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“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ― Francis of Assisi

Wise words from a kindly soul; I wonder, would our brand new Junior Minister heed them? Of course, to do ‘that which is necessary’ for the aviation industry would be a dirty, bloody, bitterly contested battle. It amuses me, that folk with as much clout as a minister are afraid of doing anything which will rock CASA’s comfy little boat, let alone tip the whole motley crew overboard. But it must be done if matters aeronautical are to ever get sorted; properly. The regulations are a 400 million dollar problem and the laughing stock of the grown up aviation administrators; but we can stare that down. What we cannot ignore any longer is the repetitive dismissal of genuine industry concerns. Those concerns are many. We could start by addressing an industry beaten into submission by some of the more devious, dangerous, overbearing tactics ever exposed to public view and ignored by a long Daisy chain of spineless ministers. The truth of it cannot be denied; the evidence of Pel-Air and the ignored Senate recommendations: the evidence of the Forsyth report and the ignored ‘opinions’: the dreadful audit report and the wasting of an additional 89 million (supplied through an aviation fuel levy), which has never been abandoned despite a time limit being issued. So much for the necessary; now what about the possible?

“We aren’t the good guys, Anita. We’re the necessary guys.” ― Laurell K. HamiltonSkin Trade

It is possible to change the Air navigation Act. There has been bi-partisan support for change declared; there is a thirty year evidence chain which supports the notion of change – and millions spent ‘talking’ about it, all to no avail.  It is possible to adopt the USA regulations and put a full stop at the end of the CASA scribble’s, it could be done in a heartbeat (government speed), this would save the country millions; and, earn a lot more from a thriving, robust, happy industry. There’s a gold star for a politician with brains, balls and vision. All possible, change the Act, reform (read cull) the top management of CASA, hire a bloke who prefers CEO to the vainglorious title of ‘Director of Aviation Safety’. Someone who could lead and do the small needful things; like, rewrite the Enforcement manual and sign the thing into perdition. Hell there’d be a peerage in that for man who did it – if it were within my gift…

“Great leadership involves three things. The ability to realize when you are wrong, a willingness to learn from it, and an eagerness to change course if necessary.” ― Jeffrey Fry

The seemingly impossible will flow from this; employment, investment, revenue, profits and tax. All for the want of a little bit of vision, a soupçon of backbone and a lack of fear of the Bogey Men, those who protect the ‘myth’ of aviation safety – Australian style. Well, there I tell a fib – they carefully protect the buggered up system they have created, lest the world sees ‘em for what they truly are. Easier to bully-rag a brainless politician into bafflement and fear of public repercussion, than it is to own up to the cock up. Their labours are not designed to protect any, but themselves.

“Our labour preserves us from three great evils — weariness, vice, and want.” – Voltaire

But, the heat is on, many of the chickens are returning home to roost; I can’t see Essendon being brushed under the carpet, covered with PC vomit from the ATSB  and let slide by like the ICAO audit. No Sir; allow me to offer some kindly meant words of advice from a man who understood the game, hundreds of years ago.

“If you are to be kept right, you must possess either good friends or red-hot enemies. The one will warn you, the other will expose you.” – Diogenes of Sinope

Aye well; I expect it will all come to naught – yet again. Even Ben the Unmentionable Morgan wonders what he’ll say to the Senate Committee when he meets them toward the end of the month. I know exactly what I’d say (invitation not forthcoming). I’d ask what they are prepared to do; then if they were willing; I’d simply ask them to hear, in camera, the sworn evidence of six cases; two engineering, two pilots and two operators. That aught to give them a clear insight into where the radical cause lays. All crystal clear, start with Lockhart, through Seaview and on into today’s world. If that don’t startle ‘em into action, then nothing on this good green earth ever will.

I’ll leave you with Kipling – a quote from the Jungle Book (which is appropriate):-

Rudyard Kipling – Wikipedia


The cover of the first edition of The Jungle Book (1894)

Nothing is Ever Settled until it’s settled right.

‘K’ – “This ain’t settled minister; not by a long shot”.

Best crack on, the dogs have taken to sea bathing, the earlier the better. Last dregs of coffee, sunny’s and; off we go.