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Gee whiz; this Part 61 has kicked up some dust, I can’t find anyone who is ‘happy’.  It’s not too bad for the big operators, it will put their costs up a half point, maybe a full point, but the difficulties can be ironed out or exempted out of play.  For example, the requirement for an ‘instructors’ ticket for T&C operations which was and remains a bastardisation of the original intent can be gotten around.  The rest, for the big end of town, an inconvenience, but not a show stopper.  It’s only when you get to the ‘middle’ level corporate and charter where the real pain is felt; particularly when it gets to ‘prescribed’ aircraft.  But I digress.

There is even a perfectly sensible call for ‘self regulation’ out there which could help make aviation into a healthy entity again, well it’s one idea,  But there is an increasingly loud call to align with the NZ regulations.  CASA have got huge amounts of money, ‘pride’ and ego invested in the current shambles; they will use every and all tactics to justify the mess and make sure it sticks.  There is even some rubbish being mentioned about “against the constitution” to align with the Kiwi rule set.  This is Bollocks.  Parts 21 -35 (FAR) ring any small bells?

The minister has two very powerful weapons at his disposal, should he choose to use them.  Part 12 A of the Act gives him the power to just tell CASA to do it; but as every fool in the market place knows, CASA will just run around the back of that and kick it to death.  So the other, brave option is bring the NZ law into law.  Walk into the house, drop it on the desk and say “I want this made law”.  Not that simple, of course, but he has viable options and can fix this.

I just wonder, if (IF) the alphabet outfits could join forces for even a little while; say under the AOPA or TAAF banner and mount a concerted effort to present Truss with a way out of this mess would be a good thing.  There is enough mental horsepower and competence out there to put together a small, easily understood solution.  It is IMO useless to persist with expectations of CASA dumping 61, with or without the ministers saying so.  Skidmore informs us that the world envies our rule 61; which gives you some idea of just how far from the terminal he is parked.

I would like to see Skidmore and 61 on the same train; to do that it seems we must convince the real powers that be that they can do something worthwhile, quickly, cheaply and easily.  Big ask, yes; but what else?  Carrying 61 and 135 will break the back of a perfectly viable industry sector.