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Ref: ― William Shakespeare, Othello plus: Google pic links 1) & 2)

She swore, in faith ’twas strange, ’twas passing strange; – AP Forum version.

The end of a ‘most peculiar year’ is drawing nigh. What are we, the Hoi Polloi, to make of it? For ‘tis a fair question. I can’t make Heads or Tails of it.

“The phrase may have its beginnings all the way back in Ancient Rome, in a phrase used by Cicero, ne caput nec pedes which means neither head nor feet, referring to a state of confusion.”

Confused messages; all from different folk – some with an axe to grind; some with a large rice bowl to protect; some who see an opportunity for advancement within their ‘realm’ and then; some who have NDI what’s going on – but wish, fervently, it would all just stop. There’s even a crew for good ship ‘could care less’. It is what it is, they say. “Es lo que es.”

We are not bereft of comment this year; however, IMO the ‘best’ – in terms of summation have been made in the last week of so. With your indulgence – making it a longish post – shall we take a brief look at those recent arrivals.

From the UP. I will repeat it here – as there are some sidebars which add flavour.

Glenn: I recently left CASA because it had totally lost it’s way.

Here we enter the realms of ‘credibility’. Aunt Pru has many mates who have ‘worked’ for the CASA machine; not with – but for. This is an important ‘tell’. However, those AP knows cannot, nor dare speak out for many reasons. In the Pub over a beer – the stories are truly awful – beggar the imagination of those who can imagine plenty. Even so; we may take the following as a ‘layman’s guide’ to the way things stand.

The body (it is not an organisation) that I originally joined was transformed after Mr Carmody joined into a true branch of the public service. Layer upon layer of new management, confusion about roles, lots of “Plans” but no coordination of change, zero documentation, inability to keep regulations up to date, and as far as I could determine absolutely no safety assessment process. An SMS, as required by all authorisation holders, is completely missing from CASA. No-one in my branch could even detail the required content of a Safety Case or how such a submission would be assessed by CASA!

The ‘bolded’ part rings true. The base line for deciding if a ‘thing’ is ‘safe’ or not is a mystical black art. Some of the alleged ‘safety cases’ CASA have hay-stacked are the stuff of legend. Some of the matters let slide are a short road to a burning wreck – Canley Vale for just one example. The highly subjective, personalised way a CASA FOI may decide a ‘safety matter’ forms a base part of the dangerous road Australia is on. Make no mistake about it; so long as a personal ‘opinion’ of what is or is not safe – without a SMS/ Sector Risk Analysis (SRA) and comprehensive, clearly defined guide lines – soon or late – the loop holes left in an operators modus will cause an accident. The majority of those enslaved to the CASA behemoth have little to no experience as aircraft operators, chief pilots or chief flight instructors; most have never run an aviation business. Without guidance and experience – opinion rules; not ‘safety’.  (Unless its legal safety for CASA).

“I tried to raise your plight internally to get the corporate response but all I ever got was “he’s a nutter’, “difficult to deal with” and as for PPRuNe – who reads that rubbish anyway! In other words corporate denial that there was even a problem and if the messenger dared to suggest CASA may be wrong – there are a thousand egos willing to toe the company line.

Standard response – but our correspondent fails to mention the vehemence with which a ‘complainant’ will be dealt with. CASA have and still do pursue ‘personal grudges’ and the CASA line to a point which can, seriously damage reputation, earning ability and even a career. Should this latest Senate inquiry wish to be taken seriously; and, genuinely want to set matters aeronautical to rights; they should call for ‘Complaints’ from industry folk. In camera – fine; but if ever the truth gets loose in the corridors of power – well!
{Aside} – Pprune has a fairly extensive readership. Aunt Pru is no slouch in that department. Since last Christmas only 1.25 million have read our twiddles and rambles; 40% of that readership is from the USA. The ‘E-mail’ loops return messages of sympathy, advice and; importantly, one repetitive question. “Why do you guy’s put up with it?” It is a bloody good question.

I wish you luck but they have got so much money set aside to protect the Minister from criticism that they will simply use the legal system to bankrupt you over and over until you are forced to give up.

