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Another aberration on its way?
Take Two.

The Re-Inv of NGA on ATSB website. Read.

Two Safety issues addressed.
Thought more than that would be.

So tired of walking on eggshells, scared to say anything.
When what has happened behind closed doors and whispers and reports and all. They can do. Yet we, who tell the truth, have tread on eggshells.

They can bugger off. No more. Too much dangerous practice evident now!

Amazed at how the life vests were found after five years. In storage at Norfolk Police. Mind bending that one, I can tell you.

I hope they asked everyone at Norfolk (rescuers, police, hospital etc if they had  been asked or offered the vests)

I hope they include the fifty something breaches found wanting by the operator.

I hope they explain why the CASA Special Audit was not seen as crucial evidence to the incompetence of the Operator, proven in writing, yet ignored previously.

I hope they explain why the CP who was not qualified and was operational in this role at the time of the crash, was then employed by CASA.

I hope they explain why the CVRs have not been retrieved, why not earlier.

I hope they suddenly find the weather tapes/reports.

I hope they explain why the occupants were never contacted, offered support or any assistance by the ATSB or CASA.

I hope they explain why the recommendations from the Senate were not addressed

I hope they explain why they exacerbated Australia’s First International Crash. Over Five years to Re-Investigate.

I hope they explain why Political Donations from the Operator were made with a decade gap and over 300k donated at correlated times the release of the report and the Senate.

I hope they explain how the Chairman of a Company REX/Pel-Air can make donations to his own Party, in particular, considering he is the Nationals Federal Treasurer and ex-Tpt Minister. His Leader in his own Part is Warren Truss ( DP & Infrastructure Minister).

I hope they explain why Mr MrDak has told me so many untruths. Very unhelpful and unkind.

I hope they can explain why the NTSB needed to be involved and not to mention all the other reports. Aberration and Preventable are the words that come to mind.

I hope they explain why the new Lead Investigator has a PhD in Psychology and a 1 year diploma in Av Inv.

I hope they can explain why the previous false report has passed through the same hands as the man who is posing quite confidently for the MH 370.

I have asked for his resignation for what happened to the NGA report. We lived to tell the story, the aircraft was accessible, but still they did not get it right. And the papers are displaying this behaviour as competent.

I hope they put in a Nutshell that:
First happened.
Gold Standard in Australian Aviation. Bravo!
Oops, this company is not competent
No Air ambulance training/ approval etc
Unqualified CP
Audit, bad reflection on CASA as no follow up and direction for learning
Alleged collusion
Where is the AFP??
Senate, reports etc.
No report as Serious incident with ICAO (McCormick) had eye on Job as GenSec there. Hush hush, perhaps?
Someone knows so much more. But can they speak?

Exacerbation and determination to smooth over Australia’s lack of understanding in Audit Standards, Competent Staff and Investigative “handshakes”

Let’s be bloody honest here.

The above and more must be added as it is not just the “ditching” now.

It is that plus the past few years and the employment of a Commissioner who held that report, yet released it knowing more.

A Minister who also knew more as he too saw the report. Knew of the CASA audit.

And then Mr Shark. Someone please investigate this man. Hands in too many pies.

Albo, you too and your back turning when I requested your help. Not even know about the report. Really?? You think I believe that. Please.

Of course for this to be a full comprehensive report, much more is needed to be added.

It did not get to five and a half years just because of the crash. It’s here in this time because of many factors.

I hope they count in these facts above into the report.
I wish I could say more, but I can not, yet.

They better fix this right.
Otherwise they are just jumping through loopholes avoiding accountability but suffocating learning and safety outcomes.

Loopy’d’Loop Politics are NOT safe for our skies.

At the point of this, beyond ridiculous. Stop band-aiding things. Just tell the truth and deal with it. How silly do they think we are? Not I.

Mr Abbott, Mr Truss and Mr Dolan.
Some answers.

Ziggy Huh