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If you ever thought that Dick Smith would be more effective as a Senator than an advocate/ lobbyist for aviation, have a listen to Dick talking to Macca on the ABC – Australia All Over. In a fairly short but powerful interview, Dick reached out and informed more people of the truly dilapidated state of the industry and the total indifference of the incumbent ‘miniscule’ in ten minutes than the last three Senate estimates and Forsyth could ever do. Dick is speaking in a language which non aviation folks who enjoy having breakfast with Macca or listening while driving along the track can and do understand. The message is clear, concise and damages not only Truss at a grass root, voter level, but the affects the credibility of an already ‘less’ than popular government.

Forget Parliament Dick, go with people power and use voters to knock down the insulated, isolated ivory tower, protected by ‘departmental’ wizards the miniscule resides in. Wake the silly, sleepy bugger up.

Cometh the hour – cometh the man – we hope.

Toot toot….