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Thornbird posted a Sunday ramble – HERE.

You have to wonder just what in the seven hells the Minister is thinking about – it most certainly ain’t aviation. Not as a viable, vibrant industry which can and does in other countries contribute to employment and national purse. Simply running a business into the ground does nor make any sense to me, None whatsoever.

All jokes aside – Australia is becoming an international aviation joke; and, one more failed audit it will also become a pariah. Hated simply because from being a first world leader it has, knowingly and willingly degenerated to a stumbling, blind, deaf mutation of the pure ideology. It is a national disgrace, dysfunctional and arrogantly dismissive of control. IMO the actions of the three agencies should be considered treason – the amount of damage done to the economy being sufficient reason to disband all three and start again.

The cost to the public is disproportional to the benefits, the cost to industry is prohibitive and reducing the numbers of those who could share the cost burden is counterproductive, in the extreme; higher costs – fewer to pay them; all come back on the taxpayers who use the services provided.

The ASA seem to live in world remote from any form of being accountable for the vast sums spent and wasted to provide no efficiency improvement, seen in reduced operating costs, reflected in less expensive airfares.

The ATSB are from a different planet – altogether. The Pel-Air ditching off Norfolk Island should, in a sane country, have raised alarm bells. The safety oversight wedded to and bedded by political interest.

The CASA generating rules which expand the incredible, untouchable power of the regulator to do whatever it pleases and ensure that once the dogs are turned loose there is nowhere to hide, no legal defence and CASA are not accountable to man or the gods for any and all of their actions.

The Minister tacitly supports all of this and much, much more. It’s a bloody disgrace – Shame on you Minister, shame and eternal damnation. Perhaps the residents along the banks of the Georges River can make you see the light; then again, there’;s none so blind as those who will not see.