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Well, we believe we have solved two of the aviation oversight safety systems big puzzles. The urgent need for much more funding and a very serious safety drive. ‘Tis true; the agencies have consultants working overtime to find crew with large thumbs – for the sticking into dykes thereof – (no – bad GD) –  those of the Dutch kind. Remember the story of the brave young fellah who stuck his thumb into a hole in a dyke (stop it !) and saved the village because his digit, applied appropriately, saved the day. Well same – same here, it costs big money to hire enough thumb plugs for to plug all the gaping, leaking holes in the protective walls.  Riddle solved.
“They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretences, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace.” ― Tacitus, The Agricola and The Germania

It’s all getting to be a bit too much ain’t it; too much money; too much pony-pooh and far too much of the same sad old ‘safe’ results. Take the ASA monopoly syndicate which manages to loose money every year, despite not paying a red cent in tax. Top dog shuffled quietly out the back door, with only a big pot of ‘earned’ money and an even larger pot of not earned. attached to the golden parachute.

Who will protect the Electric Blue Halfwit (EBH) now? In keeping with the true Russel tradition, the EBH has managed to acquire a contract for an ATC system which will almost be obsolete by the time its working; and, to support this and save a few measly bucks, has cut back his crews, to the point where the few remaining only get home every second Tuesday. The real surprise is that an efficient, effective strong union has allowed the current situation to develop. But the jaw dropper is that CASA are, despite the many warning flags flying (and a long line of worn out thumbs presenting for re-tread); allowing the situation to reach a crisis level. Time the ATCO’s and Civil Air polished up their ‘courage’ badges and spoke out – before the inbound freighter meets the outbound air ambulance one dark and stormy; while the lone ATCO had a Nanny nap (bless ‘em).

Air traffic controllers are falling asleep on the job | The Man Post
The Man Post
Air traffic controllers on solo night shifts are reportedly falling asleep on the job

Reference: REPCON AR201600052
…Additionally, International Civil Aviation Organization state letter AN 13/13.1 – 16/39 advises that from 5 November 2020, signatories to the convention will be required to implement FRMS for air traffic control services. CASA will be taking this initiative into account with regard to necessary updates to the Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 1998 Part 172 and the applicable MOS…
Ps In other words there is nothing to see here and we’ll get onto this in about a decade’s time –   😕

But then, is it any good asking CASA to step in and sort it? Seems not, when you read the Repcons and responses. If it was pilots falling asleep there would be hell to pay, but as this is an ‘in house’, potential ministerial damage, the dust pan and brush are vigorously applied.-

More; and more again of the same regulatory clap-trap must be produced. It has finally reached the ridiculous stage, rather than the sublime. When a fully qualified Safety Management System (SMS) expert must be subjected to a six hour (perhaps four – I forget) inquisition by non qualified CASA ‘experts’ who not only don’t understand the ethos of SMS, but seem to believe that compliance with the rules automatically begets safety. Utter rubbish at AUD $320 per hour. About time Master Cook got off his beam ends and published some more of his unassailable knowledge and expertise. Who knows, Carmody may even read it and get with the solutions team rather than generate more of the same problems; provided Aleck and Crawford don’t see it first that is.

“The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.” ― Tacitus

The High Viz crew over at ATSB HQ have managed to provide a report in a timely manner – wonders never cease. Mind you, it was a difficult; nay, deuced tricky one to nut out. A hot air balloon managed to get tangled in some trees – due fog. The report is a lively confection which neatly skirts around the radical problems to the extent of totally missing the whole point. Wunder-bah.
One of the ‘real’ SMS problem management issues was totally ignored. The REQUIRED position (pilot responsibility) to ensure that before beating up an innocent tree, the passengers adopt the required posture and held on to the ‘handle’. Oh, they mention it alright – just fail to ensure that the message, just how essential this is, is driven home to the passengers through company pre flight briefing,. No matter, life in a wheel chair can be fun…

“So obscure are the greatest events, as some take for granted any hearsay, whatever its source, others turn truth into falsehood, and both errors find encouragement with posterity.” ― Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome

We all are aware of the ministerial role in the aviation safety rort – say little and do less. Toe the party line and enjoy the benefits of a protection racket – easy peasy. “Proof” asks the jury. Well, ask yourself, how many crown ministers have allowed the ongoing ICAO compliance smoke screen to persist? How many ministers have understood what it means?

ICAO defines International Safety Problems, the US Government should …

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions
“…was established to set universal standards for the Civil Aviation Administrations that regulate the airlines and other forms of flight. ICAO is governed ..”

Correspondence from the Department of Infrastructure etc..etc:

Then ask, how many understand the nett cost – the total sum invested in becoming one of the least ICAO compliant nations while the books are cooked to provide a false impression we are a model citizen. Not bloody many is the right answer. No matter which way we turn the research around, we always end up with the same answers and the inevitable conclusion. Australia is taking the Mickey Bliss out the spirit and intent of the ICAO system and spending a small, sweet fortune promoting the sale of snake oil as a cure for cancer…
Once upon a time there was a forum where these matters could be discussed and questions asked – Senate estimates– alas, no more. The dawn of the O’Sofullofit era has seen, at no less a venue than Budget estimates, the agencies lightly quizzed on such matters as bruised tyres, then given a sweetie, a swift pat on the head, quickly shown out of the back door, given a taxi voucher and waved by-bye. Stellar. Absolutely riveting stuff. The whole aviation industry is yoked by the toils of departmental frog-pooh, whims and fancies; while the Senate big guns have a night off – WTD; it was Budget Estimates – wasn’t it? No matter we’ll always have Wagga to look forward to; now there’s a pagans prayer looking for redemption.
The Wagga Wagga tent revival. Pooh-fight, Watershed or just a further demonstration of ministerial deafness and departmental whispering? Will we have Chester posting ‘tweets’ of MCDonaught taking a leak; or will Darren 6D go for the big one – the minister perched on the throne after a curry and three beers. Well, that’s what we got from the Tamworth bunfight. Much will depend on industry cohesion and the ability to stick to a simple, paint by numbers plan which the minister can readily understand. A clear message, delivered at the Wagga gabfest based on across the board industry support could benefit every aviation enterprise.

“Rarely will two or three tribes confer to repulse a common danger. Accordingly they fight individually and are collectively conquered.” ― TacitusThe Agricola and The Germania 

The message delivered must be simple, succinct and, above all, powerful. Once the Com-car whisks the minuscule away to the nearest cat-house, the whispering, the dividing and the obfuscation will begin. Remember – the minister will always play safe and the whispering ‘experts’ will be flat out convincing him that no one, bar themselves, know what is best. Sad, but proven far too many times in history to be anything else but true.

“The majority merely disagreed with other people’s proposals, and, as so often happens in these disasters, the best course always seemed the one for which it was now too late.” ― Tacitus

Easy pickings for P2 today, all the quotes belong to one savvy gentleman – who saw it all, a long time before we pitched up. Amazing really how that which was then, haunts us still to this day. Speaking of which, DT has a list on the fridge; however, I have a great need of early morning sunshine, fresh air, a romp by the river with dogs and a bloody great big coffee when I get back. The furtive, hooded figure sneaking out of the stable back door and disappearing through the mist may or may not be me. Can’t stay way too long – P7 has found some amazing, ancient Walnut panels which will make a great chest (no GD) one for storing things; not one full of Ale ‘tuther of feathers (honestly).