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Is blood from stones Red?

13 Oct

One of the reasons ‘we’ have adopted The Mandarin, quite apart from the first class reporting and balanced opinion is the messages of ‘hope’ which creep onto the pages.  Modest, but essential changes that those who toil for the government initiate; where a honest, practical approach to perceived problems is offered; to both small and […]

Three years and counting.

08 Oct

A nicely done AP post by Ventus and P2 – HERE  -very much to the point. The next big question is ‘why’ have the Senators been unable to get anything changed; both the Fawcett (AWOL) and Xenophon rhetoric should have sent minions scurrying to mend the fences, put the minister on high alert and produced […]

Pathway to a private members Bill.

06 Oct

It was one of the strangest starts to a full dress BRB ever.  Grim and (for that crew) strangely quiet.  My fault thinks I, for the e-mail loops questionnaire had been long and required some thought.  But, the IOS wanted to get a very clear picture before getting down to the big questions.   Turned […]

Deception or perception?

17 Sep

Of perception – continued. On page 4 (Hansard) Houston brings in the framework on which ASA are to dance:- The word perception is used 16 times during the session, three times within the endless, time wasting Houston monologue Quote:Houston – The issue of probity: immediately after the last Senate hearing, the board was very concerned. I […]