The Sunday Brunch Gazette.

From CASA Regional Manager to New Owner of APTA:-

Hi (new owner of APTA), I understand that Mr Buckley remains as APTA deputy HOO. This is no longer tenable with the comments that Mr Buckley is making publicly.

Oh my giddy Aunt!!!...sorry Aunt Pru not referring to you.

The HI sets the scene, Hi is a tad familiar, not Dear Sir, or Dear Mr/Ms........lack of respect? could be........ Best mate with the recipient? maybe. Arrogant disregard for protocol?....undoubtably. Hi is a bit touchy feely for me.

Where is the media for goodness sake?

This is a government employed bureaucrat directly trying to influence an Australian citizens employment rights and livelihood because they have been critical of a government agencies actions.

Many agree this is not just capricious, but diabolical. Embuggerence at its most venal.

"This is no longer tenable with the comments that Mr Buckley is making publicly."

In other words Mr Buckley is not prepared to accept US destroying his business and bankrupting him, and a few others (collateral damage), for no other reason than WE said so.

He chose to criticise US, therefore WE decree he is "persona non grata" and we will not allow him to participate in aviation again.

Oh and by the by this has nothing to do with safety, nor non compliance, we just didn't like his business model, which was only viable anyway because we buggered up our "reformed" regulations. We could not afford any light being shone on that cock up so Mr Buckley had to go. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut and if anything praise us for our actions and all would have been well, but he had to go and complain, therefore the fault is his not ours, how dare he criticise US.

Where is the industry for goodness sake? Mr Buckleys experience is embuggerence on a grand scale, even by CAsA standards, yet nothing from industry. Why?

There has been much said in support of Mr Buckley via several anonymous blog sights, obviously by industry participants behind anonymous "handles," but formal complaint, not a lot. Why?

A letter sent to Mr Buckley by the CEO of CAsA illustrates why. The subtle implied threat, dissent will not be tolerated by the regulator, what we have done to Mr Buckley we can do to you, we can destroy you any time we like.

Mr Buckley is a lone individual. Who would be prepared to risk their life work? can't blame them I guess.

The question still remains, why would a CAsA official put into the open an attempt to subjugate and censor a dissenter?

Their subtle modus operandi is usually off the record phone calls to CP's or CEO's or foreign regulators that employing So and So may not be in their best interest.

At best this illustrates the arrogance of senior management belief that CAsA is untouchable, unaccountable and omnipotent.

Or it illustrate that CAsA senior management has bugger all control over what its minions do, until it's done, when  the do do hits the fan they frantically mobilise large quantities of Mr sheen in a vain attempt to polish the turd.

They keep employing industry rejects or unemployable incompetents, many with large chips on their shoulders with delusions of grandeur or of revenge, let them loose on the industry to wreak havoc, with no oversight, then expend vast resources to cover it up.

Think I'm joking?

Then ask the question.

Embuggerences over the years and there are many, well documented, were any of those involved prosecuted for breach of regulation?

If not why not? Thats the way the LAW is supposed to work isn't it?

No this couldn’t happen here in civilised Australia where the rule of law is enshrined in Constitution and Common Law and free speech is guaranteed.

A ministerial Christmas Carol.

[Image: bannerrrr.jpg]

Yes, yes; settle down – I know ‘tis early. But blame for the untimely reminder must lay at TOM’s feet. There we were quietly working away, when he whistles a snatch from a Carol; then laughed. I looked at his bench and there he was grinning – “Wuzz up” say’s I. “Just remembered a funny version of that” says he. “I shall render it”. So he did; hilarious (also ribald and unprintable). Once we’d stopped laughing, we set about ‘remodelling’ the ditty to be about our very own ‘Three Kings’ of aviation; it got to be ridiculous – but the theme struck a chord.

We Three Kings of Orient are, is self explanatory; we preferred “Kinks’ of peculiar orientation are, but couldn’t get the thing off the deck – and so the hours were whiled away. But the theme remained firmly stuck; had to be a way to parse the afternoon’s entertainment down to a shot at our Three Kings. (Which ain’t, by the way a winning hand). So we begin with the mildest of variations:-

“Bearing gifts we traverse afar,”

That line is very much open to interpretation. Gifts of kudos for our minister McDonaught? Or, perhaps, the lumber lifted from the last botched job, which he will have to fence to cover the pug marks of our three incompetents? The word ‘traverse’ is an interesting choice: [“2. move back and forth or sideways”].

When matched with ‘Afar’ the scene is set. There is no distance the three kings will not travel, in any direction, to avoid any sort of responsibility for the monstrous buggers muddle they have, collectively, created. Why should they? There’s a perfectly respectable minister to carry the can – when the crime is revealed.


One in a taxi,

The BRB had trouble deciding which one of the kings would travel by taxi. Close run thing, but in the end it was Halfwit they decided. The reasoning was clear; given his total lack of understanding of complex traffic patterns, round about being a particular problem, lane changing and especially road signs; creating traffic delays as he needs to stop and carefully read before proceeding. Then of course there is his trusty accountant, ride-along mate who can finesse a taxi fare into an acceptable return on any journey. Well all of that plus; they cannot afford a vehicle as the debt on the last one written off could not be met owing to the bill at the Never Tell Motel. Which is a story for another day.

One on a scooter pipping his hoooter:

Absolutely 100% agreement on this one. Had to be HVH Hood. No contest. What can one say more about the flamboyant parading of ‘safety’ in faery tale land. High Viz ‘waistcoat (cut to fit tightly’) rainbow striped crash hat and a hooter that won’t stop ‘pipping’ his own skills in ‘safety’ first. Often spotted with a pillion passenger; sometimes a diminutive, almost Gnome like figure clinging to the statistical analysis that mostly, journey’s end will be achieved. The other is a baby faced, skinny, gangly child who seems to ride like a princess; aloof, unruffled and so very superior to mortal care of safety, sits back and enjoys the Scooter ride; immune to any and all danger of landing on it’s arse in any event. Aye, the scooter hooter pipping crowd are immune from road kill statistics; after all they wrote ‘em. 

and, one in a motor car.

Which brings us to item last. The one in the motor car. Well, the BRB crew only had three options; so; St Commode got the vote. The man in the Com Car. Well, why not eh? What need has this god like creature to travel by public transport – the golf bag alone (must travel equipment) is nothing more than a nuisance on a bus. Schedule is important and appearances must be maintained. What’s the point in gaining the top job when you have to walk past the scene of the crime. No; no, better to arrive crisp and clean just after morning tea; do the signing required; brief the ministers puppet master on the dosage, and be at the club to ‘T’ off in the right circle of mandarins. What could possibly be more important? No, public transport for this immaculate is out of the question. The very idea of even being touched by the unwashed; or, spoken to by the unshriven is beyond the pale. And why not eh? When you have a minister by the scrotum, are banking half a mill a year and have no responsibility which can be brought to task; why not settle back in the luxury vehicle and simply enjoy the ride.

They didn’t get very far.

Aye. Indeed, we do have "We three kings; untouchables are; etc.

There, that’s that itch scratched. All rubbish of course; our three kings are highly qualified, caring, safety oriented doyens of aviation administration and would lay down their very life to ensure that aviation is as ‘safe’ as possible. All that’s left wonder is just who, of all, is the ‘safest’. The minister must be so very happy, to have all this excellence surrounding his tenuous tenure...............

Man’s work to do today; the bag comes out of it’s cupboard (again) – the dogs still ask ‘can we not come’; knowing full well the answer. I must venture alone into a night sky; comforted by the protection of the most complex, convoluted, insane, rule set on the face of this planet. Safe in the knowledge that if I bugger it up, criminal charges await. Then I must work with an Air traffic system designed by a Halfwit. But, no matter; I know full well that should I crash and burn, HVH will be there (suitably attired, wind swept and interesting)  to personally  examine the reasons and wreckage: the why and the how, just to prevent it ever happening again. My family may rest easy, knowing that I and my passengers are so very well protected. Oh, I’m just so happy – I could wet myself.

O world! O life! O time!
On whose last steps I climb,
Trembling at that where I had stood before;
When will return the glory of your prime?
No more—Oh, never more!

Out of the day and night
A joy has taken flight;
Fresh spring, and summer, and winter hoar,
Move my faint heart with grief, but with delight
No more—Oh, never more!



P2 comment: For mine, after nearly exactly five years Anderson is still firmly on the Money... Wink

[Image: Dy1fKuhUYAA0IC9.jpg]
Ref:  Letter from Anderson & Angel Flight General Aviation Timeline of Embuggerance – Letter from Anderson &

Anderson • 4 years ago

CASA serves only the interests of CASA.

First and foremost – self-perpetuation.

Closely followed by reaching its claws into the pocket of every GA participant to extract the maximum bounty to fund said self-perpetuation.

It long ago became an unwieldy beast that shed even any sort of pretence it might actually serve the aviation community that funds it through the regular extortionate gouging, both direct and indirect.

CASA certainly does “make no apologies” – never has, never will (if past behaviour is any guide)…

Why then does it expect anyone with a brain and even the slightest modicum of historical fact into aviation in Australia to believe anything the self declared non-apologist has to say on any topic?

It has been proven time and time again to be untrustworthy on almost every level (secret collusion to influence ATSB investigations and doctor accident reports – anyone, anyone…?).

An organisation that simply lacks credibility within the real aviation community (ie, not the segment that benefits from the largesse, corporate favours and behind the scenes political shenanigans) cannot be taken at face value.

Bureaucratic regulation for all is the panacea for everything.

By now it is clear the regulatory behemoth seeks to destroy GA and everything associated with it, to not only bite the hand that feeds it but to chomp, mangle and swallow to the GA armpit and beyond.

Whatever any new purported “safety measures” might be from CASA for the community service flight sector, it will be a rocky transition to yet more rules that will do nothing to protect anyone.

The only new protection needed is for the selfless humanitarians in the community service flight sector (and GA generally) from the CASA bureaucrats.

The “safety measures” will come with some new fee or charge associated – nominal at first of course so as not to create too much resistance – and given some fashionable newspeak name to allay any unease, which will of course be simultaneously denounced as “misplaced concerns” when the CASA PR machine swings into action.

We all know by now where “nominal” fees end up down the track – the next CASA cash cow.

Remember this all well folks, for what will be sold out of both sides of the CASA mouth in the months and years ahead will be nothing but a wolf in the guise of a sheep. Harmless at first, only to reveal a savage bite when it’s far too late to fully comprehend what really occurred.

Given the behaviour of CASA over the past years, one really does need to wonder whether they are a completely delusional bunch (given the continued expectation we will blindly accept anything they broadcast), but more importantly whether there is indeed a hidden agenda to completely rout GA – to destroy it so completely that nothing remains but empty crown land, devoid of the now GA aerodromes and ripe for redevelopment – which will all be a sheer coincidence of course.

This latest little trojan horse from CASA is undoubtedly but the next distraction to interfere where none is needed and to spew forth but more needless regulation. This time it will be aimed squarely at those who provide a tremendous service and benefit to the community.

A type of actual service that CASA would not recognise if it were placed directly in front of its bloated waistline.

Awww Jeez K,

Your Whimsy Chrissy carol raises a smile, if it wasn't so serious.

Just watching Chris Kenny on Sky tonight and they were discussing ScoMo's news grab about Australia getting into the Space race and he was prepared to throw money, OUR MONEY into investigating the prospect.
All the usual waffle about how best placed we are Blah Blah Blah, innovation, High Tech jobs Blah Blah Blah, investment $$$ to be made, Blah Blah Blah.

The cynical side of me can't help but consider, we already have the shreds of an industry left that already provides innovation, the best of which we've already shipped offshore, there is investment, although the Chinese are the only ones investing. There are high Tech jobs that could be expanded, thrive and generate lots and lots of $$$ but unfortunately its being killed off by YOUR out of control bureaucrats. That industry is called AVIATION, its there, it exists already its not a fantasy. Unfortunately for Australia its shackled by our own stupidity, dying under the weight of Incompetence, ineptitude, arrogance and self interest, by a Bureaucracy you, the Political class, let loose with no checks, no balances, free to drive what could have been a high tech, innovative, job creating industry into the ground.

So I ponder, we already have a kindred industry its called aviation, but your bureaucracy is killing it, let loose on your proposed Space industry what would they do to it?

New Zealand sets the pace, they freed their aviation industry by promulgating clear and concise regulation modelled on the US FAR's and it is thriving, their Space industry has stolen the march on Australia, does that not tell ScoMo Anything?

Great on the rhetoric Sco Mo, but pretty poor on the action.

[Image: maxresdefault-1.jpg]
References: & &

A Non Sequitur? – but at what cost?

Description: When the conclusion does not follow from the premises.  In more informal reasoning, it can be when what is presented as evidence or reason is irrelevant or adds very little support to the conclusion.

(also known as: derailment, “that does not follow”, irrelevant reason, invalid inference, non-support, argument by scenario [form of], false premise [form of], questionable premise [form of], non-sequitur).


Ref: & NTSB v ATSB - Like chalk and cheese??

