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The respect of ones peers is traditionally earned, grudging or otherwise. We (aviation) all keep hoping Warren Truss will earn that respect (and a gold star) by righting the wrongs inflicted, without our consent on aviation. After the 2008 non-event, I confess, that we have indeed given him precious little – the derogatory title ‘minuscule’ etc. But it ain’t personal; compared to that bloody Albo, ‘Wazza’ is a darling. He did give us the Rev. Forsyth, Jeff Boyd a new board; and, even told ATSB to sort out the Pel-Air report; failing to address the ensuing scandal was an almost understandable mistake. But, Wazza does not pay my mortgage: I do not rely on him for my under inflated salary, therefore I believe my robust comments, writ in basic Anglo-Saxon are my right as a free man in a democracy. Hells teeth, I’d probably buy the old beggar a beer if I met him. At very least he had the courtesy to meet the CVD pilots, nothing came of it mark you; but, at least courtesy to the men was shown; respect given and taken, both ways, to a Minister of the Crown and a well qualified team of pilots. The status quo is, at least in spirit, retained
But what of those who take ‘the Queens shilling’, the likes of Beaker. Truss puts his ‘name’ on the line, a Statement of Expectation (SoE) follows a ministerial directive to re-examine the Norfolk Island ditching. What does Beaker do, well he redefines ‘investigate’ to make a mockery of the DPM by running around the ‘Senate inquiry’, ignoring the subtle, but powerful Canadian efforts and then as the final insult, not only disregards a Ministerial SoE, but fails to even publish it on ‘his’ website. Then: the crowning glory; a ‘Blog’, ignored by the world (except for his Mum who wrote a confused ‘puff’ piece, confusing fly-by-wire; with – ’wire strikes’). Nuff said.

I may not think much of DPM Warren Truss, that is my right; but Jesus wept, I would never take the Mickey Bliss in the arrogant, pumpkin powered way Beaker has; not while taking the government money.

Words fail about here, so I’ll keep it short. Dear Minister; CASA, the ATSB and the ASA are all having a serious lend of your good nature, it is time that stopped.

Minister, you have the power, the have the information, you have the Act – FCOL use it. Go on; you know you want to.