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AP Forum references: Letter from Anderson & Angel Flight General Aviation Timeline of Embuggerance – Letter from Anderson


Sterle the legend;

Comment from the super coach;

”Senator Glenn Sterle with the ‘mystique of aviation safety’ in a nutshell – “CASA has an incredible power over ministers. You must have some fairy dust that you sprinkle on them, because they all believe every word that you say”.

No Senator, not fairy dust, it’s a bit more simple than that; the Minister and his fellow politicians are dumb. Pure and simple. They have no idea, their life has revolved around lying, deceiving, buying off, paying off, dealing, selling promises and backstabbing. That is their skill set, that’s why they are politicians, that is their trade. So, no, fairy dust doesn’t enter the equation, quite simply you have a bunch of slimey used car salesmen who care only about themselves. They wouldn’t know a flight deck from a Qantas lounge. Fools.

Fair call Gobbles, I do believe you’ve nailed the problem with our gormless NFI Miniscule McDo’Naught –  Wink

Speaking of ‘nailing it’ –  Rolleyes While trolling through old media links that referenced the 1st attempt by the CASA Iron Ring (2014-15) to embugger Angel Flight, I noted a comment in reply from Anderson to this Oz Flying article –…hreat-casa – that 4.5 years later barely needs an edit/update… Dodgy 

Anderson • 4 years ago

CASA serves only the interests of CASA.

First and foremost – self-perpetuation.

Closely followed by reaching its claws into the pocket of every GA participant to extract the maximum bounty to fund said self-perpetuation.

It long ago became an unwieldy beast that shed even any sort of pretence it might actually serve the aviation community that funds it through the regular extortionate gouging, both direct and indirect.

CASA certainly does “make no apologies” – never has, never will (if past behaviour is any guide)…

Why then does it expect anyone with a brain and even the slightest modicum of historical fact into aviation in Australia to believe anything the self declared non-apologist has to say on any topic?

It has been proven time and time again to be untrustworthy on almost every level (secret collusion to influence ATSB investigations and doctor accident reports – anyone, anyone…?).

An organisation that simply lacks credibility within the real aviation community (ie, not the segment that benefits from the largesse, corporate favours and behind the scenes political shenanigans) cannot be taken at face value.

Bureaucratic regulation for all is the panacea for everything.

By now it is clear the regulatory behemoth seeks to destroy GA and everything associated with it, to not only bite the hand that feeds it but to chomp, mangle and swallow to the GA armpit and beyond.

Whatever any new purported “safety measures” might be from CASA for the community service flight sector, it will be a rocky transition to yet more rules that will do nothing to protect anyone.

The only new protection needed is for the selfless humanitarians in the community service flight sector (and GA generally) from the CASA bureaucrats.

The “safety measures” will come with some new fee or charge associated – nominal at first of course so as not to create too much resistance – and given some fashionable newspeak name to allay any unease, which will of course be
simultaneously denounced as “misplaced concerns” when the CASA PR machine swings into action.

We all know by now where “nominal” fees end up down the track – the next CASA cash cow.

Remember this all well folks, for what will be sold out of both sides of the CASA mouth in the months and years ahead will be nothing but a wolf in the guise of a sheep. Harmless at first, only to reveal a savage bite when it’s far too late to fully comprehend what really occurred.

Given the behaviour of CASA over the past years, one really does need to wonder whether they are a completely delusional bunch (given the continued expectation we will blindly accept anything they broadcast), but more importantly whether there is indeed a hidden agenda to completely rout GA – to destroy it so completely that nothing remains but empty crown land, devoid of the now GA aerodromes and ripe for redevelopment – which will all be a sheer coincidence of course.

This latest little trojan horse from CASA is undoubtedly but the next distraction to interfere where none is needed and to spew forth but more needless regulation. This time it will be aimed squarely at those who provide a tremendous
service and benefit to the community.

A type of actual service that CASA would not recognise if it were placed directly in front of its bloated waistline.

Hmm…MTF – P2 [Image: cool.gif]

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