Dear Miniscule. (From the heart). Please take 10 minutes to listen to real accident investigators talking about a very real, very serious, internationally recognised problem Australian aviation ‘safety’ has.  Start at the 20 minute mark: just pin your ears back and listen: - very closely and very carefully. I can save you the time – in a nutshell – the ATSB MUST become an independent, autonomous organisation – crewed by PROFESSIONALS. 

Why whimpers the confounded glove puppet – Oh! Why?

[Image: 3748bd4d95766649c4b3f149f4fac7b1.jpg]

The Potted version.

"Gods know what the Angel Flight debacle has cost; in real time and money, Senators by the hour ain’t cheap. No one minds the money being spent when there is a ‘result’. But, to see  the money squandered on a report and rules change, which affects SFA in the way of improved safety outcomes, is disgraceful. When you start to add up the cost of ‘the investigation’, the cost of CASA dreaming up bloody silly rules, the price tag for production of same, the cost of a Senate inquiry, the cost of generating a disallowance motion, the cost of parliament and the secretariat: all required to support a stupid response to a nonsensical analysis, you have to wonder at the value of the resultant mess. What has been achieved? SFA is the answer. Disgusting and beneath contempt."

Ref: 29 November 2014…lying.html &

Long version:-

Well, you see the focus on ‘cost’ to industry against official fiscal ‘accountability’ has, somehow, become corrupt. But, in a reverse sense. Industry howling, long, loud and often about the way things are and the cost thereof. But the true, deeply hidden, unseen, unaccountable ‘cost’ - to the tax payer – for the fatuous, often flatulent results of ‘investigation’ and the CASA remedy, cost a whole lot more than the pathetic ‘law’ writ and accepted as righteous is - in reality, worth:” and that minister is very, very expensive on the public purse – not CASA’s. Particularly when the ‘cure’ is based on a wrong diagnosis. For example (and for your adult, sans Rose tinted glasses, edumacation). We begin my long ramble:-

Was the ATSB and CASA reaction (not action) to the Angel Flight accidents logically fallacious?

(View Sen Fawcett from 03:10)

Ref: & pg 3 of

That question hit the BRB deck with a loud clang, followed by silence. WTD is the fool rambling on about now. Strange looks came my way – best explain I thought, the tooter the sweeter. “Gentlemen, there are four items bothering me;

(i) Seven dead in two recent accidents, the Chopper off WLM and the Mooney to the West of there:

(ii) the inclusion of AF as a separate category, now identified as such on your aviation medical form (tick if applicable):

(iii) (a real bung twister) – how much, from start to finish did the whole  AF ‘thing’ cost, in real money?:

(iv) how much difference (closing the loop) to similar accidents will be made through this expenditure on pointless, worthless 'law'?

The two Angel Flight fatal accidents and the latest two (fatal) accidents are roughly ‘similar’. They are acknowledged, world wide as one of the major threats and challenges facing ‘aviation safety’: to wit, Pilots qualified only for flight in Visual Conditions -  entering (and  persisting) into Instrument only conditions and busting the rules of safety?  Example - VFR 101 - Always have a 'back door' escape plan - sure, take a 'look-see' be be certain sure you can turn around, back to safe conditions.

For some, as yet undetermined reason, CASA went after Angel Flight (AF). Whether this was prompted by the public statement made by a fool of an IIC on TV; or, the hysterical report returned by same, followed by an equally one eyed submission to inquiry, we’ll never know. No matter. What followed is at the heart of this ramble.

The upshot is that CASA developed a legislative instrument. That instrument is the subject of two dis-allowance motions. They escaped ministerial embarrassment on the first go-around; but that remains on the cards for the second iteration. I believe most thought the first attempted ‘rule change’ was simply a ‘Band Aid’. Wrong!~. It not only failed to address the radical cause of the accidents, but was totally inutile (demonstrated) in  preventing further events. A complete waste of time, effort and public money, which changed nothing. But how much did this Non Sequitur cost, to achieve absolutely nothing. I mean an absolute, total Zero - in the way of ‘safety’ improvement or prevention of similar. Not worth the price of the bog paper it was scrawled on…And yet.

So how much did this fiasco cost? Start to next amendment – in fear of Senate condemnation and ministerial embarrassment for totally buggering it up – caught out, behind the stumps? I dared to ask the BRB the same question.  

“Impossible to compute” growls the crew. True dat. “It could be done” says one of our more academic associates. “Construe” they said. It went something like this (E&OE). Set aside the cost of the Mt Gambier accident investigation as a given ‘must’. The time taken to prepare edit and publish the final report may also be discounted as a necessary expense. Then we collect the names of every single person who handled the report, went to meetings and worked on the CASA end of the report. An accurate determination of the ‘man-hours’ invested, set as a figure against the pay scale as an hourly value. Then, work out a similar cost for the ancillary staff required to draft, edit and bring to life ‘the instrument’. Then cost out the Senate committee time and expense to determine to hold and inquiry; then total cost of that inquiry. Then add in the cost of parliamentary staff and political entities; and, you have a rough idea of the total cost so far.

Mission Impossible – right; Right. But you get the idea of the massive cost, to the public purse to achieve Sweet Fanny Adams (SFA)  in the way of ‘improved’ safety or even a humble attempt to address the radical cause of an accident series with a long, long history. The incredible waste, for no positive outcome should be the trigger for an overhaul of the aviation ‘safety’ system; root and bough. For it is a failed system; expensive, unwieldy, incompetent, far removed from any measure of reality known to industry;  and, to put a hat on it -  completely beyond the control of the parliament and minister. The cost of safety to industry is irrelevant they claim; but the cost to the nation for no return or improvement is staggering. 


The ratio of ‘cost to industry' through legislation’ is but a drop in the ocean when compared to the cost to this nation for providing nothing of intrinsic or practical value toward ‘public safety’. In short; it’s a rip off of massive proportions. Time Australians got wise, methinks.

Meanwhile, in grown up aviation nations, progressing toward addressing the ‘real’ safety matters:-

[Image: Federal_Aviation_Administration_logo.png]

The United States has the largest and most diverse GA community in the world, with more than 220,000 active aircraft, including amateur-built aircraft, rotorcraft, balloons, and highly sophisticated turbojets. By working together, and focusing on data driven solutions, government and industry are making a difference to put the right technologies, regulations, and education initiatives in place to improve safety.

The FAA’s goal is to reduce the GA fatal accident rate by 10 percent over a 10-year period (2009-2018). Inflight loss of control – mainly stalls – accounts for the largest number of GA fatal accidents. Although the fatal accident rate is declining, last year (FY17) 347 people still died in 209 general aviation fatal accidents.

The FAA and industry are focused on reducing general aviation accidents by primarily using a voluntary, non-regulatory, proactive, data-driven strategy to get results— similar to the strategy the FAA uses in commercial aviation.

Reducing Risk.

Using data, the FAA and industry are working together to identify risk, pinpoint trends through root cause analysis, and develop safety strategies. The FAA and the GA community carry out this work through the GAJSC.


Apologies for the long ramble; I just get sickened when fed very expensive Pony-Pooh from a bunch of half arsed amateurs, lost deep within the myths and legends of Sleepy Hollow, taking the money and not doing too much to earn it. There, I feel better now. 

Aye, best crack on, simple things for a simple mind will provide a much needed measure of space, far from the lunacy Australian aviation is descending into; with ministerial assistance.


[Image: EGVCUEGVAAAHk-K?format=jpg&name=large]

Fuzzy logic – Redefined.

Fuzzy logic is an approach to computing based on "degrees of truth" rather than the usual "true or false" (1 or 0) Boolean logic on which the modern computer is based.”.

“Fuzzy logic seems closer to the way our brains work. We aggregate data and form a number of partial truths which we aggregate further into higher truths which in turn, when certain thresholds are exceeded, cause certain further results such as motor reaction.”

The ‘motor reaction’ I have to this particular line of ‘Fuzzy logic’; pedalled by Johnathan (where’s me marble’s) Aleck, is a strange mixture of reflex vomiting and a primal urge to hit something – hard and often. Rather than doing that, being a renaissance man at heart, I thought it best to try and disassemble the bull-pooh with common or garden sense. Here’s the offending quote:-

Aleck - '"..Our objective here is not to specifically address what caused those two accidents; it's to address what kinds of things can cause incidents and accidents of this kind. We're being prospective. If we were to wait for sufficiently robust data to support an evidence based decision for every individual decision we took in this space, we would have to wait for a dozen or more accidents to occur..."

[Image: 71590553_2306806446296917_89532877171400...e=5E21126A]
Ref: &/or

Objection M’Lud; why, in the seven Hell's would the radical not be examined – in detail.

Three things grossly ‘disingenuous’ within that sentence.

(i) What caused an accident is central to any investigation. There are records, world wide tabulated data, of similar events where an aircraft has ‘crashed’- basically out of control into the planet, going back a long time. The events all well documented – but, oddly,  not the cure.

(ii) It is a denial of a ‘duty of care’ and of the very essence of any regulator's role to specifically 'not' address what caused the accident and to develop ‘way’s and means’ of preventing a reoccurrence. Let us be very clear here; visual flight qualified pilots operating into and persisting into instrument flight conditions is illegal, dangerous and often fatal. If the rules don’t prevent this from being a consistent statistic; then the rules are clearly not working. Why not is the next logical question.

(iii) Safety (whatever that may be) is the stated, traded on and paid for raison d'être for the very existence of a ‘safety first’ regulatory system.

Aleck – “it's to address what kinds of things can cause incidents and accidents of this kind. (Huh?+ WTD???) Read that again -

Bollocks! – pure, plain, simple, unadulterated balderdash. The ‘things’ which have caused multiple, recurring deaths are (a) bad weather; (b) low cloud and rain; © bad weather, low cloud, bad planning and Oh! Bad weather and rising terrain. Did I mention flight continued into unsuitable weather condition? Now not even a demi god of convoluted Bollocks can control that phenomenon. There was a King, name of Canute from memory, who tried to turn back the tide. He had about as much luck with that as Aleck has controlling the weather; despite his ‘god complex’.

Aleck – “We're being prospective”.

Ah; Prospecting – I can just see old Aleck, his mule carrying his gold pan and marbles, going a' prospecting. Grubbing around in the dirt trying to find a gold nugget big enough to fill a mouse’s ear – or a ministerial posterior orifice. Aye; “here’s a likely spot”. Dust, dirt and rubbish are dug out of the ever enlarging hole, flung about in a great show of industry – until it becomes painfully and clearly apparent, to blind Freddy, ‘tis but a ‘prospector’s wet dream, based on legend and myth.

Aleck – “If we were to wait for sufficiently robust data to support an evidence based decision for every individual decision we took in this space, we would have to wait for a dozen or more accidents to occur..."

Breath taking Bollocks. Stunning clarity and unbelievable nerve. The sheer audacity, based on years and years of baffling politicians with pony-pooh is, were it not absolutely true, be unbelievable. Once again; just for clarity M’lud; since the Wright Brothers kicked off the air transport brouhaha; pilots and passengers have been getting killed through ‘weather’ related collision of aircraft and terrain. IT AIN’T a ‘new’ trend. In fact it is a trend as old as aviation itself. Killed hundreds. And will kill again; unless we stop dancing about the Daisy’s. The fatal incident count can, (I do stress can) be reduced.


[Image: shane_carmody-1.jpg]


These events cannot possibly be even rationally addressed through increasingly punitive legislation; it cannot be addressed through draconian, tick-a-box training; and, more importantly – it will never, not ever, be addressed through the fuzzy, fatuous load of Bollocks, the likes of Aleck trots out when he is called in to justify the actions of an incompetent, flawed regulator. 

FAA -"When deviations from regulatory standards occur, the FAA's goal is to use the most effective means to return an individual or entity that holds an FAA certificate to full compliance and prevent recurrence."

This time: - I’m cranky. When two – government ‘safety’ agencies conspire to cover their own gross inadequacies using a simple thing like Angel Flight as a Scape goat; it’s time to ring the changes. Australian Aviation is going to Hell in a hand cart; pushed along the road to perdition by the likes of Aleck – in vainglorious pursuit of his missing marble (or: at least the ones he thinks are 'missing’). Wouldn’t be the minister for a pension; not while this crew is ‘running’ the asylum. No sir, I would not. So, I'll see your Cromaty and raise you a logical argument - Plonker.

Ref: &/or

Aye well; that’s that done; and, I’m under the pump. DT brought a coffee to the stable and mildly ‘suggested’ that a new blanket box would be a very desirable thing to have, and how it would be of great assistance to matters domestic. I may even have wriggled off that hook, had ‘she’ not cast a long, pointed look at some 100 y.o. Baltic Pine boards I’d been saving for a rainy day. Alas….Almost an inch thick, 14 inches wide, average 6 foot 4 inches long (we work in old money) – in short, perfect to her plan. I look at the dogs; they look at the timber. I ask you honestly– how do they know that we are looking down the barrel of at least a dozen ‘dovetail’ joints per panel; which is 12 ‘tails’ and 12 pins per panel; that’s 24 whole joints per end x by four ends = 96 separate items to be measured, sawn, chiselled out and fitted together; a lid to be made and a bottom fitted; that before the finishing is done and hinges installed. Salvation is at hand, my loyal friends demand ‘walk first’ – these are the rules, set in stone.  So when you emerge tomorrow morning; I’ll be ‘away’ with the dogs on a long, long walk.

