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Ref: Apple of Big Mac’s eye & A Game changer? – Or more Onepie in the Sky? & The Future of Australia’s Aviation Sector & ‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness.’

Once upon a midnight weary, while I pondered etc. – AP Forum version.

And; ‘a pondering’ I am. Two subjects. In primus, ’tis both the BRB and IOS I run a very real risk of upsetting; then, secundus, there is the CASA created tangle of regulation which has the potential to drive a sane man nuts. 

Mini ramble:-In any form of ‘sport’ or even work ethic for the ‘working’ animal – dogs or horses; there are things which the ‘bookmaker’ must know. I have seen (many times) Grand Papa take a dog out of a ‘hunt’ – “look at her ears son” – “she always drops ’em like that as ‘Eustress’ sets in when she is coming into ‘season’; she won’t hunt this day. Or, my dear Uncle Bill – greyhound man – knew every sign of a dog ‘keen’ to run – or not. Both understood, cared and were aware of what it took to not only win – but to enjoy the win. With that level of ‘deep’ understanding they could forecast a result long before any bookie. I am, in my own way – trying to explain why I will not make a ‘book’ for the DAS race. Nope; just won’t do it: end of. Why? They ask. Well for starters – I am not going to loose my shirt. One needs to know the animals in the race; have a canny sense of how the running will go and a hundred other small ‘tell-tale’ things which make for what Micawber describes as ‘happiness’.

“’My other piece of advice, Copperfield,’ said Mr. Micawber, ‘you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery.” ― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

So many names being bandied about – some risible, some sinister, some as close to the perceived mark as possible. Even so – there is a whole lot of work going on below the water line. The race is a buggers muddle of gossip and false information; enuff said. So, I have read the detail of the ‘front runners’ – unimpressive is the best I can define. IMO, the only short odds favourite (my best pick) is nor even entered. The right man is John Sharp; by a country mile. Anything less than this calibre of knowledge of ‘politics’, aviation and where the solutions may be found is untenable. Could he be lured away from his present gig? Jets, bigger, newer aircraft and a chance to build a better new airline? – No. But I do wish someone would make the effort and at least try. There; that’s how the ‘book’ stands; I can’t find a realistic favourite in the current ‘alleged’ field of applicants. Will Sharp take the gig – no way – so the ‘bookie’ survives. Never met the bloke – but, if we do not get this class of management savvy; and soon, it will be one way traffic to landing your drone on a DFO – for a fee.

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But this denoted a foregone conclusion.

‘Tis a shrewd doubt, though it be but a dream,And this may help to thicken other proofs,That do demonstrate thinly.

I actually did a reckoning of just how many, very real, very expensive, time consuming bullshit hoops the whole industry must jump through to get back to the pitiful state it was in before ‘the virus we had to have’ raised it’s ugly, tortured head. It must, at very least, alert government to the simple fact that ‘recovery’ back to the near bankrupt state the industry was in – pre virus – is, under the current burden of ‘rules’ – borderline ‘mission impossible’. I even doubt if there is even a ‘will’ to continue – let alone the money needed to back that will; or if anyone even cares any longer. Hell, there’s hardly an aerodrome fit for purpose left, let alone an investor who could, without a sanity check (or assurances) be comfortable that there will be a viable second tier commercial aviation industry, with the will to survive.

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Money. Aye, money, that will help – a bit. But that is not what ‘industry’ really wants. Sure they’ll gleefully take the hand out; may even say ‘thanks’.  BUT they are still saddled and hard ridden by a totally bloody useless; not fit for purpose, oppressive, counterproductive rule set. Keep the handouts and the strings attached. Get the mess aviation ‘rules’ have descended into sorted; sack Aleck and his best mates. Bring in a DAS who understands the demand for ‘real’ change, in real time (like tomorrow) and breathe ‘hope’ into a self sufficient, self funding, essential industry.

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So, boys and girls – do not ask me to run a race and book on the  ‘non-event’ which is purporting to be the DAS Golden Cushion handicap. As it stands – it ain’t worth the chalk on the board.

No matter – I keep being distracted though; I am taking care of a neighbours puppy for a couple of day- it is fascinated by the stable cat – needless to say that old cat is a very experienced ‘manger’ of puppy logic. As it stands, the cat has now twice indicated what the ‘rules’ are and moved to a favourite perch. The pup has almost, but not quite defined those rules. But wait – ‘big dog’ has taken a hand – I hope the pup takes that advice – the cat (stand alone) is one thing – but with ‘big dog’ back up – it becomes a whole new world of rapid learning for the young’n. I am not getting between that pup and my old moggy – still have the scars from last time. There are 36 square meters of Kari Pine flooring stacked up – best I sort it out before P7 rocks up – wanting to know why there’s no interest in the next ‘DAS Golden Cushion’ event – and Ale. Oh. P2 – Just for you – a link – HERE – (bucket available).


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P2 comment: Second the Lorraine MacGillivray Motion –  Wink