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As you may know, the PAIN associates use an email chain system to discreetly express a view point or to examine a subject.  The size and volume of a ‘chain’ varies, depending on the topic, not too many ‘engineers’ get involved with ‘in-flight’ topics and so on, but occasionally, as with the Pel-Air ditching matter, the volume goes up.  There are in one address book almost 1000 contacts; not all are active, some are not active for long periods, depending on rosters and such things.   Every now and then we get an avalanche – last night was such an event.  In short; outrage.  Betrayal was the topic, Skidmore the subject; the Rev Forsyth and the Senators those deceived, industry the one betrayed.  Resign was unilateral call.

Enough said, this madness must end.  DPM Truss and the CASA board have the power to place a full stop at the end of this passage; do they have the courage and will power to actually do it?, that was the question posed.

It’s not only TOM who thinks ‘the director’ could be doing the ‘simple’ things better and more often.  Paul Phelan, (ProAviation) June 1, 2015 reporting on yet another botched CASA ‘persecution’ in the AAT points out, yet again, the depths to which CASA are prepared to sink for no safety value.  This is not the first case, but it most certainly should be the last.

Skidmore could, with very little effort prevent this sort of thing occurring.  There have now been several cases where the ruling has been along similar lines.  Instead of offering the bumptious drivel published last week, which demeans the DAS and insults industry intelligence, a clear message that before forcing anyone to the AAT, CASA will exhaust all other avenues before persecution would achieve much more.  FWIW the following is an example of the McComic style of bastardry, executed by some his hand picked thugs, supported by a LSD with a taste for blood sports.  It’s time for resignations and reform, not smug, trite little monographs.

Quote:…..In a comprehensive rejection of CASA’s decision to cancel a WA private pilot’s licence Administrative Appeals Tribunal Senior Member Egon Fice has bluntly told the authority:
“The decision under review is set aside. The Applicant’s Private Pilot (Aeroplane) Licence and Student Pilot Licence remain valid and must be treated as never having been cancelled.”


Quote:The decision is all the more notable because the pilot conducted his AAT appeal and subsequent responses without legal representation and because the Tribunal was highly critical of several aspects of CASA’s management of the case, explaining why “…….. we have concerns about the way in which this matter was investigated and dealt with.


Quote:“Having examined the evidence with some care, we find that CASA’s decision to cancel Mr Fadlalla’s PPL on the ground that he was not a fit and proper person to have the responsibilities and exercise and perform the functions and duties of a pilot licence was not the preferable decision. In fact, we find that the evidence does not establish that he is not a fit and proper person to hold a pilot licence.”


Quote:The AAT’s decision identified several erroneous statements by CASA employees, deficiencies in its evidence gathering and processing, its avoidance of independent witnesses, references to regulations that were not in force at the relevant times, relationships between and within the training organisation and CASA officials, and CASA’s well-recognised use of the “fit and proper person” process to back adverse administrative decisions. CASA was also taken to task for repeating untested allegations by College staff of larceny [of an iPad], later shown to be untrue, but which were repeated in CASA correspondence and in any case were irrelevant to air safety issues:


Quote:By way of a postscript to our decision, for Mr Fadlalla to complete his flying training for the CPL, he should enrol with an approved flying training organisation other than RACWA/WAAC. His flight training records from RACWA/WAAC should be transferred to the new training organisation in accordance with reg 141.280(2) of the CASR.  CASA officials and FTO staff might find some useful guidance by reading  the  entire AAT decision, as might anybody who is contemplating an action that might identify them as unfit and/or improper. The Director may also find it informative if one of his trusted lieutenants draws it to his attention.

Sound advice, except those who have the most skin in the game are the ones doing the advising.  Can Oliver Skidmore-Twist not see that those who are the most complained about are the ones he listens to and takes advice from.  It s a ridiculous situation, one which looks like being fostered and promoted by Skidmore himself. This aberration was a classic; defining why the industry is afraid to speak out and lives in fear.

Resign or get a bloody grip man – you only ever had two choices and are running out of options.  The McComic era needs to erased from memory, not perpetuated through more acts of Skidmore supported bastardry.