[Image: banner.jpg]

I may even give TOM a call; hint there’s a new keg of Ale in need of ‘assistance’. Big Grin

Those pictured are ‘lapped dovetails’ (in American Oak) – tricky’ and deuced difficult to ‘arrange’ without blemish. We shall try:-

Selah -

[Image: SBG-131019.jpg]

O war! thou son of hell

(Whom angry heavens do make their minister,)

Ref: Dirty RRATs, government grants, charter stink and a plea for harmony. Read more &

Has it finally come down to ‘battle’? I expected one when I toddled into ‘the Pub’ – no one at the dart board having an Ale, a laugh and a bit of practice. Looked askance of the venerable bar-keep; he just nodded toward the big room – “all there” quoth this worthy, as he topped off my usual, placing it neatly on the bar. I nodded my thanks, took the top inch off, a deep breath and ambled down to ‘the meeting’. “’Bout bloody time” growls P7; let’s get started”.

“Item One” – (Ills of Society #1) – “what the hell is the RRAT committee playing at?” ‘Twas a good question, one demanding an answer. One of the elder statesmen piped up “before you all go off at Rex (sicof ‘im) Patrick (looks at me) there are things you need to know about how the ‘committee’ itself works”. The wise owl explained, in some detail the rules under which ‘the committee’ may work. Long story, educational and (to me) somewhat confusing. But; in short, it seems that Patrick and Brockman may not have even known the final upshot and the presented report. Seems we must grant some latitude on just who drafted and approved for publication the final report provided. Which left Sterle, Rennick and McDonald ‘in the metaphoric gun’. Anyway, despite the facts of committee machinations being provided;
Safe Skies and the long term ‘relationship’ between Hood and various sinister characters with axes to grind and rice bowls to protect was examined, in detail. As ignorance is no excuse at law, a vote was taken. Result – no prisoners, no excuses and no quarter given: not for any party to the abomination delivered. Let battle commence. Your humble scribe to open the batting (gulp).

“War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

It falls to me to express the opinion of the associates. In essence, ‘tis a simple enough task, Disgust and Distrust. In reality its a screaming, hag ridden nightmare. Why? Well you may wonder. The short answer is, that it is a very deep, complex matter. With your indulgence and patience I shall do my best to untangle the skein. The best and easiest way to address the matter is by comparison and example. We may begin with Angel Flight (AF). Why AF? Well, AOPA, wheels within wheels and some very complicated ‘payback’ politics and ‘cronyism’ aside; take a long think about what the fuss is all about. It is over a fatal accident and the ATSB report into that event. The event of itself was not a rarity; indeed, it is one of the oldest, most documented, most ignored, invariably fatal accidents in the entire history of aviation. To wit: a known killer, ruthless and implacable. Pilots qualified only for operations in visual conditions; loosing control of the aircraft in cloud and crashing.

"Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back." ― Heraclitus

The ‘reasons’ attending the Mt Gambier crash have been almost ignored in the ATSB report. There is no serious attempt to discern ‘what’ exactly happened and why. There is some serious (qualified) speculation that the pilot was ‘auto pilot’ and GPS dependent. Not examined. I will digress for a moment (con su permisso) to illustrate a point. In most (not all) aircraft there is a ‘button’ on the actual control wheel which will instantly disconnect the Auto Pilot; often, these buttons are sensitive. The lightest touch can (not always) disengage the AP. Here (at Mt Gambier) we have a visual flight rated pilot operating ‘illegally’ in weather conditions which prevented instrument qualified pilots to make an approach. For a starter; there is no way the approach path could have been flown by a visually rated pilot as neatly as the plot indicates. Hell’s Bell’s I’d have trouble making such neat circles with the AP running. So… What if; on take off the AP and GPS are united; the pilot accidentally bumps the AP disconnect at a low level, fails to realise until it is too bloody late that the aircraft is not climbing away but headed ‘home’ to Terra Firma. Alas…..Only one of the many ‘scenario’s not visited. But ATSB, now with Senate committee backing lay the radical cause at the feet of Angel flight.

The actual committee which drafted and published their ‘findings’ have failed Australia, miserably. The ATSB have failed to provide the nation or industry with a feasible reason for the Mt Gambier crash; this now added to a long list of delayed, obfuscated and manipulated reports into a considerable pile of real life safety issues to which no remedy has been provided.

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius

[Image: ATSB-crash-montage-1.jpg]

Ross Air Conquest; Air North Braz; the ATR; the Coal Loader; Mildura; Swan River; Canley Vale; Essendon and the DFO. Any sort of RRAT inquiry into the ATSB reports on these ‘fatal’ accidents? No, I thought not.

[Image: 210910.jpg]

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte

The list, Dear Senators of the core committee, of aberration, obfuscation and non standard response from ATSB, in a timely manner is becoming a national disgrace and an international laughing stock. Time to get real or get pilloried. No one has forgotten the Pel-Air inquiry; nor the way the RRAT committee and the Rev Forsyth were simply ignored; despite a mountain of evidence and hours of rhetoric. Never mind the cost - to achieve Sweet Fanny Adams.

You bring shame to the title of Senator; then, to add gross insult to intellectual injury, you expect intelligent people to sit still, say nothing and acquiesce to your ‘beyond belief’ findings. Shame on the betrayal of this once proud, safe, sane industry. Shame redoubled as the committee does have the power to set this all to rights – simply by being honest. The questions are – why aren’t you; and, why do you not?  There is a small army quite prepared to bring the fight to you; it won’t be politically pretty. Nobody is joking about this. The Safe Skies mutual back patting gala looms; honest question – what do think the grown up aviation nations really think of ATSB and CASA – and now our disgraced Senate committee – a known ‘associate’. Think hard, think long and try to realise the aviation industry is in a mess - . Messenger to base - Handing over

[Image: 220px-The_Duke_of_Wellington_on_Copenhag...wrence.jpg]

"I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they terrify me." ― Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke Wellington (1769-1852)

You know, If we had a river to play in; the dogs and I would go there this day. Alas, to walk the river bank is no longer a playful romp. We shall go elsewhere, through the orchard gate, and on to Pook’s Hill, perhaps to even meet Puck himself. (No one seems to know who ‘Pook’ is. I often wonder why it is so).

[Image: Pooks-Hill.jpg]


[Image: SBG-201019.jpg]

‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness’.

I refer of course to the stellar Senator McDonald. One of this land's unsung heroes is the ‘true blue’ Australian ‘Country Woman’. A unique, pure bred strain going back to the very beginning. To meet one of the breed can be unsettling, for they are remarkable. McDonald is one of such. I reckon a dozen of ‘em; in government, would sort out this sinking ship of a nation with the same degree of aplomb they would host a party, shoe a horse, give birth and make sure no one got into the house with dusty boots on. Regrettably, we only have the one in the Senate, but still ably putting the men-folk to shame, for cowardice.

Ref: Perhaps a light at the end of the runway?

It takes political courage and personal conviction to do what she did last week. She spoke and voted with a conscience, a knowledge of what is right and a refusal hide behind the overblown ministerial protection racket, we call the ATSB/CASA. The purblind minister is said to have used every lever available to him in an attempt to have a Senate report ‘weighted’ to avoid his embarrassment through ignorance. It is also being said that he used his political ‘clout’ to make sure that ‘his’ protection and ‘advice’ and ‘agencies’ all ensured that the rotten Bi-partisan party line holdfast, of hiding behind the general politician protection racket was complied with. The other side no better. Bipartisan Bollocks is a cop-out. Even the reputedly ‘Lion-hearted’ Sterle pulled his head in; abstaining – FDS – what does that say of the man? If anyone knows exactly how bad CASA is, how far beyond control and how the protection racket works – it is him. Democracy ends when a man, elected to do a job, is dictated to and reliant on ‘party line’ rather than his own good sense. McDonald shows him up for the political creature he really is.

[Image: EHJeOUGUUAIQXRk?format=jpg&name=small]
Ref: @SenMcDonald

Brockman – (No blood on my hands) another one who, despite having some reservations and a clever bull-pooh cop out; became part of the protection racket.

“As such, I did not support Senator Patrick's disallowance.”

I didn't disagree with all the regulations. In fact—although I don't want to put words into the mouths of others—I believe that most of us on the committee actually supported the majority of the regulation that was put forward, in particular the requirements for pilots to have a certain level of experience, competence and time in the particular aircraft, and felt that they were sensible changes that would seem, on the face of it, to deliver a safety benefit.”

Ref: Sen Brockman from 06:25

It is time to disavow him of the notion that CASA have the first blind clue about ‘safety’ and it’s relationship to ‘flight hours’. In short, it’s a ducking myth. You can have a very junior pilot, with bugger all hours who is far more competent to ‘do a job’ than a 20,000 hour senior. Why – it’s ‘current experience’ you numb skull. A pilot with 250 hours, who flies once or twice a year is dangerous until ‘in current practice’. A pilot with thousands of hours in a Jumbo but not in a C172, trying to muster cattle is lethal. Why – exposure and current practice – that’s why. Being qualified to hold a licence does not mean that the ‘finesse’ or operational practice required to safely execute a given task is available on the day. Take it from me; CASA have fed the possibility of accident, not prevented it with these political placebo’s. An aeronautical fool, the likes of McCormack may believe his CASA mates and advisors have got him off the hook. This is a false assessment of reality; one which we will bring home to him the next time the same causes of a fatal accident occur (there’s two in the wings right now). And they will; as they always have, routinely and regularly occur until the regulator actually tackles the radical problem. Tick-tock – warning delivered.

[Image: April-BN-800x445.jpg]

“But what we call our despair is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope.” ― George Eliot, Middlemarch

To all the whimp’s, who hide behind party lines and the unbridled CASA protection racket, whether motivated by ignorance, fear, self protection; or, even just plain baffled by the Faery Tales ATSB produce; aviation is going to Hell in a handcart – and you are helping to push it. There are serious, fatal accidents which have not been dealt with, professionally or honestly and it is a long list. Some of these are directly attributable to CASA incompetence and ATSB ‘fiddling’ while Rome burns. The entire Angel Flight imbroglio is typical of a deeply flawed safety oversight system and a failing democracy.

I’ll leave the closing argument to Senator Patrick; 

Ref: Sen Sic'em'REX from 05:15

It is clear, there is no question, it is undisputed, it is undoubtable that CASA has erred in respect of this particular instrument. I might say, and I say this in a considered manner, that Mr Carmody has exercised poor judgement, and it's my view that, in the context of all of the regulation that has been imposed upon CASA and in respect of this fundamentally flawed instrument—and, to tap into what Senator Brockman said, there are only certain aspects of this instrument that are flawed, particularly with respect to maintaining his tenure at the head of CASA must be reconsidered.

Hear, hear. Bravo. The kiwi’s just went ahead, bit the bullet and cleaned the whole lot out, started again and have never looked back. Commode, his ilk, his catamites and the resident psycho’s need to be removed. But first we must have a government and a minister with balls to do, the brains to see and the will to make Australian aviation a matter of public pride; not one of international sympathy.

There now, got that off my chest; all that remains is to pay Aunt Pru’s sincere respects to Senator McDonald and present a key to the Tim-Tam cupboard. It is the highest honour we may humbly bestow.

But come with old Khayyam, and leave the Lot
Of Kaikobad and Kaikhosru forgot:
Let Rustum lay about him as he will,
Or Hatim Tai cry Supper — heed them not.

Some for the Glories of This World; and some
Sigh for the Prophet’s Paradise to come;
Ah, take the Cash, and let the Promise go,
Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!

Think, in this batter’d Caravanserai
Whose Doorways are alternate Night and Day,
How Sultan after Sultan with his Pomp
Abode his Hour or two and went his way. ― Omar Khayyám

Aye well, back to mother Earth (thump) one of the garden chairs has met it’s limit. DT wants a replacement; now – now, or else. Yet, I don’t know, not exactly, why the dogs love to listen to old Khayyam read aloud. But they do, must be the cadence, or maybe, they are simply wiser and more connected to the earth than I. Away – you idle layabouts, good for nothing but eating, scratching and listening to my ramblings. “Away now”.



on Friday · Canberra, ACT · [/url]

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority wants to impose unnecessary maintenance requirements on services such as Angel Flight which risks driving volunteer pilots away and reducing services for people needing medical help in rural and remote Australia.

Enough is enough and I crossed the floor of the Senate to vote against CASA's intention. Regulatory bodies such as CASA should listen more and stop strangling the sectors they administer.

Ref: [url=]

Sandy didn't waste any time getting off a FB and email reply to Senator Susan McDonald... Wink  

Quote:Dear Senator McDonald,

This is a copy of my post to your FaceBook account. My comments would apply equally to Senator Patrick, another Representative with courage of conviction. 