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This bipartisan bollocks and ministerial protection racket just has to stop. At a stretch, you could take it back as far as Lockhart River; without too much effort you could go back to the ‘Staunton report’ – which not only rocked the minister to the soles of his boots, but the rest of ‘em too. The only quarrel we have with Staunton is that he knocked off early – CAA assisted manslaughter was, IMO, on the cards. Instead of a righteous reform we drew today’s paranoia. Rot this deep must be ruthlessly cut out – the Kiwi’s did it; miles ahead now.

“My advice is to forget tribunals and courts and go political. If you can get a politician onside money becomes meaningless. Your issues can be raised in parliament under privilege and reported on verbatim by the media. That will really put the pressure right back where the Minister does not like it – in plain view.

Amen to that. Until the ‘government’ stop hiding behind so called ‘expert’ advice and taking the easy way out of Dodge; nothing will change for the better. The minister should be ‘responsible’ and made to defend the actions of CASA against the ‘opposition’. That, in my book is democracy in action – not the farcical inaction we see from the DPM’s office. Disgusting, cowardly and cheap. Not the democracy we pay for – not by a long shot.

Should you, perchance think I’m drawing the long bow of total lack of political interest apart from ‘protection. Take a coffee and read the results of P2’ research – on the tip of the iceberg. Post 1 – Post 2. Read ‘em and weep.

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Ref: & 4G leaves it to the experts (CASA) on airport safety – TICK..TOCK! & Times up for Pel_air MkII &…-all-that/

St Commode’s wee tanty. HERE -.

What a complete, utter load of BOLLOCKS. I could live with that – Mr part time, mostly cranky could/would/ should say stuff like that – they pay him enough to do so. Piece of cake with his minion controlling what passes as ministerial ‘thought’; or, even vague feelings of responsibility for his portfolio. It would be disappointing had the patron Saint of aviation safety not had a wee speech prepared for him; he has a huge rice bowl to protect after all. But – and it is a bloody great big BUT – “Objection M’Lud”.

Commode – “Some of my own research.
Qualified to research are we? Expert in matters aeronautical are we? Run an airline, flight school, charter outfit? Held an AOC? Written an Operations Manual? Trained dozens of pilots?

Commode – “is starting to indicate to me that”  What? What exactly is it indicating? Please shed the light of your vast aeronautical experience on those of us with but a humble lifetime at the coal face. I’m all a twitter to hear your words of wisdom.

Commode – “… those who work hardest at pushing back against the regulator are often the same ones who end up having serious accidents or incidents in flight,”

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Evidence ya Loon – a requirement under the law. Not the sort of muck CASA put up to scare the natives; but clear, demonstrable, unequivocal proof. Better still – where’s your carefully researched paper on how to prevent VFR pilots persisting into IMC? A weather awareness course? No? Perhaps ‘Escape route strategy’? No – well howzabout an inexpensive, cohesive system for Instrument Flight qualifications? No – all too hard for you; perhaps you should get some expert, qualified advice before you start flapping your gums and making idiot, unsubstantiated statements in the press. Fraudulent, fatuous, flatulent fat ass wanker. (P7 two bob added).

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“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Aye well – perhaps I’m being just too subtle for the great aviation thinkers of our day; their clever machinations beyond my scope and outside my ambit. The great game of aviation reform unfolding before my very eyes – and me, just too thick to see it. Perhaps, if I too could loose a few marbles, I could see the light – alas; I’m quite fond of the few marbles I have; reckon I’ll keep ‘em; if it’s all the same to you – even if it’s not.

Well, that’s Christmas for another year. I managed to get the ‘cupboard’ finished – the ‘box’ with shelves ain’t too much of a chore; but the blasted drawer, would not cooperate, made it twice. The door worked out Ok – raised panel in a lovely, deeply featured bit of book matched Cherry I found at the back of the rack. Delivered, on time (just) as requested and required by the powers that be; just like an aircraft; on time and in one piece. Speaking of which – per ardua ad the loot. The colt needs a ride, the dogs need an out, I need to be away from this excellent new key-board (Cheers Santa) and the night air is fresh, cool and clear. A few drops of rain would most adequately complete my wish list.