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A nicely done AP post by Ventus and P2 – HERE  -very much to the point. The next big question is ‘why’ have the Senators been unable to get anything changed; both the Fawcett (AWOL) and Xenophon rhetoric should have sent minions scurrying to mend the fences, put the minister on high alert and produced almost immediate results. Phhuuttt, the balloon collapses, which is a bad enough thing, but since then, things have only become worse.

Look at the latest series of ATSB reports, see any signs of improvement? Beggared if I do. What I can discern is a milk and water approach to meat and potato matters. The recent (in ATSB time scale) events at Melbourne, serious, very real safety matters, in need of ‘deep’ analysis and demanding of change. Did we get anything we paid for?; No. Anything remotely useful?; No. Do we still have to endure Dolan at estimates?; Yes. Can the ATSB troops still do useful reports?; Yes; if so then why are they not? Since the Pel-Air inquiry no change – pointless, expensive exercise? You bet.

Look over the way into the CASA HQ any major changes there? McComic departed the fix, but that was a natural event; Terry buggered off before he dropped off the twig, no great surprise there; then eventually we got Skidmore-Twist. A confused, confounded, captured boy brought in to do a mans job; better men left out of the race and then; the great nothing. Unless you count endless hours spent reconfirming the Forsyth report – remember that?; shelf-ware now, just ‘a view’ says the master of hot air, gab, party line and sod all else. More time and more effort achieving SFA. I will avoid the Skidmore purblind selection of crew, conflict with the board and capture by the establishment. Even Avmed remains a total nightmare, time will come when Pooh-Shambollic will be revered as a ‘reformer’; wait and see.

You can always have a look at the ASA performance, but take your bucket (to vomit in) and your spade (to dig your way out of the mud). Argh, can’t be bothered even rehashing; at least Staib and Clark departed the fix, which, in anyone’s jungle cannot be a bad thing.

The only positive things to emerge is absolute, categorical proof that the Senate ‘Wet Lettuce Leaf’ exists, and that Senators sound and fury signify Nada. Gods alone know how much all this wheel spinning has cost the industry and taxpayer; but it is clear how we shall pay for it, with a defunct, derelict regional industry and in blood and smoking body parts, that’s how. But no matter, no one will be responsible. Now that is a fine result, don’t you think? Score – Mike and the IR team 10 – Senate 0.

There is line which when crossed takes you from being part of the solution to being a part of the problem. Is there a problem? – you bet. Can the Senate resolve it?; seems more unlikely as the years roll by.