“Dear Susan, you are a shining example to every other Member of Parliament. 

Your speech about CASA’s destruction of General Aviation (death by a thousand cuts) was so well delivered in spite of the disgraceful dearth of other Senators in the chamber. You have demonstrated that we can have hope, that the appalling state of affairs of GA is at last being recognised. May I assure you that you are absolutely correct in your approach to CASA, the independent runaway rogue Commonwealth corporate. 

That might sound too harsh or over the top, it is not;  and those outside would be shocked if the truth was laid out bare. The CASA destruction of Glen Buckley’s perfectly legal and sensible business model, a model to assist flying schools cope with the new rules, extraordinary (and unnecessary) paperwork burdens, is an example of this regulator gone completely out of control.”

There are a number of other areas of severe disadvantage for GA. The extraordinary cost and imposition of the Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) at $283 each two years including having to produce documents in person to an authorised agent. This applies to myself even at age 77 years and having held a flying licence since 1966 and a whole career in GA with numerous CASA qualifications in commercial flying business. No such ID is required in the USA, no such ID is required for truck drivers or others in charge of other terrorist potential vehicle such as boats or trains. This is a very difficult requirement for many outback flyers and a reason that they won’t fly into towns like Longreach where the ASIC is a must due to a zealous airport official. This is a disincentive for station owners to take their aircraft for servicing. 

CASA’s unnecessary and inappropriate mandating of Special Inspection Documents (Sids) for Cessna aircraft has costs $millions in unnecessary maintenance and destroyed much of the value of the remaining GA fleet. Numerous Cessnas are slowly rusting away due to this unaffordable cost, as much as $20,000 per aircraft. All at a time when our low value dollar exacerbates the loss of hull value. 

The near universal lack of freehold on airports means that there’s little possibility that operators will invest in permanent offices and hangars or other infrastructure. This accounts for the usual temporary and decrepit look of so many airports, replete with shipping containers being used for storage and even work sheds. Operators are often at the mercy of airport landlords who might benefit from driving off aircraft operators in favour of other non aviation money making uses. 

Flying training, the bedrock of General Aviation, the latest CASA rules disaster as per

AUSTRALIA.... special permit $50,000? $100,000? Negotiating months or years and no certainty. 

USA...............NO PERMIT $15.99 start immediately. 

USA safety record better and improving. 

[Image: image.jpeg.jpg]

Kind Regards,

Sandy Reith

MTF...P2  Tongue

[Image: sbg-271019.jpg]

The Buckley bus, Blind-Bipartisanship and Bull dust.

Buckley – “So where to from now. As my legal process begins, I know my legal team will tell me to stop posting, and I will.”

Glen Buckley (GB) may have stopped making his situation publically known to whoever would listen or read; but AP has no such restriction. The first point which needs to be hammered home; ruthlessly, with venom, is this. Buckley is not an isolated case. In fact he is one of a silent many; not just a few – but a lot. There are enough documented cases of ‘Embuggerance’ in the last decade to demand that CASA be subject to criminal, corporate and professional standards investigation: the full Monty. There is a cone of silence from industry – professionals of all ranks live in fear of becoming one of CASA’s particular ‘persons of interest’ i.e. a target. Business owners will hardly hire an ‘experienced’ pilot without a nod from the local Gods. We have on record three documented cases where ‘Senior’ qualified, experienced (needed) men have actually had their air ticket cancelled – on the day of nominated travel – because their prospective employer conferred with the local CASA office. AP can provide from one ‘regional office’ alone five, fully documented cases of CASA actively preventing gainful employment. Buckley got lucky - believe it or not. He has the only documented, written and signed evidence of this standard process. I won’t produce it all here, this will be a long enough ramble without. But, the moment any sort of inquiry into the abominable behaviour of some CASA officers is announced – boy, oh boy. Will we turn the dogs loose. A totally provable torrent of CASA lies, malpractice and malfeasance – all fully supported. Nowhere to park the truck – alas. But maybe, someone has guts to tackle the envious Bully. Perhaps our Senate Committee can get over being so duckling Bipartisan, open their shoulders, get off the party easy out prevarication pot; and, pay some attention to what is actually happening in the ‘real’ world they don’t see from within their gilded cages in Canberra. How can they bear the humiliation of Pel-Air and still face the industry from behind Senate privilege? That is a no brainer of course; a burn on your arse is not as painful as one on mine. (Old Jewish saying).

Buckley – “I have been chased out of the industry by the conduct of Mr Brad Lacy, Jason Mc Heyzer, Mr Craig Martin, and Mr Graeme Crawford. Their conduct has left me on the cusp of being declared bankrupt. My actions improved safety, theirs have reduced safety. That is measurable and demonstrable.”

Tragic – but an isolated case? No Sir, it is not, not by a bloody long march. Yet there sits Crawford; protected, earning, drafting Gods know what and generally enjoying a position he is in no way qualified to hold. Ask Qantas if you find it hard to believe me; either they or other previous employers, they will (under protection) tell you the same sorry tale. In short they were (all) very pleased to be rid of him. 

(From 01:10)

(From 10:08)


(From 08:20)

One of the most despicable, duplicitous, disgusting ‘Cop-outs’ is the sheltered workshop sponsored by being ‘Bipartisan’. FDS – ‘they’ in parliament, can’t even agree on whether a pedestrian crossing should be black and white – or white and black. Yet, because CASA write it – legislation just sails through both houses, without a question being asked. Rubber stamped – no question or debate needed. Even when a question does manage to weakly crawl out of the deep sewer pipes – it is quickly slaughtered by those who benefit from the magical protection of ‘Safety’ speak, by ‘their’ experts. The only thing CASA is expert in is convincing the latest hapless Half-witted minister that they, and only they are ‘the experts’. How easy it must be to not have to worry about crap legislation. Government pay the protection racket money – politicians don’t have to get involved – the governments anointed ‘experts’ are ‘world class. “We have a Bipartisan approach”  BOLLOCKS……They may agree that ‘Safety’ is paramount – but what is ‘Safety’? Define it. It’s a ducking shambles, run by rabble of misfits, rejects; and, a Snake Oil salesman. Part 61 being a perfect example of the totally bloody useless chumps, like Rodger (the wordsmith) Weeks who delivered the most inutile piece of garbage, into law, without a word from the parliament. For Ducks sake – wake up…………..

Buckley – “Another option might be to start agitating for more inquiries; also pointless given that so many of them have been ignored or failed to have the desired impact. For all the will of Senators like McDonald and Patrick, the brick wall built by a lack of political will may be too high to climb over and too strong to break through, leaving a long and winding road around the wall as the only path ahead.”

Buckley - Some time ago I stumbled upon a link to a post that Mr Bruce Rhoades made regarding his experience with Mr Martin. Whilst that link has been removed, I do recall that the claims Bruce made about Mr Martin were.


I would use those exact 4 words to describe my experience with him. Those exact words.

Aye Glen, in a honest world, your tale could never have happened; in a first world aviation administration it would never have been tolerated. We need to uncap the well of deceit and let it flow over yet another government, quite happy to spend a small fortune on a new rocket engine for the USA (as if they need it) but will not even tolerate a report, like David Forsyth’s to gather any momentum, traction or; heavens forbid, real change in real time. Even a simple matter, such as Angel Flight shames both parties; their collective cowardice, hidden in Bipartisan Bull-Pooh, stands testament to their disgrace. 

But the thing really get’s me going is simple. THEY KNOW – much more than we ever will about just how buggered up CASA is, why it is and who’s to blame. Will they do anything about it? History simply laughs at that question. The whole lot, bar a pathetic handful who sadden me, sicken me.

Not to worry; I tore a chunk of bark off my paw this afternoon – workbench bit me. Strange thing ain’t it. My  edged ‘cutting tools’ (Chisels, plane blades etc.) are literally and actually kept surgically sharp and polished : they have to be. I use ‘em a lot and a blunt edge is a very, very dangerous thing. You spend a lifetime learning to keep you fingers out of harms way from lethal cutting edges and the general rules of ‘working sensibly’. Even so, it is the easiest thing to brush against a sharp edge, carelessly placed; hardly notice until there’s blood all over the job (Hydrogen Peroxide takes it off the wood – by the by). But, the bench gets a thumping – knocked about, chipped, cut and sawn into. Never thought much about the structure I rely on having the potential to harm me – but: even so, there on the desk is a 18 mm splinter (blood coated) of hardwood which I’ve not long ago dug out of my paw. Today, without fail – I shall spend as much time as is required to restore my benchtop to safe working order. Now then, Iodine, Band Aid and away, dogs running ahead, cool breeze, sun shine and miles of peace in open space, all before breakfast.


Glen Buckley v CASA embuggerance update - 01/11/19.

From glenb, via AP email chain:

Quote:To;  Mr Shane Carmody- CEO- Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

To; Mr Anthony Mathews- Chair of the CASA Board.
To; Mr Jonathan Hanton- CASA Industry Complaints Commissioner.
My name is Glen Buckley, of 6 Susan Court, Mount Waverley, 3149.

I consider myself a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on matters of aviation safety in the flight training environment.

In making that statement, I draw on 25 years’ experience. I have operated in the roles of CASA approved Flying Instructor, CASA approved Chief Flying Instructor (CFI), CASA approved Head of Operations (HOO), a CASA approved CEO, and business owner of 15 years.

I am fully aware that my allegations are perhaps the most substantive that have ever been levelled against CASA employees.

My allegations are not vindictive or vexatious, and I am acting solely on matters of aviation safety. If my claims are found to be unsubstantiated, I understand I can be fully held to account in law.

For clarity I will re-state my allegations against the following four CASA personnel.

The personnel are;
  • Mr Graeme Crawford
  • Mr Craig Martin
  • Mr Jason Mc Heyzer
  • Mr Brad Lacey.
Regarding their conduct, and their decisions, and in plain English, I allege;
  1. Decision making that compromises aviation safety, and in fact creates a grave and imminent risk to aviation safety
  2. Improper, wrongful, and unlawful conduct.
  3. Those personnel have made decisions that a well-intentioned person would not make, if they were making their decisions on considerations of safety and/or compliance.
  4. Breaches of Administrative Law, and Procedural Fairness.
  5. Breaches of CASAs Enforcement Manual.
  6. Breaches of the Ministers Statement of Expectations
  7. Breaches of CASAs Regulatory Philosophy
  8. Those personnel have not acted with honesty, consistency, and integrity.
  9. Those personnel have not acted with care and diligence.
  10. Those personnel have not acted with impartiality, respect and courtesy.
  11. Those personnel have acted in a bullying and intimidating manner.
  12. They have mismanaged public resources in breach of their obligations under the PGPA Act and have consciously and deliberately used public resources in a manner that is not fiscally responsible.
  13. I allege those four personnel have made calculated decisions that have caused detriment to me and my family, my business, and other businesses and, that they have deliberately avoided attempts to work collaboratively and resolve those issues.
  14. I allege that their considered decisions and actions potentially bring harm to the integrity and good reputation of their fellow Employees and CASA in general, which can only degrade safety.
  15. I allege that one of those four personnel, has improperly used inside information.
  16. Those personnel have provided misleading information.
  17. Breached obligations under their respective Position Descriptions.
  18. Abused their  authority associated with their respective positions as CASA employees.
  19. Are making decisions and choosing courses of action to avoid public scrutiny.
  20. Are placing their respective personal interest above the public interest.
  21. They are deliberately frustrating democratic principles.
  22. They are deliberately not upholding the values, of the Australian Coat of arms, and in fact, their conduct is unbecoming to the Australian Coat of Arms, and brings it into disrepute.
The purpose of this letter.
As you are aware, I am trying to bring my allegations to a legal determination, but timelines are unacceptably long. I have identified a grave and imminent risk to aviation safety, and I am confident that I can substantiate that.

In the interests of aviation safety, I must insist that these four personnel are stood aside from all safety sensitive activities until my substantive allegations can be “tested”.

Such action would not be perceived by me, as any admission of guilt, and I will not claim that to be the case. It is the only responsible decision that can be made in such circumstances.

I will be pursuing a legal determination in as prompt timelines, as I can manage.

In order to expedite processes, I would encourage CASA to take any action that they deem appropriate, including legal action. My assumption is that you will have access to greater resources than I do alone, and if that expedites processes, I sincerely encourage that approach.

My sincere hope is that lawyers are not required and good intention will prevail.

The allegations are important, there is a grave and imminent risk to aviation safety, you are aware of it, and are compelled to act.

Drawing on my personal experience over the last 12 months, I believe there is a “managed” system operating within CASA to supress my concerns. I have not observed any “well intentioned “ actions by the CASA personnel that I am dealing with.

