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A damsel? Distressed? – AP Forum version

But: Is there a damsel in distress? (Really) Or; industry to the rescue of aforesaid ‘Danseuse’?

Or; is there simply a dozy person swimming in a tank full of sharks, unaware? You see, I’m confused. I read the latest ‘happy-clappy’ missive from our DAS. – “Gadzooks” thinks I: – perhaps we should all be sitting about a campfire singing bloody Kumbaya to guitars and tambourines, gently strummed and thumped – in stoic  support of the ‘leader’ of the aviation Caffe Latte, basket weaving crowd. All looking like sheep recently hit, hard, in the head, with a shovel? Perhaps – this is all just a ploy to garner ‘sympatico’ for the poor little lamb surrounded by wolves; industry to the rescue. – Bollocks to that, in spades – Kumbaya and rescue both be dammed. Spence took the gig – the money and the responsibility to return Australian aviation to ‘world wide ‘gold standard’. How and when would be pertinent questions about now. Gods know the evidence is piled up and mouldering away; the wolves are clearly identified – even the Martin’s born again antics should hold no sway. Yet here we sit, breath bated, desperate for a return to world best practice – and what to we get? Bloody silly, soppy letters begging for ‘industry’ to fight the DAS corner. What part of ‘Bugger off’ would you like explained – ’tis a plain enough Anglo Saxon expression – self explanatory even. I say this – the true blue ‘public service’ hates and envies in equal amounts the CASA situation; the aviation industry deplores CASA; has no faith in the board or the current DAS. You see; we know what’s wrong, just as well as you and the minister do (if not better) – the question is; do you believe bloody Kumbaya will fix it; or, a panzer offensive clean out and reformation of the whole rat’s nest? Resign Ms Spence; for your sanity, integrity and the preservation of your very soul; for what you are facing is not of this world – a long way from tambourines, guitars, campfires and Kumbaya. It is not – fact. I shall explain – you may lead, you may follow – but do not get under this industries feet; for it will survive. At the moment if industry don’t crush you, the system will. (Historical fact confirms)…For example…….

P2 – “Considering that this dude was employed by Dr A in the same year that the Senate PelAir inquiry began and was there through the subsequent Forsyth review, the TSBC ATSB peer review, the 2016 BASA US FAA airworthiness treaty and the 2017 ICAO Oz (self-)audit, one has to ask what exactly has the dude actually achieved.”

Oh aye; I am cranky – and, IMO, justifiably so IMO. Two years wasted while we await the ‘born again’ to repair the damage done by their party. How many years have passed while we wait to see the reforms the good Rev. Forsyth mooted to become reality? Will Spence make ’em real? Can McDolittle change a jot? Both you and I children know the answers; deep down; in your very being – you know that nothing will change unless the minister gets off his beam ends; grasps the self evident truth and gets it ‘sorted’. How many ministerial promises have we heard over the past three decades? How many billions have been wasted; and how many times has industry been ‘done over’?

Covid (bless it) has changed many lives; mine included. A three week ‘build’ for a gentleman; lots of varied; interesting jobs to do. He said it all one day – “but; you are free”. Damn me; a coffee, a smoke and five minutes peace in the sunlight – I realised I was a free man, a happy man; one look over what I, my tools and native common sense had created was enough. Dogs at peace, sleeping in the sunshine on site, something to look at at the end of a long hard day. Better money than flight pay – home at 1545 o’clock – independent; and, nothing to worry except the building code. I whistle; the dogs awake and head for the back seat of my wagon, to home, to dinner and no more worry about where will I be tomorrow. But; more to the point- will I be a criminal for an error? The answer is No; fix that Ms Spence and perhaps your profile from ‘stunned sheep’ to active DAS may (just) be amended. – Please explain:- do!

Then we must ask but one more simple question; (paraphrased) What, in the seven hell’s, is McDolittle playing at? Now begging for submissions to her WOFTAM two year inquiry which has little to report but the old, oft stated laments and disappointments combined with about as much horse power as a whipper – snipper. Cancel – and delete is an option – but reference to and positive action of the Forsyth report would have saved millions and the credibility of a Senator – now rendered nugatory, inutile even. Shame really; she could have made a difference: – Angel Flight defence ring any bells?  No? Then perhaps Buckley as a fuse to igniting some serious compensation for those who have been shafted (past and very present) while the McDolittle dainty foot was off the gas pedal (for whatever reason). Political self preservation being always tantamount. List of real achievements please? No; didn’t think so. There’s not one; not for AF, Buckley or even the godforsaken poor sods in the NT who really believed McDolittle would make a difference. BOLLOCKS.

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“And a beautiful world we live in, when it is possible, and when many other such things are possible, and not only possible, but done– done, see you!– under that sky there, every day.” ― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Storms and wild wind tonight; lightning, thunder and heavy rain; playtime, out we go through the orchard which is stoically weathering to blast, to the real world, where land, trees and wild creatures endure – despite fortunes blasts. But then: Fortune favours the bold – does it not?

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“too resistless was the delight of staying with the wild hour, black and full of thunder, pealing out such an ode as language never delivered to man – too terribly glorious, the spectacle of clouds, split and pierced by white and blinding bolts.”― Charlotte Brontë