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Australian ADSB is a bait.

30 Oct

Sent: Friday, 30 October 2015 4:21 PM To: Subject: from Dick Smith re: Industry raises concerns with CASA about delayed regulatory reform processes Dear All It’s not the slow pace of Reform at CASA, it’s the fact that they are still heading towards adding to costs. For example, we know the disaster of Part […]

How much can a Koala bear?

28 Oct

From off the Aunty Pru Forum thread – Even to an admitted political dunderhead, such as myself, it seems passing strange that the National Party and Barnaby Joyce are not hauling on the Truss reins, screaming Whoa.  Almost everything connected with Rural and Regional affairs are a shambles.  From flood plain destruction to CSG […]

One small frog v Developers

26 Oct

My apologies gentlemen for a very long Sunday ramble, but I really am getting pissed off with blatant ignoring of corruption. Anyway, to the Sunday ramble:  Just finished reading through a submission sent to the CEO of Banstown Airport by Bankstown City council, many passing strange questions came to mind. But there are so many “Passing […]

Obloquy or Obituary.

25 Oct

Thornbird posted a Sunday ramble – HERE. You have to wonder just what in the seven hells the Minister is thinking about – it most certainly ain’t aviation. Not as a viable, vibrant industry which can and does in other countries contribute to employment and national purse. Simply running a business into the ground does […]

What magnificent munificence.

24 Oct

Or misfeasance  if you prefer.   Today from  (Seth Jaworski) – RAAA chairman Jim Davis opens the 2015 national convention. Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) chairman Jim Davis says a new Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) board and new director of aviation safety (DAS) are rebuilding the relationship with industry that was damaged over […]

Back, in the day.

16 Oct

In response to P2 – HERE  Once. When I was very young an Uncle took me on in his joinery shop, so I could earn some holiday money.  First job – after sweeping the floors was sharpening the ‘cutting’ tools.  At first it was only chisels, even then, it was only ‘beaters’ used for rough […]

Is blood from stones Red?

13 Oct

One of the reasons ‘we’ have adopted The Mandarin, quite apart from the first class reporting and balanced opinion is the messages of ‘hope’ which creep onto the pages.  Modest, but essential changes that those who toil for the government initiate; where a honest, practical approach to perceived problems is offered; to both small and […]

DoIRD (Murky’s mob ) – On the nose & in the red.

13 Oct

The Senate Chamber primary colour is red (see above), even the daily running sheet is called the ‘Dynamic Red’ and considering the Senate is the ‘House of review’, red would seem quite appropriate. If the RRAT Committee Senators have an ounce of respect for the Senate, the Senate Estimates process & the importance of making sure the bureaucracy remains […]

Three years and counting.

08 Oct

A nicely done AP post by Ventus and P2 – HERE  -very much to the point. The next big question is ‘why’ have the Senators been unable to get anything changed; both the Fawcett (AWOL) and Xenophon rhetoric should have sent minions scurrying to mend the fences, put the minister on high alert and produced […]

Pathway to a private members Bill.

06 Oct

It was one of the strangest starts to a full dress BRB ever.  Grim and (for that crew) strangely quiet.  My fault thinks I, for the e-mail loops questionnaire had been long and required some thought.  But, the IOS wanted to get a very clear picture before getting down to the big questions.   Turned […]

The quiet, but persistent beating of distant drums.

01 Oct

The Mandarin is a superb publication which just as quietly and persistently keeps presenting top quality reporting of important matters.  I don’t even begin to understand ‘politics’ and apart from the antics of our ‘aviation agencies’ have little interest in the machinations of the governmental departments; but reading the Mandarin is becoming a habit.  It […]