For that reason, and to ensure CASA act promptly on this matter, I am now going public.
I  await acknowledgement of this correspondence, from Mr Carmody’s office.
Respectfully, Glen Buckley

Quote:Dear Mr Martin,
For clarity, you have enough information on file to determine the supporting evidence. My concerns are well and truly documented, and you have been integral in the processes to date.
I level the same allegations against you, that I have levelled against Mr Mc Heyzer. Your actions and decisions are compromising aviation safety. I make that statement drawing on over 25 years experience in the flight training environment.
Mr Carmody, is compelled to act, you must stand aside from all operational duties, until this matter is given a fair hearing by somebody who is not an employee of CASA. That is not an admission of guilt, and must be on full pay and conditions Fair processes have not been completed. It is however, the proper action, in the interest of aviation safety. Its that simple.
This is a matter of aviation safety. I am compelled to act.
Please accelerate my concerns to Mr Carmody, at the soonest practical opportunity.
With concern, Glen Buckley

From: Martin, Craig <>
Sent: Wednesday, 30 October 2019 11:34 AM
To: Glen Buckley <>
Cc: McHeyzer, Jason <>
Subject: RE: Substantive correspondence to follow [SEC=OFFICIAL]
Dear Glen
I acknowledge your email below in relation to this matter. In order for CASA to respond  to the assertions contained therein, I request you provide specific details in relation to your safety concerns?

Craig Martin
Executive Manager (acting)
Regulatory Services & Surveillance
Aviation Group | CASA
CASA\Aviation Group
p: 07 3144 7451  m: 0477 329 409 
GPO Box 2005, Canberra ACT 2601

Dear Jason,

Further to my previous email, I will be submitting substantive correspondence to MR Carmody today on this matter.
I sincerely believe that your conduct increases the chance of an aviation fatality, and I am extremely concerned.
I feel that my concerns are being supressed.
I am endeavouring to get this to Court, but timelines will be unacceptably long.
I have a reasonable expectation that Mr Carmody, in his role as the CEO is compelled to take action, and he is not.
I intend to provide one further option to take positive measures to ensure that safety is maintained or improved.
I will include you in that correspondence, if that is your preference, please advise.
Please understand that I sincerely believe your conduct creates a grave and imminent risk to aviation safety.
My claim is not vexatious or vindictive, and if found to be so, I would expect to be fully held to account in law.
If my safety concerns are not addressed, I have no option but to go public.
My hope is that we can deal with this situation in a well intentioned manner.
Respectfully, Glen.

MTF...P2  Tongue

[Image: sbg-31119.jpg]

An Ode, to an Odious Commode.

Aye, it’s easy enough to take the Mickey out of St. Commode’s new found devotion to the arcane, metaphysical arts. Many get lured into mystical cults, ritual worship and a sound belief in the ‘unseen’. It could, at a pinch, be true of all religious and quasi religious sects. It is a free world and folks are, IMO, entitled to believe that which pleases ‘em best – privately, quietly, while doing no harm. All well and good in theory at least. But never, not ever, forget that millions have been slaughtered in the name of ‘belief’. The major religious groups amongst the first offenders, see history 101. Quaint little beliefs, like Grand Mama’s tea leaf readings guiding your path; or, the daily horoscope published in the local rag influencing your pick for the Melbourne Cup do little harm to man nor beast. My first reaction to St. Commode’s venture into the light fantastic produced a ditty – “An Ode to the Odious Commode”. Still here on the screen; I shall save it for the BRB.

[Image: 9e4ebbadf15dd0bd7e568f0084f75325.jpg]

"I have hitherto confined my investigations to this world," said he. "In a modest way I have combated evil, but to take on the Father of Evil himself would, perhaps, be too ambitious a task." ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Like Holmes; I too shall remain with my feet firmly planted on Mother Earth, although it is hard to gainsay that ‘witchcraft’ affects all those who pass through the CASA portals and into the executive dunny. There have been some notable transfigurations – Boyd and Taylor for example. Lions into Lambs – hypnotherapy, voodoo, or Kool Aide? No one knows for sure, but something strange happens in there. Aye, ‘tis a mystery.

The fraying of St. Commode’s famous, fragile temper and the load of old cobblers he spouted to the converted of the RAAA is, IMO, a reflection of three structural failures within the ‘safety’ system; Bipartisan box ticking, ministerial under sight (wool blind) and board oversight. Baffled by the ‘mystique’, bone idle and feared of getting any blood on their collective hands are powerful motivators. The notion that ‘they’ don’t understand the deep complexity of ‘the game’ feeds their collective insecurity, and lack of knowledge. Rendering ‘em moribund and useless to all practical purpose. This, aligned with a reluctance to admit that CASA is a failed system, that aviation law is an ass; and an abject terror of tackling ‘the beast’ of Sleepy Hollow, have allowed CASA to develop into a self delusional, self destructive monstrosity. We know it, the world knows it – and yet there it sits; feeding on ministerial ignorance and paranoia.

[Image: D5w3BIAUYAEtqH6-1.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQtDfAmjDQakZYnCb7i3...Rc46xNSFqI]

[Image: Dk7CBmnVsAAbCur.jpg]

Ref: & &

"To that Providence, my sons, I hereby commend you, and I counsel you by way of caution to forbear from crossing the moor in those dark hours when the powers of evil are exalted." ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Resident evil exists within those halls of shame; industry knows it, up close and personal. Expecting industry to come out of it’s shell is a seriously big ask. It cannot; nay, dare not, risk ‘the business’ and the expensive, hard won approvals; not to mention becoming a target. A deep, difficult tangle awaits those who dare rock the boat and tell the latest inexperienced FOI to bugger off, go boil his fat head along with his notions of what is ‘the best’ way forward. Fear rules.

“Mr Carmody said there were several tragic examples in the last two years involving pilots with “a history of poor judgment and a history of ignoring regulation or skirting around it”.

This is, unfortunately, true of a small minority. On the roads, in the home, on the streets, on a work site, - there has always been an element which defy ‘the rules’. Aviation is no different, except in one way – in nearly every other area it is possible to mount a defence against the alleged offence. CASA regulation, enforced by Strict Liability removes that option.

LB – “Mr Carmody’s comments are, in my view, merely an admission of the abject failure of CASA to make any positive difference.

Cooper - "Since we now have “proof” that criticism of the regulator is an indication that a plane crash involving fatalities is an imminent certainty, then CASA is justified in taking “safety action”, in whatever form it decides, against those who are perceived as insubordinate.

To ensure transparency, the “safety action” must be in accordance with private research carried out by whichever individual CASA Officer is involved.

There’s the rub. Despite the money, time, effort, fantasy rule making, wet dream philosophy and world best practice being freely available; CASA depend on ‘Strict Liability’ to impose their ‘safety’ efforts. Which, standing alone, is just a deterrent to honest folk, unless the ‘technical’ crimes catches them unaware. 101 in a 100 zone is, a breach; no excuses, no defence say’s CASA. In the real world however, as any honest Bobby will tell you, to secure a conviction, even with a confession and evidence to support, is a difficult task. CASA however can simply waltz in, declare you and your operation ‘in breach’ close you down and then wait you out, until money and patience have expired. Even when pushed into the AAAT – the fact that ‘you’ dare to challenge the ‘expert’ CASA is always first and foremost in the mind of lay people. Evidence you cry: proof;– well, the serious student would read some of the AAT transcripts and learn to be afraid. Be very afraid: what CASA can do with a bent paper clip or clerical error would make the Angels weep.

Is this St. Commode’s last hurrah? Is the anger deeply hidden behind the Cheshire Cat smile surfacing? Does the bully in the expensive suit emerge? Making a monkey of a minister is not a clever move. If the current incumbent minister (whatisname) through CASA tainted, masked control and back stabbing ‘advice’ has been led into murky waters, making a government uncomfortable, then heads will roll. Sure “off with the Commode head” is a fair call – but if you think Karma is a bitch – you have yet to meet her sister – the Lernean Hydra.

[Image: EDHC0DwUEAA7vzy.jpg]

Before you M’lud are three pertinent, current cases for consideration. Angel Flight, Buckley and Essendon. Between those pages you will find unimpeachable evidence of just how far ATSB and CASA have travelled down the road to Perdition. I say, any fair minded, unbiased, unafraid, detached, examination of these cases would shock this nation and bring on a ‘fair-dinkum; inquiry. No holds barred.  I dare the minister to open the gates and allow open hearing of the case against the regulators actions. Open the gates to the truth, heard without fear or favour. I say the government who does this will win the hearts and minds of the public; the government who live, deep in denial will be shamed by the disgrace and condemnation if they do not. If there’s nothing to hide, then why not confront industry and individual complaint. Pilot error is not a valid argument for ASA, ATSB or CASA to maintain the fiction of the ‘mystique’ of ‘safety’ – whatever the Hell that is supposed to be. D8 Airvans grounded on a mere suspicion – 737’s?  – Oh, well what’s a cracked ‘Pickle’ or two’ between mates. Only keeps the wings on FDS; irrelevant.

No amount of smoke, mirrors, legal legerdemain or arcane arts can deny the naked travesties; nor hide the truth. Inquiry followed by grass roots up reform is the only remedy for a sick and dying industry. For if the truths of these three matters becomes public knowledge, before the government takes positive action – it wont just be St. Commode in a tumbril; wending it's merry way to the public stocks: will it. Think on..........

“An ode, to the odious commode”. I am sorely tempted. (Thinks) perhaps later, after an Ale and a preview with ‘educated’ company. Meanwhile, DT plays a tune, I must attend the dance, lest I too end up in the tumbril.

Ah, bugger it:-WTD……

[Image: ode-to.jpg]
Toot – toot.

(11-05-2019, 09:03 PM)Peetwo Wrote:  GlenB embuggerance latest - 05/11/19: St Commode email account - WTD??

Top post and well said "K" -   Wink

Aleck - '"..Our objective here is not to specifically address what caused those two accidents; it's to address what kinds of things can cause incidents and accidents of this kind. We're being prospective. If we were to wait for sufficiently robust data to support an evidence based decision for every individual decision we took in this space, we would have to wait for a dozen or more accidents to occur..."

[Image: 71590553_2306806446296917_89532877171400...e=5E21126A]
Ref: &/or

Slight thread drift but there is a point... Shy 

Remember this?

[Image: D8sgMShU8AU0_HC.jpg]


Quote:{Note: 1) Dr A has sent the letter officially from the DAS office and that he was at the time apparently the 'Acting' DAS?? 

2) Dr A acknowledges that the Finance Dept request was sent nearly two months before.
3) 12 December 2014 - Correspondence from manager legal branch Joe Rule indicates that the CASA submission would be forwarded by him within the next week. Yet the submission was ultimately addressed by Dr A - err why?}     

Good to see the good Dr has moved on from the embarrassment of the diabolical PelAir cover-up inquiry - NOT... [Image: dodgy.gif]

See HERE for the full text of one of the most vindictive, nasty documents from IMO the true centre of evil and instigator of FASA embuggerances... [Image: angry.gif]

Now consider the following dots and dashes taken from the glenb UP posts and the continued email communications purportedly coming from the official St Commode (DAS/CEO of CASA) email account... Rolleyes 

[Image: St-Commode.jpg]

Then despite St Commode saying... 

..We consider this matter closed and neither I nor the Chair will enter into any ongoing dialogue with you on the issues you have raised...

...we get this rather terse response from the St Commode email account??

...I acknowledge your email received at 10:24am today outlining your claims of...

...I reiterate my advice to you of 23 August 2019 that I will not enter into ongoing dialogue with you on the issues you have raised previously, as they have been dealt with and considered closed from CASA’s perspective. I also remind you that making false and disparaging public allegations against individual CASA officers leaves it open to them to pursue individual action for defamation...

But then the disconnection, yesterday we get this from the St Commode email account.. Huh

> From: "Carmody, Shane" <>
> Date: 4 November 2019 at 6:21:25 pm AEDT
> To: Glen Buckley <>
> Subject: FW:  Allegations of CASA conduct creating a grave and imminent risk to aviation safety. Glen Buckley [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

> Dear Mr Buckley,
> Your email of Friday 1 November states that you have “identified a grave and imminent risk to aviation safety, and I am confident that I can substantiate that.”
> However, your email fails to state what that grave and imminent risk is that you have identified. A serious risk is one where conduct has caused, or is reasonably likely to cause an aviation accident.
> Chapter 7 of the CASA Enforcement manual outlines a number of examples of such serious risks;
>    Conduct indicating the use of, or an intention to use, an aircraft that was unairworthy on passenger carrying operations
>    The carrying out, or failure to carry out maintenance, in a manner that would result in that aircraft becoming unairworthy
>    A pilot in command flying or indicating an intention to fly, when not authorised to do so due to lack of licence, rating, endorsement, medical certificate, or other necessary authorisation
>    The occurrence of an accident or serious incident has occurred where evidence exists that a significant breach of CASA legislation, or a lack of competence, was a causal factor
>    The carriage of passengers for hire or reward, or conduct indicating an intention to carry passengers for hire or reward, without the operator holding an AOC authorising such carriage
>    A pilot in command engaging in conduct, or showing an intention to engage in conduct, that constitutes dangerous flying.

