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Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that Rex threw $250,000 at the Ministers political party, but not of course the Minister, before the ATSB report was released to make sure that the ATSB and CASA blamed the pilot and not Pel AIr for the incident?Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that Rex then threw money at the Liberal and Country parties Four months later to stop them questioning the report or raising the matter in Parliament? Why would a company not known for political donations suddenly open its purse?Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that, even today, a successor Liberal Government, CASA, the ATSB and the Department of Infrastructure are doing their level best to try and hide a deliberate act of perverting the course of an official investigation? Could there be any other reason for their reluctance to have a totally independent review of the report?

Why would anyone nominate John McCormick for the Directors position at ICAO, given the ongoing mess that is Australian Aviation regulation?

Is it not now abundantly clear that the New Director Of Air Safety, Skidmore, does not have a snowballs chance in hell of implementing any meaningful reform of CASA, as called for in the Review, given that all political parties and the Department of Infrastructure have no stomach for it?

Could anyone be forgiven for thinking that CASA, ATSB and perhaps Airservices are now inextricably mired in corruption and that Australian Aviation jobs, investment and growth will continue to decline because of it?

Do people not understand that the merest whiff of official corruption sends honest investors running for the exits?

I therefore hope that none of the above is true.