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05 Feb

Day 2 – PelAir v Karen Casey & Dr David Helm via Anthony Klan Pilot lashes out at air-safety watchdogs’ crash report February 04, 2015 12:00AM Anthony Klan Journalist Sydney THE two government agencies responsible for policing aviation “publicly lied” about the full circumstances of a 2009 Pel-Air crash off Norfolk Island, the plane’s pilot […]

Ventus: “There is no evidence your Honour..”

03 Feb

NB: The following is a Prune NFI thread post from ventus45 submitted this am (03/02/15)..  halfmanhalfbiscuit Quote: CreampuffYou don’t know, for sure, what weather information was transmitted to and understood by the crew.What we do know, for sure, is that there were patent errors in the weather information transmitted to NGA, and that there are […]

@P2 for Ziggychick – “Go you good thing!”

01 Feb

Mighty Pissed Off: Take Two… An old post for some clarification. I believe that now is the time for all the trolls and moderators to dig deep, some very deep, into their humanity strand of DNA. Understandably some are more evolved than others, very clear from the eyes that’s that have seen the absolute evidence […]

Sunfish on corruption at Aviation House.

29 Jan

Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that Rex threw $250,000 at the Ministers political party, but not of course the Minister, before the ATSB report was released to make sure that the ATSB and CASA blamed the pilot and not Pel AIr for the incident?Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that Rex then threw money […]

Crikey – Planetalking

27 Jan

Crikey – Planetalking Sketchy Pel-Air crash investigation raises uncomfortable questions for deputy PM There’s plenty to worry about when it comes to crash investigation in Australia’s aviation industry — not that you’d know it from the minister’s interest in the subject. How long can Warren Truss, the deputy PM, leader of the Nationals, and minister responsible for […]

Sunfish explains

27 Jan

I am going to make the assumption that you are a genuine seeker of truth and not some troll and attempt to explain why you are completely wrong in your belief that the words don’t matter. Ultimately all CASA strategy, policy and regulation activities must conform to the intention of Parliament when they made the […]

Peeler, CASA, and ATSB – the movie

27 Jan

Top stuff @slats11 :  Someone suggested this saga could be the basis for a future Australian movie. To assist any scriptwriters out there, I offer the following: 1. There was a routine CASA audit of PelAir scheduled for October 2007. This had to be re-scheduled as the organisation could not provide sufficient paperwork to allow this […]