> It should also be noted that the risk must not only be serious: it must also be imminent. Imminent is defined as likely to occur at any moment.
> If you are able to identify and substantiate such a serious and imminent risk, I have requested that you provide that evidence to me urgently.
> Nevertheless, if your concerns do not meet the threshold of a serious and imminent risk as outlined above, you are able to take those concerns to the Commonwealth Ombudsman or have them considered via the appropriate legal avenues as you have been advised on a number of previous occasions.  Your issues have also been considered by the ICC and I note that you have also have met with the Chairman of the CASA Board on a number of occasions to discuss them without resolution.  As such I see no utility in a meeting with myself and I reiterate that the appropriate avenue for further consideration is via either the Commonwealth Ombudsman or determination via the legal system.   
> Regards 
> Shane

Now I am not in anyway shape or form an expert at examining such things as written prose or such correspondence as the above but even I can pick the very different manner and style between the two emails purported to have been sent from the St Commode email account. But on top of that there is also the passing strange disconnection that in fact the email 2 reply is totally unnecessary given the context and finality of the email 1 reply sent three days before? There is also within email 2 no recognition or at least acknowledgement of the glenb 3 November email correspondence (post #197) substantiation and reply to email 1?

Idle speculation but could it be, much like in December 2014 with former DAS/CEO Skidmore, that Dr (I've lost my marbles) Aleck has open access to the St Commode office and email account? 

"While the Cheshire Cat is away the Iron Ring King Rat will play..." -  Dodgy     
MTF...P2  Tongue

[Image: SBG-101119.jpg]

No Dear, catch the bus, it’s much safer.

Can you imagine saying that to a sick wife or child? In the driveway is a perfectly serviceable, relatively new motor vehicle, in the kitchen sits DT, sick with a serious disease needing to get to regular, life saving treatment. Then, because you are not a professional driver, decide she’ll be much safer ‘on the bus’. So your nearest and dearest must carry her bag to the bus stop, wait until it arrives, try and find a seat and get off at journeys end and walk to the hospital. Bloody silly notion ain’t it. Yet our Hooded Canary and his best boys think that is the right plan – for safety’s sake – for Ducks sake. Travelling regularly on domestic air services is a misery, to be endured by those fit and determined; it is not a pleasurable experience.

“Mad Hatter: “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”
“Have you guessed the riddle yet?” the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
“No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”
“I haven’t the slightest idea,” said the Hatter” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

[Image: images-4.jpg]
Ref: Dictatorial Dichotomy.

One of the ‘big’ questions in the back of any ‘check pilot’ mind is “would I let my wife and kids fly with this fellah?” It may be a subconscious thought, but its there alright. Believe it or not, they do not give out a Private pilot licence with a box of corn flakes. There are exams to pass; there are checks, balances and milestones to reach, the testing is done by serious, professional, responsible instructor pilots who have some pretty serious legal obligations to meet. Criminal charges and possibly jail await those who flaunt ‘the rules’. The bottom line is no one is going to sign off on a pilot certificate if there is any risk involved. Where the ‘risk factor’ is increased is in the area of current experience and exposure; but that discussion will keep for another day.

[Image: images-5.jpg]

When you sit back and consider the Glen Buckley case and Angel Flight together; you have to wonder what, in the seven Hells are the ‘safety agencies’ playing at. There is such a legal ‘buggers muddle’ to wade through, it is surprising anyone even gets a licence, let alone achieves ‘competency’. The whole system of training pilots is now so engrossed in ‘covering CASA’s legal exposure’ that the actual ‘training’ part is deviating away from sound operational grounding into ‘learning by the rules’. Then there’s ‘tick-a-box’ short cuts, which pave the way for the unscrupulous. Young Fred has done his mandatory three ‘steep turns’ (tick) then his three crosswind landings (tick). Can he actually do them to a proficient standard? – who cares, he’s legal. If his instructor says “we need to work on those sequences” Fred’s mate across the road does not; Fred transfers to a less expensive regime; still not competent, but legal. Legally he’s done ‘em and therefore legally safe (at that time). Whether the poor sod is actually up to scratch becomes a matter of subjective opinion. Such is the wicked way of the world. All nice and legal like, whether or not the lack of competency becomes part of a causal chain at some point is not considered after the event. Across the world, training accidents are always up near the top of the list – its only a matter of time before those accidents appear in transport flights – when the automatics fail and basic aeronautical ‘savvy’ and competent, basic, flying skills are required.

“Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

Back track the ATR incident for an example. Two ‘qualified’ pilots who, between them, damn near tore the elevator off an aircraft from a simple over speed situation, which should never have been allowed to develop in the first place. QED. (go figure).

[Image: images-6.jpg]

Aye, perhaps the bus is a safer bet. IMO, if this government does not take serious steps to reign in the excesses and legal lunacy of CASA there will, eventually be an increase in accident. If this government fail to return integrity and independence to the ATSB the radical cause of accident will remain shrouded in gobbledegook (MH 370). So long as parliamentarians take the easy, Bipartisan road, blindly passing law through both houses; without understanding what they are allowing, aviation in this land will continue it’s descent to third world, legally moribund, purblind status. A place where Embuggerance is the preferred method of dealing with those who challenge. Stellar.  Shame on the lot of you.

[Image: Acting-Prime-Minister-Michael-McCormack-...s-21-L.jpg]

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin


Still stunned by the latest Hooded threat to AF. Long, long walk required to restore any semblance of humour – "away! you four legged, fur bearing felons".

[Image: SBG-171119.jpg]
Ref: Its the Bullshit which baffles, bothers and bewilders.  & 

Gloves off. Part 61; fate, and all that. - AP forum version.

[Image: 19587.jpg]

"A pilot may earn his full pay for that year in less than two minutes. At the time of incident he would gladly return the entire amount for the privilege of being elsewhere.” ― Ernest K. Gann, Fate Is the Hunter.

I was at the ‘full house’ BRB indaba (no option); alas. The wet dream of some first time ‘writers’ of operational standards have created a significant mess (read Buggers muddle): left it behind them; and, thankfully, wandered off to pastures new. Amen. I personally only attended one ‘professional development’ session. The named ‘idiot’ in charge, bounced about the place, full of puff and big words used ever so slightly ‘off centre’ telling us that this was a great opportunity to ‘learn’ – he’d even produced a manual. His name was Weeks – a short wheel base, rotund, grade two flying instructor, with bugger all multi engine time, let alone real life operational ‘experience’. The first mistake was to ask all attending (about 30 – can’t remember) to write down their total experience on a slip of paper. All complied. Then faced with something in excess of 240 thousand collective hours; a man with only a handful of very ‘soft’ unseasoned experience, began to tell ‘us’ how to be better. All his own work (he boasted)– were it not for the log book sticker, most would have departed the fix long before working through some of the greatest load of shite ever put down on paper and sold as ‘the way forward’. Then he was placed in command of Part 61. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now then; America, EASA, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, PNG, Vanuatu, UK and several other have a Part 61 equivalent (or similar). Not one of ‘em even comes close, just on a page count alone, to the Australian version. When you start to add up the pages in the Australian Part 141/ 142 flight schools manuals and regulation you have to wonder what 61/141/142 have produced – in the general way of ‘improvement’ over world best, adopted practice.

The answer is writ large; on a dozen aerodromes across this nation. Canberra, Sydney, Mildura, Moranbah, Newcastle, Dubbo, Bathust: want more – look ‘em up. It is a long list of potential disasters. How many more times are we going to get close to a serious disaster (lives) and hull loss?

I note the USA is doing something about it; the Kiwi’s are streets ahead and, as usual, talking good sense. But what of the Canberra crowd? Well, they’ve tried to blame VFR into IMC on Angel Flight; they’ve managed to prevent a seriously good training program, working within ‘their’ law from operating; they’ve approved some of the worlds worst, most verbose, useless, box ticking check and training systems. All neat and compliant with whatever the ‘experienced’ FOI fantasy and boss impressing twaddle deems proper. Stellar – and yet there is a string of very real ‘close calls’ in ‘transport’ aircraft, carrying passengers, all at risk, baying at the ‘safety’ gods back door. Can you possibly imagine the fall out had the final approach to a coal loader been completed. Lucky, the much maligned Williamstown controllers were ‘on the ball’ Eh? 12 mile short of the airfield, on short final? WTD? Who are these pilots? Who trained ‘em and how?

What with ATSB spin and faery tales, supported by a ‘Safety Authority’ which has no blind clue, yet hiring the likes of Weeks and his best mates – you have to wonder when it is all going to end. Sooner or later an error which should have been corrected at basic flight training is going to kill a whole load of people. Its not that the pilots can’t fly – they do what they can with the ‘tick-a-box’ training they’ve had. Trouble is……………

[Image: Acting-Prime-Minister-Michael-McCormack-...s-21-L.jpg]

Yep. Your system minister, despite the whispering, is well buggered, beyond tolerance and operational belief. Only my opinion, but, when the time comes, as it must – I will ask you to explain why, despite senior industry warnings, you did SFA about it. Yes mate - You.

The ‘pilot training’ inquiry almost a decade ago was a fair warning; Pel-Air was more warning than any minister ever needed; the Canley Vale accident was more than fair warning; the ATR (s) 72 continued incidents are fair warning; Essendon was a fair warning; the Mildura fiasco was a fair warning; the Coal loader was fair warning; the Canberra crash was fair warning; the Sydney near in flight break up a fair warning; the Swan River was fair warning. Oh, there’s lots more – want a list? Apply to Aunt We’ll tell you. Problem is when you’ve got your head stuck up your own posterior and you are trying to keep your hands warm by setting fire to your feet – your ears get blocked.

It is, unequivocally, a total shambles. ATSB poncing about at PR and dabbling in very suspect statistics; CASA locked into a legal minefield they have created; ASA going gods alone where trying to make more bonuses at the cost of sanity in support of a now antiquated ‘new’ system.

So far, on your watch – seven (7) close calls; and all you’ve managed to do is bugger up Angel Flight and totally wreck a honest, compliant toiler at the gates - Glen Buckley. Quite a track record. Now then, man up or piss off.

Correct – I’m cranky. Why? Seriously. You dare ask? Rex could hire half a dozen senior, experienced pilots tomorrow – Virgin could actually bring in some flying experience to their increasingly dangerous turbo-prop flight line. Rex training manuals? Well that’s another sad story (read one). But I wonder why CASA can overrule and undermine the use of seriously qualified pilots when matters aeronautical are heading down the old safety tube at a great rate. I do not wonder why aircraft are being broken all across this nation – I’ve read some of the check and training manuals produced – inspired by Weeks & Co: 61, 141, 142: all of whom made a living producing some of the worlds worst, mindless bullshit, based on zero experience of the way aviation works – in real life.

That’s it: no quotes, no jokes, no pictures. Just a straight, honest, experienced opinion. The BRB collective opinion is being kept against the day when sanity, in some form, returns to governmental management of aviation. A prayer to the pagan gods, sent on the dreaded, deadly 10 knot (aircraft breaking) breeze to prevent an oh so avoidable tragedy.

P7 just lobbed in; stack of paper under his arm. I have however a cunning plan forming as I sign off. Watch this for a diversion. “Ale with you Sir”. God’s willing, that will put a hat on it until tomorrow. They do say tomorrow never comes – we shall see.


[Image: sbg-241119.jpg]
References: &Timeline of bureaucratic O&O, embuggerance & sheer bloody bastardry & Times up for Pel_air MkII

Three coins in a fountain.

What a lovely, romantic idea. Three gold coins, of someone else’s money, dropped in a fountain of promise– even better. But what of three gold coins thrown into a slurry pit?.

Several ministers and a couple of ‘political’ parties, have, in the past continued to take the road of continually ‘betting’ their multitude of ‘gold coins’ in the one foetid pit. Their wish, as they all hide behind the protective wishful’ thinking is; ‘thank the gods that nothing serious occurred on my watch’ (Phew!) as they skip away after their two years of well rewarded ’caring’. Why? Well children – simply put; there’d be political hell to pay if both political parties, deemed to be ‘bipartisan’ were seen as ‘complicit’ in one of the biggest publically funded con games ever brought to light; that of the air safety scam.

John Sharp, as minister sought to right matters. Alas; thwarted. No matter, he learned ‘how the game is played’ and has bested ‘the system’ at every whip and stitch since then. If ever a thinking prime miniscule or such, was seriously looking to avoid the shit storm which will (make no mistake) be released on the first hull loss: no matter what it costs; should hire Sharp as the next DAS.

P7: The Old Man (not to his face) manages the ‘elegant’ BRB. My burden is the Ill’s of Society (IoS) which is a fairly ‘direct’ crew, mostly because it is a collection of those who have been seriously ‘fitted up’ by CASA for many and varied reasons; ‘nuff said.

The seeds of change are, at the moment, merely floating in the wind. The Senate is bordering (and dithering and prevaricating) on bringing on yet another full scale inquiry. Why? We have, for over three decades now, witnessed farce, after pantomime, after bipartisan cop out, after dilution, after abrogation, after bullshit response and ministerial embarrassment all come to nought. Only to watch a once proud industry grind to the point where once sought after Australian pilots, Australian training, Australian accident reports and Australian ‘straight talking’ was the envy of the world. WTD happened?

