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Shamed – again.

30 Jun

It is a twelve month to the day that the esteemed David Forsyth and the ‘team’ presented their 37 recommendations to DPM Truss.  Those of PAIN monitoring the changes and the effects of change have had a pretty easy time of it – in fact nothing has changed.  Not even to those who perpetrated the […]

Industry Barometer??

29 Jun

{Post#75 – Skimore Corner.} From my post off – CASA meets the Press: Quote:While we are on AOPA etc. “K”, Gobbles & Thorny, may find the following of interest from the new Prez De Stoop… The follow on post – see here – from the AOPA CEO Aaron Stephenson is also interesting as he gives his personal impressions of DAS Skidmore: “..All in […]

From little acorns. etc.

27 Jun

As you may know, the PAIN associates use an email chain system to discreetly express a view point or to examine a subject.  The size and volume of a ‘chain’ varies, depending on the topic, not too many ‘engineers’ get involved with ‘in-flight’ topics and so on, but occasionally, as with the Pel-Air ditching matter, the […]

Morning coffee with Aunt Pru – always a pleasure.

26 Jun

The first class ‘Tanna’ coffee arrives, with those bloody silly little cups, you know, can’t get your blasted finger through the hole type of thing. – Heigh ho, thinks I, struggling not to drop, break or damage the wretched thing while inhaling the wondrous brew.  An understanding eyebrow is raised, ever so slightly, the hint […]

A rotten way – to start your day.

25 Jun

You know, when P2 (Guru) kicked off this thread, I had expectations of filling up pages with good news, of the best kind; I did.  Which should be a lesson of some sort about expecting that things would improve. After the Senate and Pel-Air, followed by a Ministerial report by the esteemed Rev. Forsyth and […]

We made it – finally, the dizzy limit.

25 Jun
Is DAS Skidmore just another benchwarmer?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. I believe we can dismiss any notion that Skidmore actually wrote this insulting, demeaning little missive.  For starters he’s not bright enough.  No, this has the touch of a malign, evil, twisted intelligence, protected and deeply embedded in the fabric of governance.   A student of past twisted […]

As you’d like it.

24 Jun

Great picture – those smiles are genuine; the inestimable Fawcett who breathes hope into a depressed Australian aviation scene, despite the best efforts of CASA to regulate it out of existence; the ATSB who cannot seem to provide an accident report with any meaning; or, the ASA who are always seeking ways to increase their […]

Fingers and toes; for safe counting – recommended.

24 Jun

It is all very disappointing but the warning bells were definitely pealing way..way back here – Former Air Vice Marshal Mark Skidmore named director of air safety  Quote:“I think initially for me it’s going to be waiting for the government’s response to the ASRR and seeing how that’s going to shape CASA into the future,’’ he […]

Domestic bliss?

19 Jun

Dollars to doughnuts and no damn sense. Funny sort of day today for Mrs. Skidmore’s boy.  There’s to be a gathering of the faithful (bring your own tambourine) in no less a salubrious venue than the Bankstown terminal (bring your own everything) and he is to address this gathering.   Should be a stroll in […]

Houston we have a problem??

19 Jun

I thought it had gone a bit quiet from my Monday’s post #33 – ‘The Trough Runneth over’…   However apparently that was just the opening salvo & Dick Smith & Co was just gathering together reinforcements… Courtesy of Friday’s the Oz – Oh Dear! Angus Houston, we have a problem with air traffic control by: EAN HIGGINS From: […]

A nutshell-in plain English.

14 Jun

For as much as I admire Dick Smith for what he has achieved and for what he has done for the community, when it comes to aviation he is a one trick pony. His hobby horse, to continue the equine analogy, is airspace reform and nothing I have read or heard recently makes me believe […]

Cant you help – NO!

13 Jun

Steam on – Checked. Hitch – “CASA is lacking expertise in a number of areas at the moment, which is not helping them to draft logical regulations. They only way we can stop some of the non-sensical stuff flowing from Aviation House is to get in there and provide the expertise they lack”. It is […]

Justice Prevailed.

10 Jun

So in the stinking thinking of the almighty Insurers of P/A, I’m quite sure, with all the surveying etc, they did not think I would make it this far. Well yesterday, I was there and I can say a very satisfactory result was finalised. They thought I would fold with dismal offers, intimidation and just […]

Has bin or Wheely Bin.

09 Jun

Good call  – P2 – politically low level operations are a time bomb and dangerous to those who fool about with the elements of the industry which routinely operate ‘in the weeds’; especially the ‘chopper’ crowd; the media being the most likely to kick off a pooh storm.  Then there are the police, search and […]

Domestic? – yes; BUT….

09 Jun

The Australian aviation industry, despite, long, loud, heartfelt objections for reasons practical, financial and of ‘risk mitigation’  has objected to the 2300 page ‘Part 61’  rule set being ‘enforced. P9  aka Kharon has decided to take the issue public.  Those countries with less than a 100 page – Part 61 could assist in restoring a […]

An AO, now our Companion, what next??- Err..Sir Dick??

07 Jun
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 01:  Dick Smith attends  Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse on November 1, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

{Comment: On Aunty Pru Dick Smith has heavily featured in recent weeks. Starting from about here – Big issues – Bush businesses. – on the forum you can follow the “Wake up Wazza” campaign to this post today – cheers P2}  Dick Smith: Hey Wazza just passing thought I’d drop in!!?? From one of Farmer Truss’s local rags the Fraser Coast Chronicle … […]