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Of ‘Book thumpers’ them, and their words. – Auntypru forum version.

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Wiki – “The obscure and extravagant imagery has led to a wide variety of Christian interpretations.”

Now then, one could – at a pinch, apply that sentence to almost any text. You know, people actually make a good living, doing nothing but wittering; calling it ‘scholarship’ related to one of the many ‘philosophical’ versions of ‘the truth’. Well they do. Take ‘Revelations’ the book thereof; not quite as grounded as Nostradamus; but better researched than ‘Petal’ the mystic in the local rag. However, the ‘book of Revelations’ is of some interest; it has horses and those whose ride ’em mentioned. Four of ’em in fact; all entered in a prelude event, prior to the Reform Plate being run in earnest.

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Scary book is Revelations – seems the four horsemen are to enter our little race; one black one, one white one, one red one and one with a bit of shite on etc. All a bit too mystical for a country bookie. But, deal with them we must; for the Reform Plate is to be deferred; due to lack of interest; as a placebo, we now hold the Decimation Cup, with the four apocalyptic horsemen entered in the ministers colours. Top weight all, But, let’s face it – conquering, war, famine and death – (so say’s the book)- really?. They race (eventually) toward the end of the world. I say we don’t need ’em. The job has been neatly done here in the Land of Oz; free, gratis and with brass knobs on. I’d back our CASA entry against four poofy mystics any day, for war, famine, death etc. Just on form alone. The famous four ain’t had an outing since the beginning of time – our CASA crew have been out there, at it, every day for decades and are well match fit. Certainly in the aviation stakes; the bench marks set by CASA outstrip any whimsical theological conclusion; they have the runs on the board, in Spades to prove it.

I’m a little spoiled for choice here, but read this sentence:-

“All leased federal airports are expected to consider public safety risk on the leased airport area. It is up to each state and territory and local government to decide if and how to implement the new NASF Public Safety Area guidelines into their own planning schemes…”

IF – and our national aviation safety watchdog say’s sweet duck all. WTD !

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As clearly demonstrated in the Essendon tragedy; an aircraft with ‘problems’ needs space; not only ICAO rules about end of runway ‘safety zones’ but to the sides. A 5 ton aircraft with an engine failure, before a climb is possible will, as demonstrated at Essendon, need some ‘space’ off the centreline track; lest it hit a concrete shopping mall in it’s trajectory for a failure, before the ‘end zone’. QED Essendon – I think so….

(P2 – Take note of the dates.. Dodgy )

Then, without delving too deeply into how our national assets, ie. the aerodromes under Commonwealth care, are being gobbled up and turned into parking lots for happy shoppers? ‘The Minister’ has approved airport master plans. So then is the need for public safety risk to be mitigated, as at Essendon –  to a fare-thee-well. Yes it is. No useable airport – therefore no need for public safety – QED. The simple fact that an industry is being decimated don’t signify; an aviation industry without an airfield to bless it’s self with is no longer an industry; just another state dependent mouth to feed. The breaches of ‘intent’ and purpose have been and continue to be staggering. The destruction almost irredeemable; the loss of revenue uncountable – the loss of an industry unconscionable. 

Can this be sheeted home to ministerial self interest (or disinterest as you like?) One could, if pushed, make a good argument for the affirmative. Of course, to prove that one would consider the probability of this minister ever being even allowed out without a nurse, diaper and a keeper. I’ll set odds on the possibility of re-election; and on the results of a very ‘forensic examination’ of all bank accounts. IMO that analysis would provide only one of two possible results – 1 He’s bent; 2 he’s bent and nuts. The pathway to the embuggerance and obliteration of this industry begins and ends in the minister’s office.

Aye, the four horsemen may worry a few of the soft minded; but they bother me not at all. They don’t signify in comparison to the truly out of control CASA who can sit back and say “we are not responsible”. So the Essendon crash of an aircraft into a building is no one’s responsibility –except the mutt flying it? BOLLOCKS!

Now I believe in ‘coincidence’ as much as the next fellah, but. A crown minister who spends time slobbering all over SOAR and being ‘inspired’ and having his photo taken; just happened to ‘bump’ into his mates during an impromptu visit to Melbourne and toddled off to lunch and other pleasures? Nah; I ain’t smart – but also, nowhere near dopey. Fear not ‘the coming’ of the four horsemen; for they have been here a while – mostly having lunch with the minister. Bon appetite.

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A large hairy paw and a low rumble just arrived; I look down, on my left knee ‘Big dog’s’ left paw; two amber eyes ask but one question. “OK boss”. Instincts any politician would pay a fortune for. You see, he is used to ‘cranky’ and pay’s it no mind; but fury – that he responds to. Industry blown away to bloody rags, a committee which has been playing with sector risk profiles for a long time; claim to have 11 ready to roll and yet – nothing published. A secret select bunch, the Iron Ring formalised by St. Commodious and given teeth. A minister who cannot tie his boot laces and developers raping not only commonwealth assets, but ripping off the tax payer while they get all the breaks, returns and industry must now build it’s own facilities. Cranky? Oh, just a bit.

No matter: there is ‘stuff’ the thinking man must read. Same as Revelations – truly scary stuff; equally terrifying, with one exception – it is real and happening – now to this industry. I’ll leave it to P2 to provide the links to the stuff you really should read and consider. Armageddon is happening right now in the minister’s office, he who swore an oath to protect and serve. But who? Surely that is the question.

The paw vanishes; the cat gets off my bench, little dog wakes – they wait a beat; I strike a match, light a cigar, raise an eyebrow – and:: they’re away, looking back to make sure I follow. Away to me dogs – you I shall follow, to Hell’s very gate if need be.