Senator Glen Sterle hedges, timorously, toward ‘cracking’ the egg.

Sterle - 1) Are CASA meeting the ICAO requirements to maintain the skills and currency of their staff to the same level held by industry?

No. There is no way known that any operator would consider allowing a CASA ‘pilot’ to crew a commercial service – (even if was now legal to do so). Why? Well; consider the track record, in private ops of CASA pilots attempting to fly aircraft. For instance; there is one FOI who could not, despite multiple attempts (5), even manage a centre line take off when the simple act of matching the power output, on the gauges, not through power lever control position (duh). In he end, the check pilot lost his temper (after five, embarrassing aborts) and hi-jacked the take off, simply matching the 10 mm difference between ‘power levers’ and torque gauge. Rubbish pilot, unskilled and no hope of ever getting ‘skilled’. Fired twice for that – that and busting minima, co-pilot abuse etc. Fact. There are FOI’s out there who would not know, if they were punched, bored or countersunk when it came to doing a ‘day’s work’ as an operating pilot. Meet the same level and currency as a real ‘pilot’? Duck Glen, you are taking the Mickey (ain’t you – I do hope so).

Sterle – 2)  How many Flying Operations Inspectors are 'not current' (i.e. training not up to date) on the aircraft types they are required to oversight?

All of them you wool blind chump. Simple test – any FOI – any aircraft – any commercial job. Get them to pass a flight check – under industry scrutiny and CASA supervision. IF (big one) they actually get the aircraft home in one piece, without infringement – I’ll shout the IoS bar.

Sterle – 3) How many vacant positions exist in the technical workforce?

Lots and lots. Why? What hard working, honest, fair dinkum pilot would descend into the morass of CASA culture? No one; and I do mean none of ‘em employed is there because they could make a crust in industry (without assistance). CASA only hire those ‘open’ to subliminal suggestion and can’t fly for shit.

[Image: images-5-1.jpg]

[Image: images-6-1.jpg]


[Image: DmFkCEYVsAEYmMS.jpg]

[Image: images-11.jpg]

[Image: images-12.jpg]

Dear Senator Glen Sterle.

Once upon a time, DCA hired ‘pilots’. Folk like Jarvis, Evans, Sly etc. Good men all. Quite apart from being men of great skill and knowledge, they actually flew, on licence test with every plot applying for a licence. They’d seen it all. In my early years (before the current best practice) I flew 38 renewals of my instrument rating (every six month) with seriously experienced CASA Flight OP’s heavy weights – and passed, with the occasional ‘request’ to brush up on this or that. I owe them a great deal; they freely and willingly passed on their wisdom, experience and wide knowledge to an improving operator of aircraft.

Anyone can fly, but you need to know how to ‘operate’. I would not, categorically and absolutely not submit to the pantomime Grant and James were submitted to. It was not only pointless; but the FOI involved could not, on their best day get the bloody aircraft off the deck before Tuesday next week, let alone make a fist of the next task set for that crew. It is bloody outrageous that two known dickheads – (two schooners and midi + Mr Angry) dare even set a judgemental foot in an aircraft operated by two very professional, qualified guys. Particularly when ‘two schooners and midi’ could not hit the side of the barn, with a shovelful of shit, wind behind it. For the record – one of these supposed ‘experts’ was ‘assisted’ after multiple failures in the simulator to a type rating – the other has less ‘jet’ experience than the average kid has in his first paid, twin job in the back of beyond. Oh! You mean he is not ‘professionally’ (to industry minimums) qualified on type? Yep, that’s about sums up the shame of CASA FOI and just one of the many reason for industry disgust.

[Image: EJ3QnMBUcAAaeGu?format=jpg&name=small]

Oh, there’s lots more in ‘the facts’ bucket minister. But being an idiot – I expect you’d rather go with current best advice. You do that; you stick with the high line – but, when you are begging on the streets of Wagga, living on the ‘pension’ : remember – we did try to warn you.

A long ramble, however, there is some serious DT going down and I am obliged (strict liability applies) to comply with the words of a higher power. Did you ever think about or even dream that democratic theory applied in the home. Aye ‘tis but a notion: a wistful dream of but another world, where a man and his dogs could roam free, at will, without let or hindrance of the domestic variety. I expect the ancient and venerable Grandmother clock can wait another day for her long overdue repairs. Glorious French Walnut with Chestnut trimmings (chubby golden cherubs – the works); peace will descend – eventually. Meanwhile; the shadowy figure avoiding the orchard gate; climbing over the fence just below the view from the kitchen window is not (not) up to no good – of course, the two large, furry things, barking their fool heads off may (just) give the plan away. No matter, for the while; we are free.


What? You try to do this after an evening with “the” IoS crew.

[Image: sbg-01122019.jpg]

Sortition, Renaissance, Part 61 and all that.

Back in the day, politics was a dueced dicey business, Assassination, deep dark cells, torture, bribery, corruption; almost anything you could get away with was on the cards. To hold power was a difficult thing, almost as tough as staying alive. And yet, some survived it all and made a mark; some even talked good sense. One of those was Niccolò Machiavelli. 

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQy1GQsCfVRE3fkYnI1M..._hviZaPSSp]

“In 1498, he began a political career in Florence, that would lead him to write one of the most important books in history—The Prince (1513).

“The Prince, however, was Machiavelli’s most influential work. It was an examination of how a leader could gain power and stay in power.”

Why is the fool banging on about some Italian fella, five centuries ago? With your indulgence, I shall try, in my ham fisted way, to explain. It’s all to do with nothing ever really changing and history repeating. We have all seen this happen; industry up in arms, thoroughly ‘pissed off’ without protest of a meaningful kind. Well, nothing that ever changed anything. Back in Niccolò’s day the ‘protests’ were not of a politically correct kind. One needed to be able to master; or, ameliorate; or, finalise the protest somehow. At least back then, there was a ‘full stop’: someone got things got resolved or, someone ended up ‘missing’ home comforts. It was all direct action, no holds barred.

Today, we have a situation worthy of Machiavelli. I won't quote the whole thing –

Hitch – “But buildings, aeroplanes and runways don't train students to ATPL level only instructors can do that. Right now this country is in the grip of a regulation-driven instructor drought that threatens the basic foundations of the GA industry. That won't have much of an impact on Rex. You may remember a news story from two weeks ago where Rex announced they had gained permission to import instructors? So what they can do is set up a pipeline for instructors trained overseas away from the boat-anchor regulation of Part 61 to come to their academies at Ballarat and Wagga Wagga.”

Can anyone believe this? Australia: importing instructor pilots? What the Hell happened? Part 61 happened is what. Five centuries ago; there’d be Hell to pay if an industry had not provided enough ‘Guild’ craftsmen to carry on the works. Back them, tough as it was, each ‘Guild’ protected it’s own and apprenticed craftsmen to trade – it was in their very best interests to do so. Had a ‘Prince’ ordained a rule set which made it almost impossible to learn a craft or trade; there’d have been blood on the streets. Yet this industry has, whether through fear of retribution, protection of rice bowl; or, simply through a foreknowledge that to ‘go-along’ was to ‘get-along’ has allowed this to happen.

Part 61 was a wet dream. A thesis, an arse covering, audit friendly, razor sharp tool for intimidation; quite apart from being a royal cock up of massive, expensive, counterproductive  proportion. Not to mention the ‘sinister’ side of the legislation, which can, when pleases, make even the hanger cat ‘guilty’ of some black letter crime and unable to mount a defence due strict liability on the say-so of a contracted CASA ‘wizard’ on a mission.

Now, Machiavelli would see the potential for outright rebellion and move to avert it. The demands of his masters would be tempered with cool, clear logic. The deep flaws and on going headaches would be explained, in rational terms, leading to a compromise which made sense. But children we do not have a Machiavelli; we do not have a population with a backbone; we have Part 61 and no protest. Why would Machiavelli’s prince worry? Who would, particularly when the population is so worried they may be, one day, singled out for ‘attention’ that they all sit back and try to accommodate the lunatic rules and impositions dictated by a mad dynasty?

Read it and weep -  Sad Ref: 

[Image: Phil-Hurst-AAAA.jpg]
Plus: & Finally a voice in the wilderness.

[Image: de098b1cc631f7bee5a5517a2c32c89f.jpg]

Industry allowed Part 61 into law without protest. Parliament, complicit through bipartisan nod allowed this aberration to become the holy grail. Rex are importing pilots. Perhaps the minister can explain why Australia can no longer produce pilots and pilot instructors?

Part 61 is a national disgrace and shame. It shames an industry which allowed it to happen without protest; it shames the political parties which allowed it to become law without even deigning to read it; it shames the leaders of this nation who do not have the common sense to see where it was all leading. The cost to the nation and the humiliation beggars belief. If. the simple fact that no one gives a continental that a small, regional airline must import pilot instructors from overseas does not ring a bloody great big bell; then, alas, what hope is there for Australian sovereignty over this wide, brown, sunburnt country. What have we become? Must we all now learn to Kow-Tow? – Well - Bollocks to that. 

Aye well; I’ve settled the new Ale keg, good to go. Probably need it by day’s end; one of the local teenagers, bored with I-pad/ the net etc. wants to learn the arcane mysteries and intricacies of wood, tool and the melding of art and practical thinking (with some mathematics). A basic tool kit from my old gear will get her started, can I teach her how to hone a chisel; or, maybe sharpen a plane blade? Nah, best I import that talent – lest the basics elude me. Yeah, right. Bugger that, home grown skill will provide all that needs to be known. But, enough of whimsy – there is a queue at the stable door – even the cat wants a run – best away then. Before there’s a brawl.


[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQrxnC8xBL7oSJWgoxDy...FbG6i9FiIO]

P2 - Luv this cartoon...pins it in IMO  Wink ref:,13361

[Image: sbg-post.jpg]

(11-28-2019, 10:24 AM)Peetwo Wrote:  Via AOPA Oz:


November 28, 2019 By Benjamin Morgan

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-11-28-at-11.08.08-am-1170x500.png]

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia will attend a meeting in Canberra on Wednesday 4th December 2019 with Queensland Senator Susan McDonald to discuss general aviation industry concerns.  Attending the meeting will be;

AOPA Australia President, Shawn Kelly
AOPA Australia CEO, Benjamin Morgan
SAAA President, Tony White
AMROBA Executive Director, Ken Cannane
McDermott Helicopters MD, Simon McDermott

You could start by asking why the good Senator was MIA yesterday?


And my desciption with Thorny and the "K" posts tagged:

Quote:Yesterday without even a whimper the Australian Senate delivered yet another telling blow to an ailing General aviation industry by conceding to the pointless  and expensive bureaucratic (CASA/ATSB) inflicted embuggerance of Angel Flight.

Thornbird: "The Government is committed to maintaining a safe aviation environment for all
Kharon; “Air Safety is our prime concern”


(12-03-2019, 05:39 PM)Peetwo Wrote:  Senate Inquiry into General Aviation announced Rolleyes   

Via the RRAT Committee webpages: 

Australia's general aviation industry

Under Standing Order 25 (2) (a), the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee will inquire into and report on the current state of Australia's general aviation industry, with particular reference to aviation in rural, regional and remote Australia.

The committee will consider the operation and effectiveness of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and other relevant aviation agencies, with particular reference to:

a) the legislative and regulatory framework underpinning CASA's aviation safety management functions, including:
  (i) the application of the Civil Aviation Act 1988 and the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 to Australia's     aviation sector, and whether the legislation is fit for purpose;
 (ii) the safety and economic impacts, and relative risks, of CASA's aviation safety frameworks; and
 the engagement of CASA with other relevant Australian Government agencies;
  (iii) the immediate and long-term social and economic impacts of CASA decisions on small businesses,   agricultural operations and individuals across regional, rural and remote Australia;

(b) CASA's processes and functions, including:
  (i) its maintenance of an efficient and sustainable Australian aviation industry, including viable general aviation   and training sectors;
  (ii) the efficacy of its engagement with the aviation sector, including via public consultation; and
  (iii) its ability to broaden accessibility to regional aviation across Australia, considering the associated benefits   of an expanded aviation sector; and
  (iv) any related matters.

The committee will present its interim report on or before the final sitting day of December 2020, and will present its final report on or before the final sitting day of November 2021.

Committee Secretariat contact:
Committee Secretary
Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: +61 2 6277 3511
Fax: +61 2 6277 5811

And via Oz Flying:

Quote:[Image: susan_mcdonald.jpg]

Senate to launch Two-year Inquiry into CASA and GA
3 December 2019
Comments 0 Comments

The Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (RRAT) will conduct a two-year inquiry into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to gauge the effectiveness of regulation it has applied to general aviation in the past 10 years.

RRAT Chair, Nationals Senator Susan McDonald from Queensland, is believed to be set to make a formal announcement in the next day or so.

Senator McDonald said the aim of the inquiry is to establish how regulation imposed on GA had achieved CASA’s stated aim of balancing safety, relative risk, and economic costs.

