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P2 Addendum: 

CC off the UP:…st10885642

Checklist Charlie

I therefore suspect nothing will change in the regulator then.

Appoint a patsy so nothing changes. The iron ring continues its unfettered abuse of the industry, especially GA.

I am thankful that as I am retired I am no longer subjected to the exsistence of the Committee Against Safe Aviation.



(09-15-2020, 10:15 PM) Kharon Wrote:  It becomes a question of ‘respect’.

The old jungle drums and rumour mill are at it – full steam. There is even a story that a ‘political’ wannabe – twice sacked, only to be replaced by the RAOz tea lady as ‘ministerial adviser’ has had the temerity to not only apply for the DAS job, but is actually on the final list – BOLLOCKS.

It is a scam – a tester – to see if a ‘puppet’ with aspirations could be foisted on this industry. The ‘Nat’s’ won’t have a bar of him for a seat– Chester and McWhatisname both sacked him – FCOL.

Seriously – who – in possession of their faculties (all of ’em) – would even contemplate such a thing?

Well, within CASA there is a reptile of the venomous, narcissistic kind who has been whispering his manic, deluded, almost evil edicts to those who would ascend to the throne (*and 600 k a year by the way). Aye; the wages of sin. St Commode has almost topped the bill as the biggest bully who ever wore socks – completely subservient to the ‘whispering’ voice behind the Kool Aide fountain. Never, not ever was there a more repellent article  ascended to the throne – he, as Deputy DAS, completely buggered up a DAS who would have made a difference; shot his boots off (from behind cover) true dat. Fat arse only to achieve the throne (and salary) he thought he was worth through ‘dynasty’ connections and a considerable amount of boot kissing – he had ‘debts’, A sinner, a proven liar, a proven cheat and a proven gutless, bag of wind bully. That is how St Commode will be recorded in history; fat arsed, flatulent, self serving bully boy of limited intelligence; a ministers arse licker.  etc…. Perhaps being the runt of a very successful litter fuelled his megalomania – who knows why he public ally denigrated his ‘Boss’ when he was 2 IC.

But, thank the gods – he has now departed the fix – halle bloody leujah. So, boys and girls – what will you make of ‘your’ new DAS – did you have any input to the process? Did Tony the turncoat ever- once – seek your opinion of ‘what’ makes the best DAS?

And so we end up with what? As DAS?

I say this – (and I mean it) – If Mike Smith wins through – I will offer my services to CASA, humble though they be. If the wannabe Campbell gets the gig – I will burn my ATPL; Class 1 Medical, CIR, abandon 20,000 command hours etc; and, never, not ever again, look upon my 50 years in aviation as my ‘profession’. I will close down Aunt Pru and retire to a simple life where the perfecting of a grandfather clock housing pays much (much) more – and – I am ‘at home’ most nights.

Seriously – how could ‘Campbell’ be even considered as DAS? On what grounds – barring ‘political? It is absurd – and that’s not just by me; or ,the serious professional industry represented – (and ‘we’ are, by the by, very (very) professional). If this RRAT committee ‘accept’ this Campbell travesty; unchallenged – given what they must know etc. Then – the shame and blame will be driven home to their ineptitude, irrelevance and an un required impost on public funds. Not to mention their three decade track record of inability, in any real sense, to return Australia to a ‘thing’ that actually mattered to the wider aviation industry. Not the pathetic international joke we see today.

The aviation world is laughing it’s socks off at Australia- the minister – a perpetual joke; the industry branded as gutless – and, the ever obedient CASA board a colossal, corrupt, mindless, useless failure. The RRAT has FAILED – repeatedly – to address this blatant fraud perpetrated against the Australian tax payers.

It comes down to one simple question – Ms McDonald – can you fix it? Yes – then we salute, support and admire.  No (in real political reality) – well then; time to toddle off to the Kool Aide fountain. We are deeply submerged in sullage here; not to mention sewerage – will this particular Senate ‘Inquiry’ achieve anymore than those (multiple thereof) preceding which not only changed SFA but showed the inherent weakness in the ‘attack logic’.

Tick Tock – The ‘book’ is open – I will take all bets – bring one bring all…Game on…

Toot – PWP – Mea culpa – toot. YES – Colour me ‘furious’……

Totally 2nd the “CC” and “K” sentiments, this guy is the ultimate example of a politically animalistic CASAmite, who even after being sacked by two sitting Ministers (pretending to oversight aviation), is still sipping Koolaid from the seemingly bottomless ONESky trough?


[Image: 0?e=1608163200&v=beta&t=KZa0-vQ0GVlUkY6d...-V6MbhftPM]
Government Relations Manager
Company Name: Airservices Australia Full-time
Dates Employed: Feb 2020 – Present
Employment Duration: 8 mos
Location:Canberra, Australia


FFS  Dodgy – Why the hell does a Govt agency, albeit a GBE (Govt Business Enterprise), like ASA require a “Govt Relations Manager”??

[Image: quote-ring-the-alarum-bell-blow-wind-com...-34-60.jpg]

Moving on down the Campbell’s CASAmite Soup CV:

Deputy Prime Minister’s Office
Senior Advisor – Aviation
Company Name: Deputy Prime Minister’s Office
Dates Employed: May 2018 – Feb 2020
Employment Duration: 1 yr 10 mos
Location: Canberra, Australia

Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Senior Aviation Adviser-Office of the CEO
Company Name: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Dates Employed: Oct 2017 – May 2018
Employment Duration: 8 mos
Location: Canberra, Australia

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development
Special Aviation Adviser
Company Name: Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development
Dates Employed: Jul 2017 – Oct 2017
Employment Duration: 4 mos
Location: Canberra, Australia

Western Sydney Airport Division-Airspace and flight path design

Office of the Minister of infrastructure and transport
Senior Advisor-Aviation
Company Name: Office of the Minister of infrastructure and transport
Dates Employed: Mar 2016 – Jul 2017
Employment Duration: 1 yr 5 mos
Location: Canberra, Australia

Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Company Name: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Total Duration: 2 yrs 8 mos
Title: Manager, Part 61 taskforce, Part 141/142
Dates Employed: Oct 2015 – Mar 2016
Employment Duration: 6 mos
Location: Canberra, Australia

Manager of CASR Part 141/142 review team.
Title: Standards Officer (Large aeroplanes)
Dates Employed: Aug 2013 – Oct 2015
Employment Duration: 2 yrs 3 mos
Providing policy guidance and regulation development for the CASR operations suite of regulations.

IMO the two last entries should sound the largest alarum bell for industry that if this CASAmite was to be anointed to the position of DAS it would be all over for the GA sector of the industry… Dodgy 

From the late great Phearless Phelan submission to the ASRR, the following is a reminder of the level of unnecessary red tape complexity and embuggerance that Part 61/141/142 forced on industry  when finally brought into law in 2016: Ref pg 9 –…dacted.pdf

[Image: phelan-p61-675x1024.jpg]

Finally joining some dots let’s refer to this AP blog post:…-soldiers/

Note the Senate Estimates session (with Skidmore being monitored by his soon to be heir apparent St Commode sitting in the 2nd row) was 2 months after CASAmite Soup had left CASA (after helping inflict the largest and most complex version of Part 61 on industry) and 1 day before he was severely berated for embarrassing former minister Chester at the infamous Tamworth aviation rally.

Then ffwd 2.5 years and consider he then spent an 8 month stint in the office of the St Commode before heading into the realm of miniscule McDonaught’s office – coincidence? conflicted? – Nah! Nothing to see here??  Dodgy

MTF…P2  Tongue