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An old post for some clarification.

I believe that now is the time for all the trolls and moderators to dig deep, some very deep, into their humanity strand of DNA. Understandably some are more evolved than others, very clear from the eyes that’s that have seen the absolute evidence of the truth. Heard the voices of survivors and experts, watched the body language, which expresses the inner invisible voice of some that have told untruths. Mainly the leaders of our Aviation Industry. Just watch the Senate. Easy to see the rubbernecking to each other looking for answers or the notice business.

So, the day before my trial, another dig perhaps or curiosity?
I will risk myself to correct and explain so the good people understand that my will is good.
Can I voice…I believe (yes, this is still a democracy) and
Free-Doom of speech is still permitted, I think.

Yet the almighty chase for power, money and a mix of ego dashed with political rescue, has resulted in a pathetic attempt to smother the truth which leads to nil learning which would result in lives saved. This is how we learn. From admitted mistakes.

With all the FOIs, the Audits, the Candians, re-opening, Pollie donations….what more do the authorities need to make change.

The Montreal convention. Challenge it!

History, as we know unravels truth.
Enter the sixth year of this pettifoggery.
Those who believe they are above all due to title, money and whatever it is that drives such cruelty to other humans, well, may the truth lay ahead of you all and a realisation that it’s much more noble and respected IF acknowledgment of wrong-doings are corrected early.
The snowball of lies hit the bottom of the hill and smashed apart.

Below is from the senate thread #2184.
Also, a few words regarding Truss thread from I, re: Pollie $, on Nov 14.

Talis Qualis


“Dear PPs

An article in the SMH on 18/08/14 regarding a Pel-Air and me suing.

I found out about the article in Thursday afternoon.
They printed my full name, address, marital sataus and how many children I had.
The only true statement that I remember to the best of my ability are within “quotes”

The rest is unquoted. I did not say any of what they printed.
I have never spoken to the a author, I don’t know her.

A clandestine operation.
The aircraft pictured intact. Quick description of events.
The Pissed Off part.
The author and source are literally, all of a sudden attacking me.
My personal details revealed
My alleged blaming of the pilot (he followed the rules and saved our lives, thank you DJ)
Then she bangs on about the MC99 being applicable to us, which it is not.
Finally, walk away with nothing. Pain, struggle financially

How the liars stare into the dark and play
Enjoy it
For now
The light of truth
You and You and You and You…….

Media. For as long as my arse points to the ground. I will never speak with you.

Leave me alone.

If any one knows something, please tell me why this would happen
Anyone know this game?

If I have made spelling mistakes, I’m so bloody tired.
Take care,

How dare they all. All who have taken part in this deceptive mincing of words.
For what I ask?
For what?

Try as you might.
Picked on the wrong chick. [/QUOTE] P2…0

5th Estate