“[the inquiry] will look at the social and economic impacts of CASA decisions on charter businesses, helicopter mustering, agricultural operations and maintenance operators across regional, rural and remote Australia,” she said.

“We want to examine the relevance of the Civil Aviation Act in relation to maintaining the highest safety standards while encouraging general aviation and training.

“I have spoken with participants in the general aviation industry who feel the past 10 years of rulemaking by CASA has not achieved the stated aim of balance.

“This inquiry will look at people’s concerns with CASA and deliver interim findings in December 2020, followed by a final report in November 2021.”

Senator McDonald has established herself as a champion of aviation in Australia, most famously crossing the floor to vote with independent senators on the Community Service Flight legislation disallowance motion in October. McDonald was the only coalition member to do so. She was elected to the Senate for QLD in the 2019 Federal Election and made RRAT Chair in July.

At the time of writing, the inquiry had not been listed on the RRAT website, so information on public hearings and submission is not yet available.


Hmm...question is will we remember this day as the day the tide finally turned -  Huh

Addendum: To kick the submissions off... Shy

 Via AMROBA... Wink : Volume 16 Issue 11 (November 2019)

[Image: AMROBA-1.jpg]


Quote:[Image: AMROBA-3.jpg]

[Image: AMROBA-4.jpg]

MTF...P2  Tongue

[Image: sbg-81219-2.jpg]

A constipation theory.

It was a terrifying silence which met me as I entered the meeting. Fully expecting a row of epic proportions, it was unnerving to walk into a calm, sanguine (mostly sober) room of relaxed people. A welcome Ale appeared along with a note –100 : 50/50 : 8 don’t know: qouth the cryptic missive. P7 grinned; “we’ve taken the vote; half reckon it’s a waste of time; half reckon it’s a great thing; the ‘dunno’s will let us know, but 100% think two years is way too long, any result will be far too late to be of any value, and not likely to succeed in changing anything”. “So, when will the tote board be up?”. Bemused; I wandered off to find a quite seat for while.

[Image: bannerrrr-1024x368.jpg]

Setting the odds for this type of a Senate inquiry is a hellish business and with a two year event scheduled, anything could happen. Consider even trying to puzzle out what this lacklustre; ex village idiot, now a deputy prime minister is going to do. That he’ll do as he is told to do is a fairly safe bet – but by whom? As the Inquiry is related to matters aeronautical some form of advice will be dictated; that is also a fairly safe bet. Nicely scripted, genuine rubbish, which may be genuinely repeated, supported by  genuine ‘experts’. And that children is, as we all know will be the same genuine rubbish spouted for the last 30 odd years. Even that don’t trouble me much, Hell, they’ll probably just dust off the last lot, rebadge it and send it along.

“There's one way to find out if a man is honest: ask him; if he says yes, you know he's crooked.” ― Mark Twain

Nope, none of ‘the usual’ bothers my calculations. The worry is clearly defined. Here we have a man who can barely tie his own aviation boot laces; fair enough, we can understand that. That he is obliged to accept ‘advice’ from the ‘experts’ is also understandable. The thing which is completely inexplicable is his total lack of common or garden political sense. Look at it this way – the aviation industry has had a gutful of CASA – howls of protest, businesses closing, imported pilots and pilot instructors, no engineers, no TAFE, more millions to be spent on a rule set so complex they now require ‘translation’ so folk can understand. A dozen close calls on near major accidents, a mandated State Safety Programme ignored, ICAO ignored or fed pony-pooh; a top level ministerial inquiry quietly treated as opinion and forgotten etc. There is a bloody long list of ‘red flags’ out there; yet this minister allows creatures like St Commode, Jonathan (where’s my marbles) Aleck and Stalin’s brother from the Gorbels to manage him, through his CASA anointed (Commode’s hand picked man) ‘advisor’? Ducking scary stuff – I mean who runs this country – advisors? Sheeit…Did ‘we (the people) vote for that?….. 

“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. ― Abraham Lincoln

But wait, there’s more. Can someone (anyone) please explain how both a duly elected Senate and Parliament can be ‘bipartisan’ where aviation is concerned? Seriously; when was there any form of ‘debate’ about an aviation regulation? Even poor old Angel Flight were dismissed after an inquiry, not a word of dissent apart from McDonald having enough sand to put her vote where common sense and genuine democracy should stand. I wish we had a lot more of her calibre and integrity in government. That: would be fine thing.

[Image: 7093cb3fcf5f2b1c7526808cde2217138c2df7d7-1.jpg]

But then it’s not just the CASA boys own club making the minister a laughing stock and publicly humiliated; Air Services is a basket case - the holes in their parsimonious knitting appearing almost daily; and the ATSB – what in the name of all the pagan gods are they playing at? Who is really in control of ‘safety’? It sure as Hell ain’t the government – it is most definitely not the minister- so who then? St Commode and his merry band of acolytes and catamites? Aye, sneer all you like minister, shout your fool, red faced head off in parliament; no one gives a toss: but, if we loose just one hull through bipartisan smart arse cop out or parliamentary constipation; it will be on your head the wreckage lands. Think on, think smart, think quick, get some proper advice and do something. Don’t be stood behind the elephant in the room when it happens. 

[Image: E_fart.jpg]

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” ― Albert Einstein

[Image: 9810.jpg]

No matter; there’s enough wiggle room within the ToR for the 77th  running of the Senate Inquiry into why aviation is buggered for everyone to weigh in. The CASA connections believe their entry is a Shoo in, top weight contender. Why should it not be; the Parliament’s entry is nobbled, too bloody scared to enter the race; the minister’s donkey is blind, deaf and terminally stupid, the Senate’s entry is new to the sport and comes from a stable which has never really understood the game. Which leaves industry, once again, standing alone, unloved, un headed and not very well at all. Yes; I’ll set up the board – again; y’all lost yer shirts last time out boys; but, I'll take your bets.

Best crack on; today is ‘Saw’ day; cleaning, sharpening, setting; old fashioned skills in this modern world; but I have some very old saws that need to see the ‘saw-doctor’ every now and again. My favourite is a 1916 full size ‘Rip saw’ made by Henry Distton (legend). Carved Applewood handle, ground blade, eight teeth to the inch – a timber thief which still cuts sweet, smooth and true today. Quality, experience, integrity, craftsmanship and skill – not much valued today; but an hour of my clumsy attempts will see it restored in the time honoured tradition of those who value such things.


[Image: SBG-151219.jpg]

Dead Horses; and, the flogging thereof.

[Image: download-2.jpg]

On rare occasions, the ‘heavies’ of the PAIN network have a confab. Happily, most of the senior members can manage a ‘Skype’ meeting, so all things being equal, it went off without too many hitches. Didn’t last long, 4 minutes and 37 seconds to be precise. The topic? Why, yet another Senate inquiry of course. Unanimous, brutal to the point of zero patience. “Been there – done that”. End of……How many more can we have without change? Einstein was spot on - madness.

Of course, they are quite right. Furry muff – but there was an alternative proposal which received 100% support. In short; sack the CASA top layer, bring in a DAS with a brief to ‘reform’; support sensible changes to regulation by adopting the NZ/ FAA rule set and save not only the millions an inquiry will cost; but, saving aviation the stress and unpaid work responding to another ‘inquiry’. The argument went as follows:-

(i) If the Senate committee has any power whatsoever (political and constitutional) they would be better served by sending a container load of existing hard, documented, supported evidence to the PMC and demanding ‘change’: now, in real time. They could tell the minister to go boil his silly head and clean out his ears whilst at it. There is a veritable body of evidence, going back decades, all saying the same thing. Act on it!

(ii) Whist supporting the McDonald effort, in principal; the ‘heavies’ have borne witness to 30 years of the same merry-go-round. ‘The Rev’ a.k.a David Forsyth did his very, very best to provide a soft landing for government after Pel-Air, hoping that the ‘behind the report’ unpublished reality would, through the conscience of honest men, ring in the changes needed to sustain and foster the aviation sector of the economy. Alas. Cynical, political self serving preservation gained the upper hand.

The long and the short of it is; PAIN will leave it up to individuals to make yet another submission; throw another log on the dying fire, but they will not. (Full stop). Not unless the RRAT committee ‘get real’ and take the fight to where it belongs – into the ministers office. Then, maybe, they’ll weigh in.

“Please explain” howls the mob. OK. I shall try. To begin with, we owe a sincere apology to Skidmore (him of the unforgivable neck ties). This stems from a deep investigation of the Angel Flight fiasco. Patience.. Sector Risk Analysis are the key words. Skidmore (bless ‘im) was, as we all are, a great supporter of such things. Forbearance while I describe (in my left handed fashion) the concept, in everyday terms. It’s simple really, you do it every day; chief pilots and fleet managers do it three and four times a day; folk who manage ‘risk’ are at it 24/7. A simple example is the internationally recognised Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) analysis Flight Safety provide. Essentially, one answers the questions related to ‘routine’ operations and come up with a numerical value – of risk. Say 24 for an example. Then a ‘job’ turns up which is out of the ordinary. You simply run through the ‘questions’ and come up with a number either greater or smaller than the company norm. If there is a ‘risk’ identified, then strategy to mitigate that risk may be formulated and the revenue may be generated. QED.

Ref: From about 06:00


Quote:Senator Fawcett, David asked:

Senator FAWCETT: I am happy to put my questions on notice, given the time constraints. Mr Skidmore, the
industry has been very positive about sector risk profiles. I would like an update on where CASA's view is with
that process, who you have got working on it and what resources you are investing in it. It appears to be a good
way of collaborating with industry.

Mr Skidmore: I will take that on notice, and thank you very much for those comments.

CASA considers that Sector Risk Profiling (SRP) is an effective risk management tool to assist the aviation
industry in developing an understanding of the effects of risks in order to maximise their aviation safety
performance. SRPs that have already been developed are in the areas of aerial application and aerial mustering.
In 2016 CASA expects to publish SRPs in aerodromes, small aeroplanes, large aeroplanes and offshore
helicopter transport. The SRPs in helicopter emergency medical services and aerial ambulance sectors are
expected to be published in 2016-17.

The profiles are developed by a team of subject matter experts drawn from CASA’s operational areas that
collect and analyse relevant data. The data and other additional information are reviewed collectively by CASA
and representatives from the relevant sector prior to finalising the SRP.

Ref: Civil Aviation Safety Authority PDF 26KB 14/09/2016

Skidmore was in favour of sector risk analysis (proven). Angel Flight on the first CASA go around were off the hook – until the day of the accident. CASA had waited and waited for an accident – then they got two. Exit SRA – enter the legal dragon; the rest, history and shame.

Senators; seriously, there are three things that could be done, which, in almost a heartbeat, would change the ethos and stop the embuggerance. 1) Take CASA off the legal hook. Honest White hats, like Buckley’s first CASA team, cannot be held responsible for ensuring that every ‘black letter’ of the law is met; mission impossible. (2) Appoint a ‘reform’ DAS with ministerial support (for the good of the nation etc.). (3) Refuse to be ‘bipartisan’ in matters aeronautical.

And, please; for the love of a Friday feed, a fight and a night of paradise:-

(4) Stop pissing about with CASA. The experiment failed. Toughen up princess. There is an out of control, paranoid, schizophrenic parked in a dark corner of the bar. It may look OK to the casual glance; but, rest assured there are deep, dark problems lurking there, for which no easy cure is available. Appoint a DAS who is tasked with ‘reform’ – not reorganisation (a crock of the proverbial). Mandate that the NZ/FAA (world’s best and safest) rule set is brought in as soon as humanly possible.

There is little need for a rehash of the old; a new inquiry? Nah. That particular area of angst has been beaten to death for 30 odd years now. Skidmore ‘got it’ Sector Risk Analysis and rules to support that risk – what a bloody good idea.

[Image: srp-ph.jpg]

Sorry for the rough ride Mark – ‘twas your ties what done it (well, that and a large dollop of past cynicism) . Unreserved apology Sir. 

That’s about it for Sunday – too damn fed up with it all to find a joke or quote. A minimum ‘wait’ time; on hold for another six years before we see progress tends to make me ‘irritable’. The path is clear, the solution is patently clear to even a blind Freddy (sorry mate), the tools are immediately available. Why would we spend another two years and gods alone know how much money to discover that which was known thirty years ago. FDS bring in some professional help. Tell you what – bring in Smith or Skidmore – I’ll go work for ‘em. Sometimes it’s better to just DIY than rely on ‘professionals’. I could operationally (SRA) run Commode and Marbles around block: twice, before they even knew what bloody day it was. - IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

Yus; (you may not have noticed) - us is cranky – why not? I note the dogs have decided to feign sleep at the other end of the stable – clever dogs. I’ll whistle ‘em up soon, a quiet walk, far from this never ending bun fight will be most refreshing – moonlight a bonus. Serious question – how do they know I’ve just done with this ‘thing’ ? Whoa; even the cat has lobbed in to say G’day. Some species just know how to read a mood. Away now, you fur bearing, four legged felons – I shall follow.


[Image: EHylcMNWkAAQwh6?format=jpg&name=small]

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