask WHY? is a very fair question.   The poor old Nepalese only got seven millions and there thousands of them for the bleeding heart brigade crowd to toddle outdoors for and put flowers and teddy bears on lamp posts. Malaysia can afford it, the MAS insurers can afford it, the Chinese can most certainly afford it.  So why Australia, land of the recession we have to have?  Tony and Joe cry poor, every second chance they get, so I am perplexed as why ‘Australia’ has to foot now not only a large lump of the bill, but the responsibility as well.  I hope someone pays the Commonwealth for those sea floor maps, that may recompense – in part; but Dolan probably forgot to ensure exclusive rights to that property.

Why is not mandatory for international carriers to carry SAR insurance? I’m sure Lloyds could work something out.

Someone, please tell me why FFS does Australia have to “accept responsibility” for anything to do with a Malaysian accident?, let alone be responsible and catching the blame for the ineptitude of other governments.   Tell the Malaysians to accept their responsibility for the search, for their aircraft.   Sure, Australia will do the heavy lifting in our SAR area; but we cannot call the tune.  We haven’t lost a bloody aircraft from our screens – have we?   Nope, ain’t right, none of it: not by a long shot.

Aye – Steam Off – but keep that boiler warm.

Toot toot.