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Dear Warren – re Cash and no Bull-pooh.

02 Jul

The respect of ones peers is traditionally earned, grudging or otherwise. We (aviation) all keep hoping Warren Truss will earn that respect (and a gold star) by righting the wrongs inflicted, without our consent on aviation. After the 2008 non-event, I confess, that we have indeed given him precious little – the derogatory title ‘minuscule’ […]

As you’d like it.

24 Jun

Great picture – those smiles are genuine; the inestimable Fawcett who breathes hope into a depressed Australian aviation scene, despite the best efforts of CASA to regulate it out of existence; the ATSB who cannot seem to provide an accident report with any meaning; or, the ASA who are always seeking ways to increase their […]

Big issues – Bush businesses.

11 May

Abbott, Joyce and Truss may not be overly concerned about matters aeronautical, in all probability they hardly even know ‘aviation’ exists in any other form except for free, first class travel, a revenue stream and donations.  Some may even believe that’s fine.  But you would think that winning the next election would penetrate even their dull, self obsessed […]