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370 questions demanding answers.

29 May

When the reports questioning the Fugro search were published, first thoughts were you get a lot of this stuff within air carriers; you know, Cathay pilots reckon BA crews are cowboys, both think Qantas are rogues etc. just tribal humour and basically harmless. I expect that in the highly competitive deep sea mapping arena the […]

Senator Smith or Lobbyist Smith?

26 May

I am not certain, never having been in the position, that Truss can actually ‘do’ much more than he is doing.  To be fair, Truss is surrounded by government appointed ‘experts’ to whom he is obliged to listen – for wont of better knowledge and for ‘political safety’s sake’ – his own that is. Now, when […]

Now the kids are asleep and the house is quiet.

24 May

It seems that the white noise levels in the information vacuum are dying down as the May deadline approaches, starved of answers.   All the ‘other’ theory or conjecture is still being ‘officially’ dismissed, ruled out as improbable; but there is still no sign of the aircraft, no wreckage and no new ideas.  Perhaps it’s […]

Karen Casey has a coffee, with Aunt Pru.

23 May

Morning all.  Apologies for being absent. A little busy and processing all that has been. Yes, I believe that PTSD is extremely important to be recognise as a Scientifically proven Disorder which is can most definitely impede significantly on a Persons Life. With or without bodily injury. I live it.   How Dare they argue this. Mrs BC may not have […]

Batter Up – Oh dear; oh deary me.

20 May
Is DAS Skidmore just another benchwarmer?

Agree with the GD post.  Bad answer to a QoN, silly, arrogant, dismissive and probably dangerous. The Senators know the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Pel-Air is not the only ‘suspicious number’ in wee Wodger’s repertoire of artful, high handed embuggerance; nor is the only one where executive level decisions have been manipulated or […]

Big issues – Bush businesses.

11 May

Abbott, Joyce and Truss may not be overly concerned about matters aeronautical, in all probability they hardly even know ‘aviation’ exists in any other form except for free, first class travel, a revenue stream and donations.  Some may even believe that’s fine.  But you would think that winning the next election would penetrate even their dull, self obsessed […]